Don't Stop Think About Tomorrow

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The end of the Great Recession, success, more success, admonitions


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    1. 'Don't stop thinking about tomorrow!' The end of the Great Recession, success, more success,admonitions.

  • 'Don't stop thinking about tomorrow!' The end of the GreatRecession, success, more success, Dr. Jeffrey Lant

    Author's program note. A funny thing happened while you were at your office bemoaning thedemise of America and its Great Republic: they didn't die after all. Quite the reverse. See foryourself. Skim the business pages of your local newspaper today, and you'll see one piece of cheeryeconomic news after another. Admittedly, some of these pieces are like the first signs of the pluckyspringtime crocus... you see only the very tip... but even that's a very good sign; where there's ashoot, there's a flower on the way... And that's what we're seeing now... one zestful harbinger afteranother.

    This is a moment for the kind of jubilation that sent the God-selected Pilgrims to their knees,penitential arms upward and wide spread, head down, fervent hallelujahs on their prayerful lips.

    You are still here.... older, wiser, nicked a bit, but a survivor.

    You were, we all were, sore tested in recent years. So you learned to hunker down.... you masteredthe art of making do with less... you kept business, hearth and home together... and, most of all, youdid it with faith, fortitude, and a smile that never wavered despite great provocations.

    You said you'd live to fight another day... and now you have.

    This is that day!

    This is the very dawn of that epochal date when unhappy past gives way to all the bounty oftomorrow... "now is the winter of our discontent made glorious summer..."

    And because that day has dawned, you face the promise of the future with joy in your heart and abounce in your step. It is good to be alive!

    Sales up! Confidence up!

    This kind of budding jubilation is occurring now; it's happening across America as the GreatRepublic recalls that it is eternal... whilst the bad times that assail us are mere interruptions, nomatter how bad. We all knew this, of course, but we were made distracted by the unceasingjeremiads of the nay-sayers. The pity parties they sponsored for the nation are over, de trop... and theChicken Littles are roosting now until their next inevitable appearance. As we lock these wet hensaway for the duration our motto is this,

    Laissez les bon temps rouler.

    And as we pined for them, scanned the horizon for them, hoped and prayed for them, never ceasingto believe in them, so shall we enjoy with adolescent zest and gratitude every such day that follows.

    Our song for such high glee is none other than Fleetwood Mac's 1977 release... a defiant anthem, notmerely a tune but a guillotine for the bad times, a declaration of our grit and where we are going;"Don't stop thinking about tomorrow", a tune about perseverance, a soaring statement about who weare... and why we are here today triumphant, grateful, the stronger for having surmounted every impin Pandora's box, for this is what we live for.....success, pure, simple, thrilling, sweeter than anyposy ever grown.

    There's only one thing worse than losing... and that's winning.

    This is also, of course, the most perilous place for you to be, for it is undoubtedly true that there is Copyright Randall Sulhoff - 2012 3 of 6

  • This is also, of course, the most perilous place for you to be, for it is undoubtedly true that there isonly one thing worse than the arduous vicissitudes of failure... and that is high-flying success. Andso, dear friend, with the incipience and advent of the next bout of Good New Days we must well andtruly take note and prepare for the best... for it can distract, deter, discombobulate, and after so muchpatience and endurance that would never do.

    Success does not dribble, it surges... and this is the problem.

    There is nothing like turbulent times, the times that test our resolve, to draw us together, one for all,all for one. It is one of our most admirable human characteristics, that we work together, to stand orfall together. Talk to any British person of World War II vintage and they will, without an instant'sdelay, tell you about, and proudly too, what life was like during the great Blitz of London... andwords pour out -- of unity, community, togetherness, of teamwork and selflessness. They treasuresuch moments, as you should, for they show us what we are capable of when the going gets rough,demanding, anxious and daunting.

    But when the bad times lift and morph from present unease and concern to mere history, no morealarming, this is when the Bitch-Goddess Success delights in turning the tables upon our grandexpectations. For the unity, coherence, and grit of bad days begins to give way to chaos, confusion,and selfishness, and so you must be careful, thoughtful, prepared to skillfully negotiate the hotpotato of success. Here are some recommendations for doing so:

    1) Your success did not come about just by you alone. Many people helped you. Now is the time torecognize their contribution and to thank them. You got through the bad times, ready to tend andfructify the good times relying on many others; now is the time to show your decency and integrityby saying so and showing your gratitude in ways meaningful to those who eased your way.

    2) Launch a debt reduction project. After your daring, electrifying escape from the bad times, thenatural inclination will be to let 'er rip, plunking down coin of the realm to acquire long- deferredluxuries. In a word, DON'T.

    The first thing to do is take a long, cool, dispassionate look at your financial position with particularreference to the debt you are carrying. While the tendency once the yoke is off is to spend, spend,spend your reality must be focused on aggressive debt reduction, not more debt "justified" by thenewly minted good times.

    3) Review your life and circumstances. What of your infrastructure needs to be reviewed, restored,replaced to ensure that your personal and business environments are safe, secure, in tiptop shape?Remember, those roofing repairs you put off until "better times"'? They should now at the top ofyour list. This is what is important... not to binge or make up for lost time.

    4) Use cheap money. As I write, the cost of borrowing money is just about 3 percent. By historicalstandards this is dirt cheap. Take advantage of this situation; it is mutable, short- lived andtailor-made for the upwardly mobile. Use such money to dramatically improve your asset position,for as every Yuppie knows, he who has the most toys, wins; with this caveat: the toys you acquiremust have the likelihood of increasing your wealth, not siphoning much needed capital to sustainyour too expensive, too indulgent personal foibles.

    5) Buy equities. For the last several years, Wall Street and all the other great exchanges of the worldhave been on sale, offering often mind boggling price discounts. This sale is now in the early stagesof winding up. Wait no longer to benefit. If you buy quality at discount prices, you quite simplycannot lose, for all that the markets are very various, as always.

    6) Start a meaningful investment program at once. Each person, all families need a challenginginvestment program. Why? Because you're growing older and will not relish being old without the Copyright Randall Sulhoff - 2012 4 of 6

  • comfort and security of revenue from your investments. Of course you should have started earlier; ofcourse you shouldn't have liquidated such investments during the Great Recession. But all that iswater under the bridge. Make it a point to start investing now; investing at least 10% of your grosssalary. Tomorrow will come; only by such means will it be the tomorrow you desire and havealways dreamed of.

    "Don't stop thinking about tomorrow."

    Now it's time for my final piece of advice for today: dance! You've been a wall flower at the balllong enough. Now it's time to dust off your iconic moves and dazzle. To begin, go to any searchengine and capture the Fleetwood Mac song. Then move that body and sing along to a recipe forsuccess that never fails:

    "Don't stop thinking about tomorrow Don't stop, it'll soon be here It'll be better than beforeYesterday's gone, yesterday's gone."

    Amen. Copyright Randall Sulhoff - 2012 5 of 6

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    Republished with author's permission by Randall Sulhoff Copyright Randall Sulhoff - 2012 6 of 6

    ebook CoverTable of Contents'Don't stop thinking about tomorrow!' The end of the Great Recession, success, more success, admonitions.ebook Cover