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The three waves of souls

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  • Dolores Cannon - Convoluted Universe

    KERRY CASSIDY (KC): This is Kerry Cassidy from Project Camelot Productions and I am here with Dolores Cannon. Im very pleased to introduce our audience to Dolores Cannon and her work.

    DOLORES CANNON (DC): Thank you.

    KC: I have been studying your work for quite some time, read several of your books and Im very impressed with your diligence, with the care you take with each and every person that you regress.

    DC: Um hum.

    KC: And I just really want to welcome you here. Thank you very much for taking the time.

    DC: Thanks for asking me to do this.

    KC: Sure. So, what Id like you to do is maybe talk a little bit about how you got started doing what youre doing, and then Id like to launch into, as we mentioned, what you call the Three Waves who have come here at this time to help the planet.

    DC: Okay. Well, I am a hypnotherapist and as that Im a counselor and I do a lot of therapy with people.

    I began in hypnosis over 40 years ago, and I was doing it when there was no New Age, there was no... Nobody knew about reincarnation, there were no such things as past lives; nobody knew anything about it. So I guess I was setting the stage way back then.

    I got into it totally by accident. I was doing hypnosis just for habits, stop smoking, lose weight; nobody else knew of any other way to do it... when we got into reincarnation by accident. And of course there were no books out to tell you what to do or what to expect.

    So, from the beginning my curiosity has just said: I want to know more. I could have stopped, because it was kind of very unexpected, but instead I kept exploring and exploring.

    My first book that was written back then was about my beginnings, and I couldnt get it published because nobody knew anything about it. It was way ahead of its time. So now its come out.

    KC: So what was that book? What was the title?

    DC: Its Five Lives Remembered.

    KC: Okay.

    DC: It was the story of how we began. And in the beginning I tried to get it published but there were no New Age publishers, there were no New Age bookstores, and the publishers said: We dont understand it. We dont know anything about it, so I had to put it to the side.

    But then I continued my work and I began doing past life regressions and past life therapy intensely 30 years ago. So thats what Ive been doing ever since, and during that time I began to get more information and thats when my books began to be published then. But it took many, many years for the rest of the world, I guess, to catch up with what Id already found 40 years ago.

    KC: So at some point you started to get remembrance, people going not just back to past lives, but also talking about coming into the planet from other solar systems.

    DC: Yes.

    KC: Other experiences as ETs.

    DC: As I said, 30 years Ive been doing the past life regressions, and 25 years ago they asked me to become a UFO investigator because in Arkansas where I live there was nobody who could explore this. There again, it was all new.

    KC: When you say they

  • DC: The investigators MUFON in those days.

    KC: I see.

    DC: They were saying they needed somebody because they were getting people who thought they had had abductions, but they didnt know who to work with.

    They brought in psychologists, and they would put the person into trance, get them onboard a craft, then they would say: I dont know what to do, and they would wake the person up and jerk them out of the scene. Thats not therapy.

    KC: Um hum.

    DC: Because they are getting into something, but theyd say: I dont know what to do with this. Its not in the book, so I dont know what questions to ask.

    So they called me and said would I be willing to work with them because, they said, Youve been in the bizarre for so long, it shouldnt frighten you, because I was into the past life regressions and I was used to the strange and the unusual.

    But they said: It shouldnt frighten you, and I said: No, because Im just too curious.

    So they wanted me to come to a meeting of 25 district investigators. It was a state meeting. They were going to bring a woman from Oklahoma who thought shed had an experience and they wanted me to put her under in front of all them and ask questions.

    KC: Oh.

    DC: Not the best atmosphere; its a goldfish bowl atmosphere. We didnt know her, she didnt know us, and so they wanted me to see if we could find out anything about it.

    I had never done this kind of work before, but all along Ive had to write my own rules and regulations in all of hypnosis without anybody telling me what to do.

    In my technique, you go back to a past life. So here I had to adapt it to stay in this lifetime, but it worked. They didnt know I hadnt done it before. We took her onboard the craft and we got a great deal of information.

    After that, they just kept sending me cases. And then... well, I didnt like the way that MUFON was doing it. It is okay to say this, or...? [laughs]

    KC: Sure, absolutely.

    DC: [laughter]. Okay. What I didnt like... They are so much into the nuts and bolts, the scientific.

    KC: Right.

    DC: They want to have something they can touch, feel, dissect, tear apart, or it doesnt exist. When it comes to hypnosis, they dont understand it. So when I was having sessions and some of these investigators were present, they began making fun of the client while they were in trance.

    KC: Oh wow.

    DC: And making snide remarks and things. And I said: I cant have that. I will not subject anyone I work with to that.

    KC: Um hum.

    DC: I just thought they were not serious about what I was doing. So I decided then Im not going to work with them anymore. Now theres a new director. I think they are more open now, but this was 25 years ago.

    KC: Sure. And I think that there was a resistance within the UFO sort of movement for many, many years. Its only started to sort of defrost, I would say, even in the last five years, to where theyre more interested in hearing about the occupants of the craft, rather than the craft and how it flies.

  • DC: Yeah, because they wanted to know, for instance, we were having the session, they wanted to know what kind of fuel to get the craft from here to there, or how many miles an hour, or what makes the engines move. And its not done that way.

    KC: Right.

    DC: Theyre propelled by thought. Therere crystal powers onboard the craft, but it is mostly done by thought.

    KC: Sure.

    DC: And by the group thought of... everyone on the craft can do this. They dont go from this planet to the next planet out there. They go through dimensions.

    Well, they couldnt understand this and they just thought: Oh this is a bunch of, you know, crap, and so they were making fun of what I was doing. So I wasnt going to do that.

    But I had one man, Lucius Farish, if you know him. Lou Farish is the one who puts on the UFO conference in Eureka Springs.

    KC: I see.

    DC: Thats been going on for 22 years. He was like my confidant all the way through. You have to have someone you can talk to and bounce ideas off of, and he was always open, so I shared everything I found with him.

    I didnt share with MUFON anymore, and I began to go way beyond what they had found and what they were interested in.

    KC: So lets fast forward a bit because youre now writing these books called The Convoluted Universe.

    DC: Yes.

    KC: What you began to find with your clients was that things didnt follow a linear sort of pattern, isnt that right?

    DC: Yes. In the beginning, it was just taking them onboard the craft.

    My book that Ive written about this, my 25 years, is called The Custodians, because all through my work Id not seen any negativity. Its always been positive. This is the way I see them, as the custodians of our planet.

    The first book I wrote on it was The Keepers of the Garden. We are the garden and they are the gardeners. And Ive never found negativity because I could see why they were doing what they were doing and the reasons for the whole thing.

    KC: Okay. And when you say they, who are you taking about?

    DC: The ETs.

    KC: Okay, and have you different descriptions of different groups, because you must...

    DC: There are many, many, many.

    But this is what people find strange... I guess your audience will accept it. [laughs] As I began doing the normal UFO abduction scenes where theyre onboard the craft and everything... and theyre always full of all this fear and all of that.

    See, I work in the deepest possible level of trance, which is called the somnambulistic level. Most of the other investigators and the hypnotists work at the light levels. At the light levels, you still have the fear and emotion involved with experience.

    But in my method, we take the conscious mind out of the picture altogether. We get into the deep level, and you can find the real answers. When were at that level, they dont experience emotion

  • and pain or anything.

    This is when things began to get strange, because [laughs] while Im talking to the person and I get them into the deep level, they might be crying, they dont know whats going on; then all of a sudden theyd calm down and were able to talk. Then the other voices began to come through.

    And the first time, a little mechanical voice came in and said [mimics a robotic tone]: We are scanning.

    And its like: Okay, whats going on here? [laughs] You could feel a vibration through your body.

    And then they said [in robotic tone]: All right, shes the one. Shes the one were supposed to tell.

    And they said: Were not going to give the information to just anyone. Give it to somebody who will use it.

    And then they sai