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  • 8/7/2019 Dollar General Literacy Program You Can Help


    Dollar General Literacy Program You Can HelpStore Locator E-mail Updates Our PartnersOUR MISSION LITERACY GRANT PROGRAM YOU CAN HELP LEARN TO READ OFFERS &SPECIALS Review Your Application

    Please review your proposal information. If you are not ready tosubmit your proposal at this time, click the "Save Only" button. The

    proposal will then be available to edit from the Welcome page.Clicking the Submit button will immediately send the application toDollar General Literacy Foundation and you will then be unable toperform further editing.

    If you would like to print a completed copy of your application,then go to 'File' and then 'Print' on your browser toolbar.Please note: You may need to change the orientation of your pagesetup from Portrait to Landscape.

    Contact InformationFirst Name (required)ArleneLast Name (required)DawsonTitle (required)7th Grade TeacherAddress (required)922 STEPHENSON ROADCity (required)STONE MOUNTAINState (required)Georgia

    Zip (required)30087 4616Telephone678-676-4402Fax678676-4403E-mail InformationSchool Name (required)Stephenson Middle School

    AKA NameStepnenson JaguarsAddress (required)922 STEPHENSON ROADCity (required)STONE MOUNTAINState (required)Georgia

    Zip (required)30087 4616Telephone678-676-4402

    Fax678-676-4403Nearest Dollar General Store (required)

  • 8/7/2019 Dollar General Literacy Program You Can Help


    4IRS 501(c)3 Determination Letter

    How long has your school been in existence? (required)13 yearsType of School (required)Public

    Grade levels served (required)6-8OverviewProject Title (required)Bringing Reading/Language Arts into the FutureRequested Cash Amount (required)$1,000.00Number of individuals to be served by funding from this Back toSchool application (required)1425Projected Ethnicity Served (required)

    1,312.00 African American9.00 Asian/Pacific Islander3.00 Caucasian21.00 Hispanic9.00 Native American71.00 Multi-Racial1,425.00 TotalProject Target Audience (required)General Student Population

    Have you received previous funding from the Dollar General LiteracyFoundation? (required)No

    If Yes, what was the grant amount and when did you receive it?

    Is this the first year of the project that you are requestingfunding for? (required)YesIf it is not the first year for this project, then how manyindividuals were served by this Back to School project last year?

    Needs Statement (required)As teachers and students increasingly seek to use technology in theclassroom, there is a corresponding need to use communication toolsthat will allow us to effectively present information in ourclassrooms so that students can receive the best instructionpossible. The Stephenson Middle School media center has a verylimited number of LCD projectors that can be checked out by teachers

    for use in their classrooms. There are only three available forgeneral circulation within the school. The Language Arts Departmenthas very limited aceess because there are no LCD projectorsdesignated for use in specifically the language arts department, and

    the teachers are very limited when seeking to check them out fordaily use in the classroom.Project Purpose and OutcomesWhat is the unemployment rate? (required)

    According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the unemploymentfor Dekalb County, Georgia is 10.5% (April 6, 2011).What is the high school graduation rate? (required)

  • 8/7/2019 Dollar General Literacy Program You Can Help


    Dekalb County, Georgia has a 77% graduation rate for white studentsbut only 46% of African-Americans and 29% of Latinos complete highschool(Manhattan institute for Policy Research, 2002). According tothe Georgia Department of Education, Stephenson Middle School had agraduation rate of 87.7% in year 2008 and a graduation rate of 85.7in year 2009.What is the drop-out rate? (required)

    According to Public School Review (2008), the dropout rate forStephenson High School was 4%.What is the poverty level in the geographical area served?

    (required)According to the U.S. Census Bureau in the year 2009, the povertylevel in the state of Georgia was 14.7%. the poverty level of Dekalb

    county, Georgia was 15.6%.What is the free/reduced lunch rate at your school? (required)59%Project/Program Purpose (required)The purpose of this project is to enhance instruction through the

    use of technology in the English/language arts classrooms. Thisproject/grant will be used to acquire an LCD projector to aid in the

    delivery of direct instruction in the English/language artsclassroom settings. Since all of the students in the school receiveEnglish/language arts classroom instruction, the number of studentsserved by the grant will be 1425 students.Project Design and EvaluationProject/Program Design (required)The $1,000 project will involve the purchase of an LCD projector,estimated price $650.00, an Interlink Wireless Remote PointPresenter, estimated price, $139.00, as well as an Economy projector

    Cart, estimated price $125.00. the equipment will be housed in theStephenson Middle School Media Center and will be available forcheckout to English/language arts teachers for the first time during

    the 2011-2012 school year.Timeline (required)The LCD projector will be availabe for checkout during theStephenson Middle School seven(7) period day for 180 instructionalschoool days for a total of 1,460 hours of instructional use duringthe school year.Measurable Results (required)Approximately thrity-two students per class will benefit from theenhanced instruction using the LCD projector during the school onehour of instructional time. PAssessment Methods (required)The 2011-2012 Georgia CRCT will be used to assessment instructionalgains for the 2011-2012 school year.Available Technology (required)Technology available for use in the library media center:Promethean board, LCD projector, 30 computers.Computers and Software (required)the teachers will use the desktop computers in their individualclassrooms to operate the LCD projectors.Budget InformationBudget Allocations (required)

    $650.00 IM - DGLF Request$255.00 SO - DGLF Support$905.00 Total

  • 8/7/2019 Dollar General Literacy Program You Can Help


    Budget Narrative (required)The 1,000.00 grant will be used to purchase an LCD projector,estimated cost $650, an Interlink Wireless Remote Point Presenter,estimated cost $130, and an Economy Projector Cart, estimated cost$125.00.USA Patriot Act Counter-terrorism ComplianceSCHOOL NAME: (required)

    Stephenson MiddleCheck the appropriate box to indicate your compliance with each ofthe following:

    Patriot Act - Question 1 (required)Agree

    Patriot Act - Question 2 (required)Agree

    Patriot Act - Question 3 (required)

    AgreePatriot Act - Question 4 (required)Agree

    Patriot Act - Question 5 (required)Agree

    Patriot Act - Question 6 (required)Agree

    I certify on behalf of the school listed above that the foregoing is

    true. (required)I Agree

    Approval of PrincipalName of Principal (required)Obelia HallI understand that all mailed correspondence, including payment of an

    awarded grant proposal, will be sent to the organizations addressprovided in the Organization Information section of thisapplication. (required)I Agree

    I understand if this proposal is selected for funding and the grantcheck is not cashed within ninety days of receipt of funding, thecheck will be null and void and the grant will be forfeited.(required)I Agree

    Submission Approval (required)I Agree

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