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DoDEA Testing Guidelines. Security of test materials Test protocols No ability measure required Only 2 : NNAT OR InView Test administrator Parent permission. Resources. DoDEA Administrators’ Guide School Psychological Services Guide - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of DoDEA Testing Guidelines

  • DoDEA Testing GuidelinesSecurity of test materials Test protocols No ability measure required Only 2 : NNAT OR InViewTest administratorParent permission

  • ResourcesDoDEA Administrators Guide

    School Psychological Services Guide Ask your principal about testing protocols, if you have further questions.

  • Optional AssessmentsInView: InView Cognitive Abilities TestNNAT: Naglieri Nonverbal Abilities Test

  • What is InView? a cognitive abilities assessment offered by CTB/McGraw-Hill. It measures the full range of verbal, nonverbal, and quantitative skills that are important to academic success.

  • Three Levels Were Purchased

  • Accountability Counts!Student testsAnswer keyStudent answer sheetScoring keyExaminers GuideNorms BookNOTEBOOK!

  • Hand Scoring InView

    Use the Test Book Key for Level 1 Use Answer Key Transparency for Level 2 and above

  • DEMOGRAPHIC DATA Test Year Month Day Birth Year Month Day Chronological Age to nearest month

  • AVERAGE FOR Verbal & NonVerbal


  • Administering InViewTimes and directions Time adjustments Repeat questions, DONT paraphrase Accommodations

    All testing materials should be inventoried and stored in a secure locationreference: DoDEA School Psychologists Guide and DoDEA Admin Guide (on website).Test protocols (questions and answers) should not be kept in student files. Individual student record sheets and sample test questions may be shared with the GRC and parents.Ability tests are administered on a case by case basis. An ability measure is not a required component of student identification for services and No specific score may be required for identification.A student may be administered one of two ability tests: InView OR NNAT, to be used with grades 2-7The test administrator is, in most cases, the GRT.Request for Parent Permission only applies to gathering of currently available data. If additional testing is requested, a SEPARATE letter must be sent to parents. Only use InView or NNAT- not bothOnly use if there is a need for further information. Choice should be InView unless there are language concerns with the student. The initial purchase was made by DoDEA. Schools are to re-order supplies as needed.

    No student below grade 2 is to be given an ability test.

    No school can require that ALL referred students be given an ability test.

    Note: Level 1 is a consumable itemstudents write directly in the test booklet. Other levels use bubble scoring sheets and the test booklets may be re-used. Caution students NOT to make any marks in the booklet. Every school must maintain accountability of G.E. testing materials.

    Suggestion: Develop a notebook for each test with:

    One student test booklet for each levelAnswer key for each levelOne copy of student answer sheetOne copy individual student scoring sheetExaminers GuideNorms Book

    Remember, schools must purchase their own materials once the start up items provided by DoDEA have been used.

    Level 1 is grades 2-3Level 2 is grades 4-5Level 3 is grades 6-8Handout #8 InView individual record sheet

    To compute the chronological age of the child, subtract the birth year, month and day from the TEST year, month and day.

    Round the days UP to the nearest month. As a general rule of thumb, 15 or more days = next month.

    Take a minute to do that now. What chronological age is this child?

    --9 years 6 months at the time the test was given. We rounded up to the next month.

    The Verbal section of the test has two sections. To find the total Verbal score, add the sum of the scores of the two subtests and divide by 2.

    The Nonverbal section of the test has three sections. To find the total Nonverbal score, add the sum of the scores of the two subtests and divide by 3.

    To compute the total score, you must add the 5 subtests for Nonverbal and Verbal Scale Scores and divide by 5.

    You may NOT simply average the Verbal and Nonverbal total scores. You must use all FIVE of the subtests to calculate the total test score.Follow times and directions for each test carefully and review step by step before administering to a student. Hint: Take the test yourself and score it for practice!

    The publishers suggest the sections be given in order, but adjustments may be made according to time constraints. This is a standardized test you may repeat questions, NOT paraphrase. Accommodations must be provided for students whose IEP or 504 plan calls for them.