documenting dementia

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documenting dementia

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  • Sunday

  • Sunday


    Final Major ProjectEmily Blight


  • When someone you love becomes ill with Dementia its one of the hardest things to deal with. Watching someone you love, whose body form is still there but their mind is gone. Knowing that today they know who you are but when tomorrow comes they wont have a clue who you are.

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    9.30am- Janet & Mervin wake up 9.45am- Janet cleans her teeth & gets herself dressed

  • 6 7

    9.50am- Mervin gets himself dressed and washed

    10.15am- Mervin cooks a fry up

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    10.45am- Janet & Mervin talk about next weeks plans

    11.15am- They both go for a walk down the village

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    12.50pm- They arrive back for some lunch

    1.20pm- They both sit in their chairs to enjoy their lunch

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    1.50pm- Mervin has fallen asleep in his chair

    2.10pm- Janet polishes around the house

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    2.30pm- Janet cleans the kitchen 3pm- Janet falls asleep in her chair

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    4.50pm- Janet & Mervin awake from their sleep

    5.30pm- Mervin decides to make something small for dinner

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    5.40pm- Mervin makes tea & toast 6pm- They finish their day by watching their programme

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    When dementia takes over, its a slow grieving process for everyone around that person suffering. Days become very hard to deal with when looking after someone suffering.Routines kick start to get some sort of order in a day, life tends to stop and becomes focused on looking after that loved one suffering.