viewMuch like when gelato was first introduced to the world during the era of the Italian Renaissance, this year’s Gelato World Tour will leave an impression on the dessert

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Text of viewMuch like when gelato was first introduced to the world during the era of the Italian...

Gelato World Tour 2016

Welcome to the Gelato World Tour of 2016! As the main sponsor of such an incredible event, we are excited to make it an unforgettable experience. Much like when gelato was first introduced to the world during the era of the Italian Renaissance, this years Gelato World Tour will leave an impression on the dessert industry, garnering excitement for one of Italys most treasured culinary treats. The introduction of innovative new flavors and the ongoing cultivation of gelato-making techniques will add to the continued evolution of specialty dessert creation as a whole.

During the infancy of gelato-making, artisans of the revered dessert created standard recipes utilizing egg yolks as the main stabilizer, and other raw ingredients such as sugar and milk or water for sorbetto. Fresh fruits, nuts, chocolate, etc. were then added for flavor. Batching the gelato was the last step where one of the most important ingredients air was incorporated in to allow for a dense, smooth, texture. However, with time, most processes become more refined.

Today, the production of new technology and innovative ingredient solutions, such as those produced and manufactured by PreGel, have helped to streamline the initially time-consuming process of making artisanal gelato. Aside from mechanized pasteurizers, batch freezers, and display cases to help prolong its shelf life, gelato ingredients have also become more sophisticated. And at the foundation of every great gelato is an equally impressive base.

In an effort to provide you with the best opportunity to express your culinary creativity, please contact PreGel to request samples.

Allow us to share more in depth information about our superior specialty dessert ingredient solutions.


Bases are considered the foundation of the gelato-, sorbetto- and ice cream-making process.To obtain optimal gelato in terms of volume, sweetness, texture, and scoopability, it's important to have the correct balance of sugars, fats and solids. PreGels Bases were specifically designed to achieve this necessary balance of recipe elements and meet the needs of all gelato makers. Our Bases are artisan because they give each gelato maker the option to balance and personalize their recipe to taste.

PreGels prestigious line of Bases is available for Hot Process and Cold Process recipes, as well as milk-based or water-based formulas. Additionally, we offer balanced Bases for customers with specific needs, such as dairy-free, light, and diabetic Bases. Explore the following categories of Bases and discover which would work best for your business style.


PreGels Hot Process Milk Bases are powdered mixes developed with the most advanced formula that carries special ingredients activated by heat. Gelato or ice cream created with a Hot Process Base have more defined flavor, as the powdered mix also acts as a flavor-enhancer.

All Hot Process Bases must be heated before the mixture goes into the batch freezer. The overall process is quite simple. First, heat the milk in the pasteurizer to 35C- 40C/95F-104F. Next, add the solids, mixed well, to complete the heating phase. Once the temperature reaches 85C/185F, cool the mixture down to 4C/39.2F and let it rest for at least 1.5 hours. Remove the appropriate amount of mixture from the pasteurizer and add in the PreGel Fortefrutto or Traditional Paste of your choice, blending well before pouring into the batch freezer.

Diamant 50 (Milk Base Hot Process)

A low-dosage, flavor-enhancing Hot Process Base that yields gelato with a compact texture and delicate milk flavor. This Base guarantees optimal hold in the display case and does not contain any fats.

Dosage: 50g/1.76oz per liter of milk

Application: Base for gelato and ice cream

Base Purolat (Milk Base Hot Process)

A Hot Process Base that yields gelato with a compact structure and a noticeable milk flavor. This Base holds very well in the display case and does not contain any fats.

Dosage: 100g/3.52oz per liter of milk

Application: Base for gelato, sorbetto, frozen yogurt, and soft serve

Maximapan 150 (Milk Base Hot Process)

A Hot Process Base used to obtain a rich and creamy gelato with a smooth, airy texture. This Base holds very well in the display case and contains vegetable fats.

Dosage: 150g/5.20oz per liter of milk

Application: Base for gelato and ice cream


PreGels Cold Process Milk Bases are the answer to gelato makers need for a quick method of achieving a greater amount of gelato without compromising taste. The formula for these Bases was designed to be microbiologically safe, which eliminates the need to heat the mixture, saving time and money. The Cold Process consists of thoroughly mixing all ingredients together, then letting it rest for at least 30 minutes in a refrigerator before processing it in the batch freezer.

Please note that all PreGel Cold Process Bases can be pasteurized if desired.

Totalbase(Water & Milk Base Cold Process)

A versatile base that can be used for either Hot or Cold Process and made with water to create sorbetto or milk to create gelato. However, Totalbase is recommended for gelato because of its rich and creamy texture though its flavor is very neutral. This Base holds well in the display case and does contain vegetable fat.

Dosage: 100g/3.52oz per liter of milk or water

Application: Base for gelato, ice cream, and sorbetto

Fruttosa (Water & Milk Base Hot/Cold Process)

A classically versatile Base as well as the first Base PreGel produced for fresh sorbetto. It is a fat-free Base with a slightly sweet neutral flavor and creamy texture that holds perfectly in the display case. Dosage: 50g/1.76oz per liter of water.

Application: Base for gelato, sorbetto, and frozen yogurt

These extraordinary Bases produce competition-worthy pans of gelato. Each mixture requires different dosage amounts to expand on the amount of formulas to experiment with in effort to find your winning recipe. When paired with the right flavor, or flavor blend, the final results are nothing less than remarkable. Preview our selection of superior quality Traditional Pastes, Fortefrutto, and Arabeschi below to find your winning combination.

FlavoringsMade with raw materials sourced from around the world, PreGels flavoring solutions offer consistency and high quality with every bite. The flavorings are divided in three categories to meet all of our customers needs: Traditional Pastes, Fortefrutto, and Powder Flavors.

Our Traditional Pastes are intense flavorings for cream- and milk-based desserts. They are generally thicker in presentation and some contain particulates. Our Fortefrutto, Forte meaning strong and notable, and Frutto meaning fruit, are intense flavorings for fruit-based desserts. In addition, our Powder Flavors provide both optimal shelf life and intense flavor, while they easily dissolve without leaving a grainy aftertaste. All of our flavors can be used in both frozen and bake environments.

TRADITIONAL PASTESPreGel Traditional Pastes are sourced from raw ingredients around the world to bring forth the highest quality. Many are very concentrated so the small dosages required can go a long way. PreGels Traditional Paste line boasts a vast array of flavors in order to satisfy many palates. New flavors are continuously added to the line, as PreGel strives to stay on top of the current trends in the industry. The Pastes can be used in both frozen and bake environments.

Amaretto Traditional Paste (Chocolate Almond Liqueur)Liqueur is exciting alone, but flavored with smooth, rich chocolate and wholesome almonds, this paste creates an unforgettable sensory experience that is nothing less than pleasantly intoxicating.

Biscotto Traditional Paste (Cookie) The intriguing spice of anise warms the essence of this smooth paste crafted after the magnetic flavor of Italys most favorite cookie, delicious enough to make you crumble at first taste.

Blue Angel Traditional Paste (Fruity Banana) Firm, creamy, and wonderfully sweet, this enchanting banana-flavored paste works miracles for creating diverse eye-catching recipes.

Bubble Gum Traditional PasteUnwrap the fun, sweet flavor, and nostalgia of this childhood favorite that offers all the goodness of bubble gum except the bubbles.

Cacaopat Traditional Paste (Chocolate - Unsweet)Rich, decadent, and smooth best describe this indulgent chocolate paste that is abundant with nutty undertones of creamy almonds and exquisite hazelnuts.

Caff Barista Traditional Paste (Cappuccino)The enticing essence of frothy steamed milk delicately blended with the bold zest of real coffee is captured in this delectable dessert paste.

Caramel Traditional PasteGrains of sugar cooked to caramelized perfection create this classic paste, offering a mouthwatering caramel flavor replicating a freshly made confection.

Caramelllatte Traditional Paste (Caramel & Milk)Candy of milk is not only the literal, but accurate English translation to describe this delectable paste delivering the authentic taste of slowly heated sweetened milk.

Chocolate-Hazelnut Traditional Paste This irresistible combination of chocolate and hazelnut has become a globally beloved flavor for its harmonious flavor profile

Cinnamon Traditional PasteThe mesmerizing aroma of this classic cinnamon paste tantalizes the senses, and the visual appeal of the fluid paste abundant with noticeable specks of cinnamon spice incites a desire to create innovative culinary arrangements.

Coconut Traditional PasteThick and aromatic, one whiff of this paste loaded with sweet, tropi