DIY Activities #1: Kids Crafts Using Papers

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<ul><li><p> </p><p>DIY Activities #1: Kids Crafts Using Papers </p><p> UAEs first dediated wesite for after school activities is happy to announce that we are starting a new series in our blog and it will feature DIY activities, kids craft, creative </p><p>art pieces, fun art works at home etc. </p><p>If you are looking for kids crafts that you can work on at home, then this is the kick start that </p><p>your kids can try. Parents can also join their kids on doing this crafts and have fun together at </p><p>the same time. Create animal puppets, greeting cards, paper bookmarks and garlands. </p><p>Prepare the basic materials first Pair of scissors, used papers or colored papers, glue or paste, thread and some creative examples that you can grab in the internet. </p><p>#1 Paper Animals </p><p>Check instructions here </p></li><li><p> </p><p>#2 Greeting Cards (Valentine) </p><p>Check instructions here </p><p>#3 Garlands </p><p>Check instructions here </p></li><li><p> </p><p>#4 Curled Paper Birds </p><p>Check instructions here </p><p>#5 Bookmarks </p><p>Check instructions here </p><p>#1 Paper Animals#2 Greeting Cards (Valentine)#3 Garlands#4 Curled Paper Birds#5 Bookmarks</p></li></ul>