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  • Welcome to PTC Benelux Event 2015 Ruben Pas USG Engineering PLM & CAD

  • PLM & CAD Consultancy



    Material properties on CAD Files

    How can Creo assist you?

    Behavior Modeling (demo)

    Imported Files (demo)

    U-Tools (demo)

    Automated Rename / Save As (demo)


  • PLM & CAD Consultancy

  • PLM & CAD Consultancy

    What we do




    Software Development

    Over 20 years of experience in PLM & CAD Consultancy

    All consultants have a degree in engineering/product development

  • PLM & CAD Consultancy

    How we work

    Project based

    Installation and configuration of Windchill servers and Creo Parametric


    Upgrading Windchill installations

    Data migrations from PTC and non-PTC databases

    Modelling business processes in Windchill

    Quality Solutions


    Standard or custom

    In our classroom or on site with hardware

  • PLM & CAD Consultancy

    About the speaker

    16 years of Pro/ENGINEER experience (Pro/E R17 > Creo 3)

    Certified trainer in:

    Creo Parametric

    Creo Simulate

    Creo Illustrate

    Creo View

    14 years employed at USG Engineering, PLM & CAD

    9 years Windchill / CAD Support @ Philips Healthcare

  • Creo Parametric Tips & Tricks Ruben Pas USG Engineering PLM & CAD

  • PLM & CAD Consultancy

    Material properties on CAD files What are the benefits of correct material properties on CAD files?

    Density Correct mass of CAD files

    Center of Gravity (COG) defenition in all configurations

    Moments of Inertia

    Correct Structural/Thermal properties (FEM)

    Sheetmetal properties (e.g. bend factors)


    Material list extraction from assemblies


  • PLM & CAD Consultancy

    How can Creo assist? Correct material database

    Assign exaggerated density properties to startparts to force correct mass

    assignments to parts

    Show mass column

    Show material column

  • PLM & CAD Consultancy

    User Defined Columns

  • Behavior Modeling eXtension

    Embed design requirements within models to solve optimization

    problems involving multiple design goals and perpetually satisfy

    performance criteria

    Assess model sensitivity to understand the effects of change on design


    Integrate results with external applications

    Enable consideration of all design requirements, regardless of

    construction method, to produce optimal designs

    The powerful design optimization capabilities of PTC Creo

    help you improve detailed design, reverse engineering, and

    verification and validation processes, by supporting robust

    design initiatives.



  • PLM & CAD Consultancy

    Demo Behavior modeling

  • PLM & CAD Consultancy

    Sensitivity / Optimizations in assemblies The same studies can be done in assemblies, by modifying part dimensions

  • PLM & CAD Consultancy

    Example 1 , optimize image



    Jorden de Wolff




  • PLM & CAD Consultancy

    Example 2, optimize models

  • PLM & CAD Consultancy

    How to handle Imported Parts Use startparts on import parts (since Pro/ENGINEER Wildfie 5)

    Fixing files, if required, using mapkeys

    Naming conventions

    U-Tools! Now available for Creo Parametric 3.0

    Save-As / Rename automatically

  • PLM & CAD Consultancy

    Import assemblies

  • PLM & CAD Consultancy

    Benefits: Correct units

    Correct parameters (ModelCheck)

    Correct Layers

    Correct Notes

    Correct Simplified Reps


  • PLM & CAD Consultancy

    Assign mass props manually

  • PLM & CAD Consultancy

    Analysis Mass Properties

  • PLM & CAD Consultancy

    Names of imported parts Default names can give duplicates

    space containing items give manifold_solid_brep_xxx.prt

    How to keep link to original names? (supplier building block?)

    Solution, create mapkey that: Add analysis feature, relation


    Verify relation

    Delete analysis feature

  • PLM & CAD Consultancy

    U-Tools sBatch (part of U-Tools) is a tool, developed by USG Engineering, that can run

    a mapkey on multiple Creo files in batchmode

    From local drive or using Windchill workspace

    Stand Alone and/or integrated in Pro/ENGINEER or Creo Parametric

    Download from USG Website

    Useful for batch PDF print, cleanup layers, assign materials, create e.g. STEP

    files etc.


  • PLM & CAD Consultancy

    sBatch result with mapkey

  • PLM & CAD Consultancy


  • PLM & CAD Consultancy

    Save As / Rename, use Excel Use Save-As or Rename to give the

    files a unique name

    Use Excel as name generator

  • PLM & CAD Consultancy

    Save As / Rename, use Excel In Save As dialogbox, select all files and Actions, Save a Copy

    Error indicators show filenames with more than 32 characters-> enter dummy


    Use File, Save in Save As dialogbox

    Accept default name

    A .txt file will be saved in workdirectory

  • PLM & CAD Consultancy

    Save As / Rename, use Excel Open .txt file in Excel

    Finish the Text Import Wizard on default

    Create unique names in second column

    Save Excel file, accept defaults

    Return to Creo Parametric

  • PLM & CAD Consultancy

    Save As / Rename, use Excel In Creo, Save As dialogbox, Load file

    Notice the new filenames

  • Q&A Time left for more BMX demo??