Disney’s Epcot Park Presents… “ EpWorld ”

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Disney’s Epcot Park Presents… “ EpWorld ”. The Attraction. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Disneys Epcot Park Presents EpWorld

Disneys Epcot Park PresentsEpWorldThe AttractionSince Disneys Epcot Center is a culmination of culture from all over the world we want to incorporate a new attraction that showcases all those cultures Epcot relishes so monumentally. We will be constructing a multiplex structure that will house popular cultural activities from around the world. For instance, you will be able to explore a safari exhibit in EpAfrica, ride on romantic gondolas in EpItaly and learn about the Outback in EpAustralia!

This exhibit will be designed for families of all shapes and sizes and will offer fun for everyone in the family!

SponsorsWe will partner with Southwest airlines and introduce our guests to numerous chances to win airfair tickets and receive information about all the exhibits and activities they participate in! This way, we can create special flight and park packages benefitting our company, and Southwest gets more exposure toward future flight ventures and clientele.

MerchandiseAt our park, to reward fluent attendance, Disney and Southwest have work closely to create the EpFly card. With Southwest airlines, you earn points with every flight you take and at EpWorld we have done the same thing with a twist. With frequent visits to our park, you earn an EpFly card that earns points toward our park lodging and entertainment, as well as Southwest Travel. This Product is not per say an intangible, or a souvenir, but it is effective because it really does provide our guests with exclusive benefits.

We plan to put EpWorld in the center of the park to truly make it a main attraction! This method also entices guests to visit our other attractions as well, thus stimulating the park as a whole, and catalyzing guests to visit all the things not just EpWorld, but EPCOT has to offer.

Grand OpeningWe will endorse a few promotions before our grand opening. -First off we will offer customers 50% off of park entry and attractions with the purchasing of a southwest airline ticket to anywhere EpWorld has to offer.-Second we will also dominate Southwest airlines by replacing all Skymall magizines with EpWorld promos.

For Opening day on December 25, 2015, we will allow all guests into EpWorld FOR FREE in order for them to get a taste of what our exhibit has to offer, and to finish the night, we will provide the first 500 guests with EpFly cards!We hope to see you there, and remember as we say in EpWorld;The World is yours!