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Discovering a Oracle VM Manager 3.x with Oracle Enterprise ... · Discovering a Oracle VM Manager 3.x with Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center 12c Author: Tim Wort The steps include:

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Text of Discovering a Oracle VM Manager 3.x with Oracle Enterprise ... · Discovering a Oracle VM Manager...

  • Discovering a Oracle VM Manager 3.xwith Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center 12c

    Author: Tim Wort

    The steps include: Configure the Oracle VM Manager (OVMM) for remote access. Create a credential in Ops Center for Discovering the OVMM Create a Discovery Profile in Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) Ops Center Discover the OVMM

    When the OVMM is discovered in OEM Ops Center all Pools, Servers in the Pools and VMs are discovered. Additionally all configured storage is discovered.

    The following shows the initial configuration of the OVMM environment. This OVMM has a single Pool called MyPool_1 which contains a single Oracle VM Server (OVMS), ovsserv1.

    OVMM runs on a OEL Linux system hostname meyham and is running the 3.2.2 release of OVMM as are all other components of this OVM environment.

    The pool uses NFS storage that contains the Repository named MyRepo.

  • Configuring OVMM for remote access.

    When a fresh install of OVMM is preformed you will find two scripts in the /u01/app/oracle/ovm-manager-3/bin directory. The scripts are also available as patch 14067211 from the My Oracle Support website. The scripts are and

    The is used to setup a key store that will contain the SSL certificate used by the TCPS protocol. The script uses the java keytool command.

    [[email protected] bin]# secureOvmmTcp.shovm_admin TRANS.TBL

    [[email protected] bin]# ./secureOvmmTcpGenKeyStore.shGenerate OVMM TCP over SSH key store by following steps:Enter keystore password: Re-enter new password: What is your first and last name? [Unknown]: timwort.orgWhat is the name of your organizational unit? [Unknown]: Oracle VMWhat is the name of your organization? [Unknown]: VMWhat is the name of your City or Locality? [Unknown]: AuroraWhat is the name of your State or Province? [Unknown]: COWhat is the two-letter country code for this unit? [Unknown]: USIs, OU=Oracle VM, O=VM, L=Aurora, ST=CO, C=US correct? [no]: yes

    Enter key password for (RETURN if same as keystore password):

  • Re-enter new password:

    The results of this command is the keystore /u01/app/oracle/ovm-manager-3/ovmmCoreTcps.ks is created.

    Next the is used to create the TCPS keystore. You will provide the keystore password used with the script as well as the OVMM user and the OVMM users password.

    [[email protected] bin]# ./secureOvmmTcp.shEnabling OVMM TCP over SSH service

    Please enter the Oracle VM manager user name: admin

    Please enter the Oracle VM manager user password:

    Please enter the password for TCPS key store :

    The job of enabling OVMM TCPS service is committed, please restart OVMM to take effect.

    The result of this script is the creation of /u01/app/oracle/ovm-manager-3/ovmmCoreTcps.ks.

    As indicated in the output of the script, the OVMM must be restarted.

    [[email protected] bin]# /etc/init.d/ovmm stopStopping Oracle VM Manager [ OK ]

    [[email protected] bin]# /etc/init.d/ovmm startStarting Oracle VM Manager [ OK ]

    The TCPS service can be verified using the netstat command.

    [[email protected] bin]# netstat -an | grep 54322tcp 0 0 :::54322 :::* LISTEN

    Create a Credential and Profile for the OVMM Discovery.

    The same task can be accomplished multiple way in OEM Ops Center 12c. You could use the Add Asset action from the Navigation Panel available by selecting the All Assets group. This will allow you to create a new Discovery Profile which in turn will allow entry of a IP range, creation or selection of a Credential to to use for the Discovery.

    Alternatively you can create the Credential and the Discovery Profile separately, the next screen shots show the Profile and Credential after creation.

  • The Credential uses the TCPS protocol from the pull down menu and the default port 54322 that was configured when remote access to OVMM was configured.

  • A Discovery Profile is created referring to the location of the system mayhem ( as defined in the IP Range and the Credential named ovmm shown previously.

    The Discovery profile is then used to discover the OVMM instance.

  • In the screen the Administration Tab in the Navigation panel is selected and the Oracle VM Managers node is selected, from the Action panel the Discover Oracle VM Managers action is selected, the wizard opens and allows selection of a Discovery Profile.

    In a few seconds the Add Asset action is started and the Add Asset Wizard is displayed.

  • The selected Profile from the first screen is pre-selected in the Add Asset wizard, you can verify the content by scrolling down.

  • Select the Add Now button, the OVMM is discovered when the job completes.

  • After the job completes you will see the OVMS in the All Assets Tab, in this case the server was discovered before the OVMM was discovered.

  • The pool with the server ovmsrv01 is added by the OVMM discovery job.

    The OVMM is displayed under the Administration Tab as a Oracle VM Manager with the hostname of the system (mayhem).

    The Storage for the OVM Server Pool is also discovered and appears under the Libraries Tab.

  • By selecting the Administration Tab and the OVMM node the Launch Oracle VM Manager UI action can be selected to launch the OVMM UI.

  • From the Administration Tab and selecting the OVMM action allow the Discovery of OVMS, Deletion of OVMMs, Discovering Storage, Configuring YUM and Updating the OVMM Software.

    From the Server Pool in OEM Ops Center new VMs can be created, OVMS and Storage can be added to existing Pools.

    OEM Ops Center can Provision OVM Server before or after a OVMM is Discovered and if a OVMM is Discovered the OVMS can optionally be added to a OVMM and optionally be added to a existing Server Pool on the OVMM.

    The following references might be useful:

    Enabling Secure TCP Connectivity to Oracle VM Manager Alternatively you can use Java keytool and Oracle VM Utilities which provide more configuration options. To configure TCPS

    Enterprise Manager Ops Center Documentation

    Enabling Secure TCP Connectivity to Oracle VM Manager