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Discover Georgia, USA Discover Entrepreneur & Small Business. November 2009. Great Business Environment. 1 st in workforce training 1 st in fiscal policies 1 st in entrepreneurship 3 rd in business climate 4 th most Fortune 500 company headquarters. 5 th best state for business - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Discover Georgia, USADiscover Entrepreneur & Small Business November 2009

  • Great Business Environment1st in workforce training1st in fiscal policies1st in entrepreneurship 3rd in business climate4th most Fortune 500 company headquarters

    5th best state for business7th most pro-business7th best cost of labor 7th best state for biotech industry

  • Why is Georgia #1 in Entrepreneurship?GA experienced the greatest entrepreneurial activity over the last decade

    GA: 590/100,000 adults created a business each month Metro Atlanta: 740/100,000

    Reasons? 1) Start up capital 2) Overall economic growth 3) Entrepreneur Friendly 4) Increased entrepreneur education for youth

  • Entrepreneurship in GA Direct Services to Companies Company CallsCapital Centers of InnovationIncubators Export & Trade Education Interactive Tools R&D Tax Credits Business-to-Business Supplier Match Mentor Protg GA Made GA Grown Film/Entertainment Military

    Indirect Services Through Local Communities Entrepreneur Friendly Initiative Interactive Tools Associations

  • Entrepreneurship in GA ESB Coordinating Network state & federal resource providers Access to capital Entrepreneur educationESB resource awarenessWho was doing what?How to reach out? Educate?Minority partnershipsOneGA ESB Loan GuaranteeInventory database: all schoolsCreated new websiteCross Training / Marketing65/1 - Entrepreneur Friendly Dedicated staff

  • Entrepreneurship in GASmall Business Call Program 0 19 employees / growth companiesConnect to state & federal resourcesWeb optimization

    Statewide Economic GardeningMarket research data / SBDC partner

    Entrepreneur Friendly InitiativeDevelop a local culture that supports entrepreneurs and small businessesInclude ESB in local economicdevelopment strategic plan

  • Georgias Entrepreneur Friendly Initiative


    Revamped existing Regional Program focusDepartment cant reach all businesses but smarter communities can

    Developed Entrepreneur Friendly Initiative- Year One: ~ visited 159 counties~ gauged need/desire for ESB development

  • Georgias Entrepreneur Friendly InitiativeRECOGNIZE ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT WHEN YOU SEE IT!

    Players: faith-basedmedicalminorityeducationyouthbusinesses military recreation/ag governments

  • Georgias Entrepreneur Friendly InitiativeWhat we found . . .

    Business education (#1 marketing, #2 sales, #3 finance)

    Skilled workforce (#1 work ethics, #2 soft skills & professionalism)

    Resource awareness (why dont I know about them??? Just for me!)Surprises . . .

    Creative thinkers

    Not aware

    Shop at home promote us

    No time to take classes

  • Georgias Entrepreneur Friendly InitiativeAs a result.

    100% of EF communities have created an ESB Resource Guide and How to Start of Business Guide

    100% have hosted at least one ESB Resource Fair/Expo 95% of the EF communities are providing small business educational workshops

    Five have created dedicated, comprehensive Resource Centers

    25% developed new youth programs

  • Georgias Entrepreneur Friendly InitiativeAs a result new partnerships

    Small Business Development Center (SBDC) created a Max Series of business education courses & tools for all EFs

    OneGeorgia created a grant program to encourage sustainable ESB support efforts (after year two)

    Technical College System of GA enhanced certificate programs; added more youth camps

  • Georgias Entrepreneur Friendly InitiativeMore of what were seeing . . . Increase in corporate local spend (top 25) Jr. Achievement: finances, credit, ID theft Business courses w/med school classes Inventors network Social networking / new mediaYoung entrepreneur networks

    Mentoring Comprehensive buy local Improved tracking New networking forums Improved business-to-government Improved licensing process / resources

  • Georgias Entrepreneur Friendly Initiative90% of what entrepreneurs learn, they learn from _______ ???

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    _______% of 9th graders want to start their own business; by 12th grade, ________% still want to.

  • Georgias Entrepreneur Friendly InitiativeWhat we are seeing with our youth . . . C students / At Risk / Alternative Schools

    E Camps at middle & high schools

    Youth business plans

    K-12 entrepreneurial product development

    Youth enterprises at First Fridays


  • Georgias Entrepreneur Friendly InitiativeSchool & Community . . . Identify gaps - tell schools whats needed - encourages ideas - make it happen at home - recession inventions Youth leadership - entrepreneur / business project Youth enterprises at community events - themed / festivals / expos Business plan competition - real life wants & wishes

  • Georgias Entrepreneur Friendly Initiative

    81% of Georgia designated Entrepreneur Friendly

    129 out of 159 counties

  • Georgias Entrepreneur Friendly InitiativeEntrepreneur Friendly continuesOverall economic development strategies

    Value-add: Identifies innovation/creativity & addresses challenges

    Facilitated strategic planning: puts words to action:



    new direction

    new leadership

    new economy

    new ideas

  • Georgias Entrepreneur Friendly InitiativeEFII includes continuous post-designation support:

    Professional development (2x year)

    Entrepreneur Summit (Governor, Network)

    Trade missions, marketing events

    EFIF grant projects

    Best practices marketing & information sharing

    Speaking engagements

    Hot off the Press news, resources, business opportunities

  • Georgias Entrepreneur Friendly InitiativeFoster an entrepreneurial culture and non-traditional thinking

    Are my ESB programs going to support my entrepreneur & small businesses long term?

    Do I really know where to send someone? Do they even know we have resources?

    If the state wasnt involved, would I do this anyway?

  • Georgia Department of Economic DevelopmentNobody talks of entrepreneurship as survival , but that's exactly what it is and what nurtures creative thinking! . . . Anita Roddick

    All people are entrepreneurs, but many don't have the opportunity to find that out. . . . Muhammad Yunus Thank you!! Mary Ellen McClanahan Director, Community & External AlliancesGeorgia Department of Economic Development 404.962.4820

    *For citations purposes: #1 in workforce training (Expansion Management); #1 in fiscal policies (Laffer Report); #1 in entrepreneurship (Kauffman Foundation); #3 in business climate (Development Counselors International); 4th most Fortune 500 companies headquartered in U.S. cities; 5th best state for business (Forbes); 7th most pro-business state (Pollina Corp. Real Estate); #7 best state in cost of labor (Business Facilities, 2008); #7 best state for biotech industry (Ernst & Young)********************