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Discover English Level 3 Student's Book

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  • 1 1.20 Match the words with the pictures. Then listen, check and repeat.

    pick up 1 drop off depart from arrive at get in get out of get on get off miss catch take off land

    in this unit: transport verbs present continuous for the future inviting will word building: verb to noun going to


    Out And AboutOut And AboutDiscover Words

    transport verbs

    Out And AboutHi! This week on Discovery

    101 were looking at transport. What type of transport do you

    use every day?

    Discover extra words. Go to the inside back cover.Discover extra words. Go to the inside back cover.5


    2 3








    2 Find six different types of transport in the pictures. Write the word under the correct verb.

    get in / get out of get on / get off catch / misscar

    3 Work with a friend. Ask and answer.

    1 How do you usually get from one place to another? 2 Which is your favourite type of transport?

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  • 18

    1 Read the dialogue quickly. Do Tom and James meet someone famous?

    2 1.21 Listen and read. Answer the questions.

    1 Where is Tom meeting Mia? at a hotel2 Why does James get on the bus?3 Why do Tom and James get off the bus?4 Which room do they go to?5 What mistake does Mia make?6 Does Pato wait for them?

    Talking Tips!3 1.22 Listen, repeat and match.

    1 Hang on!2 Hes in a rush!



    At A HotelAt A Hotel

    This Saturday, Discovery 101 is meeting someone famous. James Hi, Tom. Are you going to football practice

    this morning? Tom No, Im not. Im going to a hotel in town.

    Im meeting Mia and her dad there at ten oclock.

    James Thats boring!Tom No, it isnt. Were meeting Alexandre Pato! James Alexandre Pato?!Tom Yes, hes giving a press conference. Were

    interviewing him for Sports Reports. James Wow!Tom Hey, would you like to come?James Id love to!Tom Get on then! We dont want to miss the bus! Buses are always slow when youre in a

    rush!James It isnt the bus, its a traffic jam! Lets get off

    and walk.At the hotel Tom Sorry were late! Mia Come on! The press conference is starting

    in five minutes. Its in Room 201.Tom Thats strange. Theres no one here. Dad Are you sure this is the right room? Mia Er maybe it was 301 Tom Mia! Dad Where is he? I cant see him.James Look out the window! Hes outside. Hes

    getting into a car!Mia Hey, Pato! Hang on! Oh no! Hes going! Tom What about my show!?18

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  • 1919

    Grammar present continuous for the future

    Are you going to football practice this morning?Im not going to football practice today.Im meeting Lily and Mia at ten oclock. Hes giving a press conference at half past ten.What time is he giving a press conference?

    4 Complete the email. Use present continuous for the future.

    5 Write the questions. Ask and answer with a friend.

    1 what / you / do / this evening? What are you doing this evening?2 you / go to bed early / tonight?3 where / you / go / tomorrow?4 you / meet your friends / next weekend?

    Hi Tom,

    Its my last day at the football academy. I 1 am travelling (travel) to Manchester tomorrow. We 2 ________ (play) against their under-18 team. Its an important game so we 3 ________ (not / go out) this evening. Tomorrow, we 4 ________ (get up) really early and we 5 ________ (take) a bus to the station we dont want to miss our train! I 6 ________ (play) centre forward in the match. 7 ________ (you / go) to the BMX bike park on Saturday?

    See you soon,


    Listening6 1.23 Listen and complete the information.

    Functions: inviting7 1.24 Listen and complete. Then listen, check and repeat.A What are you 1 doing next weekend?B 2 ________ special.A Would you 3 ________ to come to the skate

    park? B Yes, Id 4 ________ to, thanks.

    B Do you 5 ________ to go for a pizza on Thursday?

    A Sorry, Im afraid I 6 ________ . Ive got homework!

    B OK, maybe another 7 ________ .

    8 Work with a friend. Use the ideas in the box. Take it in turns to:

    invite your partner to an event, accept the invitation or make an excuse.

    see a film at the cinema meet at a caf go to a concert come to a party

    A Would you like to meet at a caf?B Yes, Id

    Dear Discovery 101,Youre invited to the

    James Bond film premiere in: Leicester Square, 1 London

    on: 2 ________ starts: 3 ________

    BMX bike park this 4 ________ at 5 ________ oclock.Meet Tom at his 6 ________ Bring 7 ________

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  • 20

    1 Read the magazine article about future transport quickly. Which invention can you fl y and drive?


    Transport Of The FutureTransport Of The Future

    Every day we use cars, buses, bikes and trains to get around. But how will we travel in the future? We asked three experts for their predictions.

    Is this the future?

    I think well use small flying machines, like the Jetson, says scientist

    David Harris. The Jetson is like an alien spaceship, but itll fly like a

    helicopter. Itll travel three metres above the ground and people

    will take off and land in their gardens. The Jetson will be easy to

    fly too. Just sit back, relax and enjoy the ride!

    Future transport wont pollute, says Dr Klein from the Science

    Museum. The i-unit is a good example of this type of transport.

    There wont be any pollution because its electric, and itll be

    quiet because its very small. Will this be the transport of the

    future? I hope so. But will drivers wear the funny i-unit suit

    too? Lets wait and see!

    Traffic jams will be a big problem, predicts Professor Field, but they wont be a

    problem if youve got a Light-Sport Aircraft. If youre in a rush, you can get out of

    the car, fold out its wings and fl y into the air. Easy! Its a big improvement on

    other ideas for future transport because its a car and a plane. Well

    probably see the Light-Sport Aircraft in the shops soon. Start saving

    your money because it wont be cheap!

    Grammar will / wont predictions

    I think well fl y around in Jetsons.The Light-Sport Aircraft wont be cheap.Will this be the transport of the future?

    2 1.25 Listen and read. Match the statements with the transport.

    a Jetson b i-unit c Light-Sport Aircraft

    1 It wont pollute cities. b2 It will land in peoples gardens.3 It will be very expensive.4 It wont fl y high in the sky.5 It will be very small.6 Traffic jams wont be a problem.7 It will be easy to fl y.8 It wont be noisy.

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  • 2121

    3 Complete. Use will or wont and the verb in brackets.

    1 People will travel (travel) in fl ying cars. 2 There ______________ (not be) any pollution. 3 We ______________ (not drive) taxis and

    buses. Robots will!4 How _________ children _________ (get) to

    school? By i-unit?5 _________ people _________ (live) in cities on

    the Moon?

    Discover Wordsverb to noun

    4 1.26 Complete with a verb or a noun of each word. Then listen and check.

    verb noun

    predict 1 prediction

    2 pollution

    compete 3

    4 imagination

    invite 5

    6 discussion

    entertain 7

    8 enjoyment

    improve 9

    10 argument

    5 Complete. Use the correct form of the word in capitals.

    1 I really enjoy books about the future. ENJOY2 Will the ________ come true? PREDICT3 How can I write a good story? Use your ________ ! IMAGINE4 I never ________ with my friends. ARGUE5 Are you entering the ________ ? COMPETE6 Will you ________ the whole class to your

    party? INVITE

    Listening6 1.27 Listen to some people talking about Flugtag. What is it? When is it? Where is it?

    7 1.28 Listen again. True or false?

    1 The planes are all man-powered. true2 There will be thirty fl ying machines this year.3 Most of the planes can fl y.4 Each team will perform a song and a dance.5 The girl thinks Flying High wont fl y.6 The boy thinks the wings are too small.7 The girl thinks Diving Dog will be too slow.8 The winners will have fl ying lessons.


    8 Answer these questions. Then draw and write about your own transport for the future. Use the linking words.

    1 What type of transport will it be?2 What will it have?3 What is good or bad about it? 4 Why will people use it?

    Linking words

    People will take off and land in their gardens. Its like an alien spaceship, but itll fl y like a helicopter.

    Itll be quiet because its very small.

    7 1.28 Listen again. True or false?

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  • The Magic AmuletThe Magic Amulet



    Ra: I dont believe it! You touched the amulet!Holly: Im sorry but where are we?Ra: Ill tell you where were in ancient Egypt!Max: No chance! Ra: And were here because you didnt listen.Holly: Look! The half amulet! Im wearing it!Ra: Yes, and were going to find the other half.Holly: Is the amulet magic?

    Ra: Many years ago the amulet belonged to a great Pharaoh. It was magic and very powerful. Bad people tried to kill the Pharaoh and take the amulets power, so the Pharaoh broke the amulet in two. The Pharaoh hid half of the amulet to save his kingdom.

    Ra: We cant go back to our time with half an amulet. Max: But how are we going to find the other half? Ra: Well, we arent going to stay here! Were going to walk to those pyramids. Then youre going to look for it!Max: Ow! My foot!