Disability Mainstreaming

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Disability Mainstreaming. Training – College of Biological and Physical Sciences. Disability…. Consequence of an impairment. Impairment: Problem in body function or structure; deviation form normal May be from birth, or may develop in one’s lifetime - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Disability Mainstreaming

Disability MainstreamingTraining College of Biological and Physical SciencesDisabilityConsequence of an impairment.Impairment: Problem in body function or structure; deviation form normalMay be from birth, or may develop in ones lifetimeMay be physical, mental, intellectual, developmental etc.

Disability: Everyones plightWere all disabled in one way or otherCan happen to anyoneDiabetesRoad accidentMenengitisNgeliM-WA: Mtu watu; msichana wasichana; mwalimu waalimuU- I:Mti miti; mfupa mifupa; mkeka mikekaKI VI:Kikapu vikapu; kitabu vitabu; kikombe - vikombeWhich ngeli?Kipofu vipofuKiwete viweteKibogoyo vibogoyoKiziwi viziwiAre PWDs persons or things?Persons With DisabilityEmphasis on Person PERSONS With Disability, notDISABLED personsThus require to be treated with respect and discretion as any human being

Convention on PWD RightsUN HQs, USA; 2006.Elaborating in detail the rights of PWDs and set out a code of implementation: Don MacKay, Chairman of CommitteeRight to lifeTo inheritancehttp://www.un.org/esa/socdev/enable/rights/ahc8adart.htmProtecting physical and mental integrity of PWDs: torture; cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment Combat stereotypes and prejudicesPromote awareness of capabilities of PWDsProtecting physical and mental integrity of PWDs: torture; cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment And others

http://www.un.org/esa/socdev/enable/rights/ahc8adart.htmCountries that signed the treaty needed to comply with theseKenya is one of them and thus there is a policy on disability mainstreaming National disability mainstreaming committee Disability mainstreaming Committees (DMCs)exampleCBPS DMS CommitteeD. Mbui - ChemistryP. Mbuthia Principals officeA. Waswa GeologyJ. Kagunda - MathematicsE. Obachi - LibraryC. Lukhoba - SBSS. Ronge - SCIR. Wabwile - PhysicsS. Opijah - MeteorologyPWDs; RightsMrs. Margaret Kenyatta: parents do not hide children with disabilityThe first person with disability as a Principal Secretary!

Benefits enjoyed by PWDs!!!Duty free vehiclesIf one meets qualification for a job they are almost automatically employedIn UoN students are allocated special roomsTransport to and from lecture hallsMedical cover for disabled childrenSalary is tax-freeWhat can we do?Be aware that some people do not see

What can we do?Dont leave grill doors, etc [half] - open

What can we do?Some people may be deaf

What can we do?Buildings: Not everyone can go up the steps

What to do?Understand that some people have mental disabilities:ADHD: Attention Deficient Hyperactivity Disorder

What to do?Some may be autistic

Success storiesMany Success stories of people with Attention Deficient Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

Agatha ChristieOther persons who have had disabilities:Agatha Christie: Dysgraphia

Alexander WoolworthLearning disabilities: slow

Winston ChurchillADHD?

Christy Brown- My Left FootCerebral palsy

Disability...Is not a brave struggle or courage in the face of adversity. Disability is an art. It is an ingenious way to live Neil Marcus, artistDisability is an ingenious way to live!Look at this:

Are pwds short-tempered?Are they difficult to deal with?Wouldnt you be?Some attitude towards PWDs

Or, how would you feel if everyone thinks you cant?Always ask before according help to a Person with DisabilityWhat do PWDs want?Systems to be put in place; then many times they manage very wellProper ramps access to buildings...Accessible toiletsAccessible parking slotsProper signage; braille; sign language ; access to hearing aids, wheelchairsA word of kindnessOpportunities to develop themselves!

How to help?What about this?

How to help?Raise awareness: PWDs have a great potentialTreat them as you want to be treated. Dont accord help when they can do itGive them opportunities patienceDont assume everyone is alright; you may be doing a great injusticeHow to help?In the college:Create a database of persons with disability so they can be assistedAny suggestions about how to make the college more disability friendly are most welcome

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