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  • June , 2013

    Directorate of Urban Land Transport Urban Development Department

    Government of Karnataka

  • Mysore is the second

    largest city in the state of

    Karnataka, located at the

    base of the Chamundi Hill

    Mysore District is a popular

    tourist destination, and

    famous for Dasara Festival

    Mysore is called the City

    of Palaces

    Area 128.42 Km2

    Location 12.30°N 76.65°E

    Population 8,87446 – 2011 census data

    Population density 6,910.5 /Km2

    NMT mode share 33% (23% walk+10% cycle)

  • 4,95,513 registered vehicles as

    of December 2010

    Rapid increase in Vehicle

    Mode share

    Public transport

    4.9 Lakhs in 2010

    1.4 Lakhs in 1996

    Source: CTTP Mysore

    KSRTC provides City, sub urban and

    Mofussil bus services

  • Mysore is fast falling victim to the trend of motorization i.e. the

    increasing use of personal cars and two wheelers.

    The city attracts about 4 Million tourists in a year. 70 % of

    which is at dhussera period

    Mysore is a major Educational hub.

    The heritage core of Mysore is located near to the CBD. High

    density vehicular traffic in the area hampers the aesthetic of

    heritage sites and reduces marketability towards tourists. As all

    sites are close to each other, bicycles are the best way to

    commute in congested areas and are environmentally safe for

    the heritage sites.

  • •The Public Bike Sharing will help to retain and

    improve the aesthetic and overall charm of Mysore

    as tourist destination by providing environment

    friendly and healthier way to commute.

    •The proposal has been linked to public transport

    and tourist destinations.

    •PBS system will not only benefit general public but

    also tourists and students as potential users.

    Creation of a Bicycle network and Public bicycle

    sharing system in the city will definitely benefit and

    encourage NMT users.

    CTTP Mysore recommends 126 Kms of cycle tracks in Mysore.

  • Public Transport


  • Sl. No. Location Sl. No. Location Sl. No. Location

    1 St. Philomena’s Church 19 Vontikoppal 37 Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary

    2 Mysore Zoo 20 Akashvani 38 Shrirangapatna Temple

    3 Race Course 21 Infosys 39 Tippu Summer Palace

    4 Mall of Mysore 22 Near GRS Ring Road Circle 40 Sangam

    5 Mysore Railway Station 23 GRS 41 Govt. Ayurvedic Hospital

    6 Railway Museum 24 St. Joseph's School 42 Private Bus Stand

    7 Lalith Mahal Hotel 25 Adichunchanagiri School 43 KSRTC Bus Depot

    8 Kukkarahalli Lake 26 ISKON 44 LIC Circle

    9 Kalamandir 27 Ganesha Sachinanda Ashram 45 Police Academy

    10 Karanji Lake 28 Chamundi Hills (Foot) 46 Chamundi Vihar Layout

    11 Wax Museum 29 Chamundi Hills (Top) 47 Sandesh The Prince

    12 Jagmohan Palace 30 Nandi Temple 48 KR Mohalla (Opp. Police Station)

    13 Crawford Hall 31 Hardlinge Circle 49 Court Road Park

    14 KSRTC Bus Stand 32 Directorate of Tourism 50 KG Koppal Circle

    15 City Bus Stand 33 Dalavay Lake 51 Saraswatipuram Fire Station

    16 Mysore Palace 34 Mysore Airport 52 Ramaswamy Circle

    17 Indira Gandhi Museum 35 Brindavan

  • Elements of Public

    Bicycle Sharing

    Docking station Bicycles

    Smart card

    PBS Management


    Towing vans

    Central Control


    Maintenance centre

  • A. Station with docking units

    B. Advertising space

    C. Member access card

    D. GIS-GPS

    E. Security cabin

    F. Credit/debit card terminal

    G. CCTV Camera





    Display Board Display Board Display Board Display Board


    Display Board




    Docking station design

    Total 52 feasible cycle docking

    stations (12 Major and 40 minor

    ports) has been identified and

    recommended for Mysore PBS.

  • The total capital cost of 350 bicycle PBS scheme is estimated at

    Rs 565.73Lakhs.

    Capital Costs

  • Operating costs

  • Operating revenue

  • Some of the options to meet these shortfalls are:

    1. Provide additional advertisement boards in the city help in meeting shortfalls

    in the running costs, the capital cost will still be difficult to meet.

    2. Development of a commercial complex (with the control centre ) to provide a

    stream of lease revenue to the bike share scheme. However, again shortfall of

    the capital cost and running cost.

    3. The third option is to obtain a Grant for the capital cost (5.6 Crores). A

    loan/debt is not advisable as the negative cash flows would be further

    burdened by loan repayment requirements. The Grant in any case does not

    still answer the operating shortfalls.

    4. The alternative of a larger Grant (16.0 Crore Rupee Grant can support the

    system for 5 years ) to support the Capital and operations for a period has

    been considered. Any revenue received in the first five years is set to a corpus.

    This will then provide revenue by way of interests to the recurring revenue

    incomes which then can meet the PBS needs for a comfortable future.

  • Cash Flow Statement

    The 4th alternative in the financing options will be able to meet

    cash flows and the PBS in Mysore will run successfully.

    Recommended Financial Plan

  • • UMTA has been set up in Mysore with representation from all stakeholders and with Commissioner, Directorate of Urban Land Transport as the Chairman.

    • A District Urban development cell(DUDC) will function as the Project Implementation Unit (PIU).

    • A project implementation committee would be set up in UMTA under the Deputy Commissioner with relevant stakeholders to manage the PBS.

  • Conclusions

    1. The PBS cannot work as a stand-alone project on

    advertising alone and will need a seed capital of

    Rs.16 Crores to generate a corpus which will help in

    sustaining the project.

    2. The additional cost for road improvements

    (Footpaths, Median, Signages, road markings) has

    been estimated for 52 locations as Rs.7.8 Crores.

    3. Unified Metropolitan Transport Authority (UMTA) in

    Mysore will take the lead role in implementing this


  • Observations

    1. Maintenance costs of Geared Cycle vis a vis Non

    Geared Cycles:

    1. The experience based on the information available is

    1. The maintenance costs of the imported bicycles (Rs 20000/-) is

    around Rs 9000/- per annum.

    2. The maintenance costs of locally manufactured geared cycle (Rs

    20000/-) is Rs 5000/- per annum.

    3. The maintenance cost of a locally manufactured cycle (Rs 8000/-)

    is Rs 2500/- per annum

    2. The PBS system in China does not use geared cycles,

    whereas those in Europe use a 3 geared, encased in

    hub cycles.

  • Districr Urban Development Cell

    • DUDC is headed by a Project Director (senior State Government officer)

    • All the Urban sector projects are routed through the Cell.

    • Responsible for Monitoring and reporting functions in respect of the Projects/ Schemes

    of the Urban Local Bodies.