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<ul><li><p>Digital &amp; Social Media Marketing and Analytics </p><p>02 05 August 2017 </p><p> Executive Education Programmes, Indian Institute of Management Bangalore </p><p>Programme Director: Kumar, Dinesh Venue: M-24 </p><p>Day &amp; Date Session - 1 Session 2 Session 3 Session 4 Session - 5 </p><p>09.00-10.15 10.30-11.30 12.00-13.15 14.30-15.45 16.00-17.15 </p><p>Wednesday 02 August 2017 </p><p>Introduction to Digital </p><p>Marketing and Social Media </p><p>Analytics (Kumar, Dinesh </p><p>&amp; Shah, Ami) </p><p>Digital marketing Setting objective, </p><p>defining metrics and measuring results </p><p>(Shah, Ami) </p><p>Overview on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) </p><p>Google Search Console Google SERP and Google Trends </p><p>(Shah, Ami) </p><p>Scraping Social Media Data (Pradhan, </p><p>Manaranjan) </p><p>Thursday 03 August 2017 </p><p>Overview on Search Engine Marketing (SEM) </p><p>Google Keyword Planner and Google AdWords. </p><p> (Shah, Ami) </p><p>SEM Assignment (Shah, Ami) </p><p>Social media marketing: Best practices and examples for key social media platforms Microsites, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Communities. </p><p>(Shah, Ami) </p><p>Friday 04 August 2017 </p><p>Big Data Analytics (Pradhan, </p><p>Manaranjan) </p><p>Predictive Analytics (Kumar, Dinesh) </p><p>Influencer Marketing Online Reputation Management </p><p>Mobile Marketing (Shah, Ami) </p><p>Saturday 05 August 2017 </p><p>Analysis of unstructured </p><p>Data (Kumar, Dinesh) </p><p>Content Marketing Firm Generated Content &amp; User </p><p>Generated Content (Shah, Ami) </p><p>Social listening: How to use social platforms to gain insights? </p><p>Social Listening Assignment. (Shah, Ami) </p><p>Wrap-up (Kumar, Dinesh &amp; </p><p>Shah, Ami) </p><p> Note: </p><p> Session Breaks: 10.15-10.30, 11.45-12.00, 15.45-16.00 Lunch: 13.15-14.30 </p><p>Programme Administrator: Mr. Rex Wilson (Contact No: 080 26993053) Email: </p></li></ul>


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