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Digital Photography and design Portfolio. G abi Marrero. Name plate. Line photo shoot. Shape/form shoot. Texture shoot. Space shoot. Value shoot. Color shoot. Mono with a splash. repetition. Balance. emphasis. Contrast. Unity. Ed paschke. Ed Paschke was born in June 22, 1939. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Digital Photography and design Portfolio

Digital Photography and design Portfolio

Digital Photography and design PortfolioGabi MarreroName plate

Line photo shoot

Shape/form shoot

Texture shoot

Space shoot

Value shoot

Color shoot

Mono with a splash






Ed paschkeEd Paschke was born in June 22, 1939.He grew up in Chicago.His father influenced him to be an artist.Fireworks and colors were what gave Paschke so many ideas as a child.He uses a lot of different colors and neon art with odd shapes.He paints all the different things in the world that influence us differently like illnesses and public/economic/social issues.

Paschke portraitFor most of my Paschke Portrait I changed the colors of my face with the quick select tool. I also used the rectangular/elliptical marquee tool to add the circles around my eye and mouth as well as the stripes on the side of the picture. To still show some of my eye and mouth I changed the opacity of the layer I was working on. I added pink streaks to my hair with the paint brush tool and used the paint filler to add the blue to my hair. I changed the texture of the photo and it is stained glass and I also changed the hue/saturation of the photo to add some different colors to the photo.

Impressionist researchA group of rebel painters that changed the way people thought about art through their vision of the canvas.Used loose brush work, broken color brush, dashes and dabs of paint to form edgesImpressionist art showed the general impression of the light on a scene or object and color reflected lightInstead of painting in studios impressionist artists began painting outdoorsMore scenes and subjects doing things outdoors

Impressionist photo shop practice

Impressionist photo shop painting project

Text Portrait practice

Text portrait project

Optical illusion practice

Optical illusion

Op art researchOptical Art Illusion began in the 1960sPaintings would bend and bulge or sway, vibrate, and squigglePainters used hard edges, precise craftsmanship, and close color values to make these paintingsOptical Art is meant to fool the eyes in thinking something else is being presented in the paintingArtists- Bridget Riley(England), Victor Vasarely(America), Richard Anuskiewicz(America), Carlos Cruz-Diaz, & Julian Stanczak

Primary colorsRed, Yellow, & Blue

Secondary colorsOrange, Violet, & Green

Complementary colorsOpposite colors on the color wheel

IntensityBrightness of a color

Tint & shadeTint Any color plus whiteShade Any color plus blackWarm & cool colorsWarm colors are red, yellow, and orange.Cool colors are blue, green, and violet.

Analogous colorsAnalogous colors are colors that sit side by side on the color wheel and have a common hue. For example, orange, yellow, and green are analogous because they all have yellow in common.

Color optical art

SurrealismA style in which fantastical visual imagery from the subconscious mind is used with no intention of making the work logically comprehensible.Techniques: Juxtaposition, distortion, disguising, fragmentation, and dislocation.Began in the early 1920s with Andr Breton as the founder. Salvador Dali was a major surrealist artist as well as Ren Magritte.Was mostly popular in America and with high society.

Juxtaposition practiceJuxtaposition is the transforming of one object into another or joining two or more objects in an impossible combination.

Fragmentation practiceBreaking up an image and joining it together in an unusual way.

Distortion practiceChanging an object or image by deformation, exaggeration, simplification, or a progressive state of degradation, (burn, dissolve, crush, melt).Disguising PracticeDisguising is the use of hidden images and obscuring the quality of an object by camouflaging it.

Dislocation practiceDislocation is when you place an object outside of its natural environment and into an unusual setting.

Surrealism collage

Typography Practice #1

Typography practice #2

Typography practice #3

Typography practice #4

Typography project

Magazine cover

David HockneyBorn in Bradford, Yorkshire in 1937Studied at Bradford School of Art and Royal College of ArtBegins making photo and painting collages that depict nature scenes or people being active from American inspirationMany of his paintings depict his familyAs an older adult, Hockney began painting and ma-king art on his iPhone and iPad

Photo collage