Digital Learning through Digital Photography - Learning through Digital Photography Expressive Arts ... professional photographs using your phones and new digital photo manipulation apps

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  • Think your snapchat photos are good? Learn how to take a really good photograph!

    Digital Learning through Digital PhotographyExpressive Arts

    You will explore your interest in photography and develop the skills required to createprofessional photographs using your phones and new digital photo manipulation appswhich will transform your photographs.

    Skills Focus

    Learning Intentions Success CriteriaI will:

    develop an understanding of digital cameraoperations and camera handling to set upprofessional looking photographs.

    develop an understanding of photographicterminology.

    complete a number of personalised photoshoots.

    develop skills in portrait and landscapephotography using both mobile phones andDSLR cameras.

    develop skills in planning interiors/exteriorshots.

    I can:

    demonstrate effective selection of aperture,shutter speed and ISO to create photographswith correct exposure.

    research, identify and explain the meanings ofvarious photographic terms,

    review a range of photographs of people andcompare and contrast different syles anapproaches.

    select a range of images taken bycontemporary photographers describing thestyle, viewpoint and technical approaches used.

    present images in print and as an electronicpresentation. Evaluate and reflect on theaesthetic qualities and technical proficiency ofmy photographs.

    Recognition of AchievementYou will have a a portfolio of evidence showcasing your best work. This will be used at key events topromote photography courses.

    Learning Intentions & Success Criteria

    Senior Phase Progression

    Senior Photography WAOPhotography


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