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    Digital LearningT H A T I N S P I R E S

    Were an award winning agency for next generationlearning solutions products and services.

  • Accessibility allows for universal access Translation and localisationOur instructional designers are determined to make sure any content they produce will work for anyone, no matter what their challenge is to access material.

    We aim to produce "universal courses". This is not easy! This is why we use live testers as well as the very latest in assistive technologies.

    The global deployment of your digital learning experience is made simple by creating culturally relevant translations to make sure your content is effective wherever it is learnt.

    It is common for a clear message to be lost in translation. We aim to prevent this by creating native copy which is in the language of the persons heart.
















    Any device, coveredOur systems work on iOS, Android and Microsoft. Using the latest technologies we create the best learning experience, which means only one version is needed for all your devices. Learning can be done anywhere and our service is fully compatible with all Learning Management Systems.

    Meet a new class of Learning SolutionsClarity International creates bespoke, rich e-learning experiences that your people will want to use and

    that produce long lasting learning outcomes. We believe in continuous learning through multiple contexts and devices, designed to fit with mobile and always on lifestyles and workstyles.




    VR and ARlearning

  • Simply the best eLearning developersOur success is largely because of our solid instructional design foundation, expertise in innovation, strong technological base and

    strong project management skills. We also aspire to apply the latest technologies and follow industry trends in approaches and standards, so that you can be provided with the best learning solution for your needs.

    Bespoke eLearning programs for any type of business needsOur team of Instructional Designers, Graphic Designers, Programmers and Quality Analysts, works as your extended team to understand your learning objectives, learner profiles and the expected performance goals.

    Improvement in employee retention Research and Innovation in ClarityBespoke e-learning enables employees to experience continuous development opportunities, making them feel more connected to their roles.

    Having a next level of training available creates an environment of perpetual challenge, and encourages the development of a learning culture.

    Our bespoke e-learning is revolutionising how individuals, teams, and entire organisations can build skills and knowledge. We measure the effectiveness of elearning so it confirms and delivers tangible benefits. This will justify value and success for stakeholder buy-in and encourages project champions.

    Apply Bespoke eLearningWhether it is a new recruit or an existing employee its not just about making sure everyone is up to date and knows the same

    thing. Its more about influencing behaviour to add real value to your organisation, and changing normal practice to best practice.

    With bespoke e-learning we help you get the most from your teams, whether we need to guide you when new talent is preparing to make the transition from one working culture to another, or to help progress your workforces career development in leadership

    and management skills.

  • Social Learning Approach, confidence through collaborationMany employees simply enjoy helping their colleagues with their problems. Some of them spend their free time explaining difficult subjects to others and so it makes the process of learning quite fun. By helping others, users can acquire valuable skills and improve

    their self-esteem.

    Social Learning in BusinessNew technologies allow to expand the course of learning in many ways. The process of acquiring knowledge and skills no longer needs to take place during business hours and with the staff sitting in an office. Its natural that digital learning would bring new possibilities and methods of studying and Social Learning have amazing benefits to all who take part.

    Apply Social LearningTo really unlock the potential of your people we ensure they take ownership of their own personal route to success. Our solutions connect them with coaches, peers and experts in the organisation and beyond, empowering them to control their own Personal

    Development Plan.

    Industry Insights Research and Innovation in ClarityAn interesting thing happens when several users collaborate on a problem. Thanks to the community related functionalities available in our social learning platforms, they exchange comments freely and study in a group of friends given the proper framework and shared goals.

    Clarity International thrives on the challenge to find a place which not only satisfies employees most common needs, but also does it in a way ensuring the quality of content found and the educational nature of the resource works. Allowing people to exchange knowledge and skills in the workplace is a sure benefit for all.

  • What is Gamification?Gamification can be applied to all types of learning needs, whether its to capture your peoples attention, challenging them,

    engaging them, entertaining them and most importantly teaching them which leads to increased levels of recall and retention.

    Gamification brings learning to lifeIt is said a picture can speak thousands of words and is a proven technique to help people learn. At Clarity International we go one step further than painting pictures. Rather than delivering boring old training sessions, we believe in using game-like techniques that make learning challenging, fun and immersive.

    Industry Insights Research and Innovation in ClarityGartners research estimated that more than 70% of Global 2000 companies would offer at least one gamified application by the end of 2016, although not all effectively.

    At Clarity we scrutinise and identify trends that align with gamification and behavior management experiences. We then understand how those trends can be applied to product vision and development.

    Apply Gamification TacticsWe capture and retain learners attention, challenging them, engage and entertain them, which then teaches them.

    We start with a clear understanding of the player, the mission, and the theory behind human motivation. We then apply game mechanics to create game rules, and form a core engagement loop for your gamification project. This will help your employees not

    only retain better the information but also enjoy and boost the knowledge of sharing.

  • Benefits of Virtual and Augmented Reality in LearningVirtual and Augmented Reality can be applied to many areas of learning. One area is to enhance a story through the power of V/AR.

    Reading words can create a visual picture in our mind but when a storybook comes to life, the impact is so much greater.

    Virtual and Augmented Reality allows users to interact with the content. You no longer are an observer but you can touch and feel the experience which enhances your learning senses and takes education to a entirely new level.

    Virtual Learning EnvironmentOverlay digital information in your learning and let employees interact with that information in real-time. We create immersive experiences by augmenting 2D/3D graphics and video to experience learning in a way that was never perceived before.

    Apply Virtual and Augmented Reality LearningWe can build (almost) anything. Using schematics, photos well render accurate 3D models and animations of any environment, object or interaction you need. Through careful Detail Management we balance the level of detail required to ensure training

    needs are met with cost and time efficient delivery.

    Customise Research and Innovation in ClarityWere experts in designing and building customised experiences that suit our customer needs. From gamified procedural training to realistic representations of your workplace, we can bring your specific training to startling 3D life.

    Through constant research our highly skilled developers are able to create images within applications that blend in with contents from the real world. With V/AR, users are able to interact with virtual and reality contents and are able to distinguish between the two.

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