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    every now and again, something comes along that makes life a little easier...


  • Overview Customers Bookings Quotes Invoicing

    - Simple business administration

    - Straight forward to use

    - No training required

    - Easily manage income and expenditure

    - Available whenever you need it

    - Get more from your accountant or bookkeeper

    - Control your cash fl ow

    - No expensive hardware or software required

    - No tie-ins or fi xed contracts

    - More invoices... less administration

    - Instant online access from PC, Mac or iPhone

    - Offl ine tools for time and sales tracking

    - Safe and secure

    - Automatic backups

    - Enhanced credit control

    Save Time

    Save Money

    Take Control

    We started out with Quickbooks, but it was over-complicated. We have a wide variety of regular bookings - the Recurring Invoices feature in Digital Invoicing made it easy for us to keep on top of them. Dylan George, Millers Yard, York

    Digital Invoicing really is easy to use - it does just what I want, and is always available - whether Im with a client, in the offi ce or catching up at home. I liked it so much I was happy to recommend it to my own clients. Gill Oliver, M & O Virtual Assistants, Woking

    Well presented books from a system like Digital Invoicing mean I can spend more time on saving my clients money and less on doing their admin.LE Marshall & Co, Chartered Accountants

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    Reports Sales Hours Days Mileage

    Heres How

    Digital Invoicing was developed to meet the everyday requirements of businessowners. It integrates seamlessly with your existing business practices, freeing upyour time to concentrate on the most important job - making money!

    The key to this is simplicity - the system is packed with useful features whichbusinesses need; all delivered simply and effi ciently - without jargon orcomplicated terminology.

    Instant Overview. Every time you login to the system, youll immediately see theOverview page. This provides you with an immediate breakdown of key areas of yourbusiness, including non-invoiced time / sales and the total value ofoverdue invoices.

    Easy Invoicing. The Invoicing Wizard allows you to create an invoice in a matter ofseconds. Simply choose a customer, add the details and its done. But thats not can create invoices automatically from quotations, or time / sales bookings - allat the click of a button. Your invoices can then be emailed by the system to yourclients, or you can save or print them and send them yourself.

    Simple Time & Sales Tracking. How often have you lost track of the time youve spent working for a client, or forgotten about a sale when it came to putting the invoice together? Digital Invoicing was designed to prevent this. You can booktime (hours or days) and sales and convert them into an invoice when it suits you.

    Plus... Create and manage quotations and quickly convert them to invoices orbookings. Log business expenditure and mileage and optionally recharge it to yourclients. Use Recurring Invoices for automatic fi xed payments (e.g. rent) Over 30 reports on invoicing, expenditure and bookings and quotes. Export data and reports to Excel, Word, PDF or CSV (for Sage).

    ... simple effective economical

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    TAKE CONTROL TODAYStart running your business stop your business from running you! Go and discover how Digital Invoicing can save youtime and money.

    MAXIMUM VALUE, MINIMUM PRICEFrom quotations to invoices, time-tracking to mileage management,Digital Invoicing delivers everything you need in a singleeasy-to-use package.

    SIMPLE SUBSCRIPTIONSWhether you choose to pay monthly for fantastic fl exibility, or annually(and get 12 months for the price of 11) youll quickly fi nd out that there are no hidden extras or complicated pricing plans.

    GO GREENUse Digital Invoicing and get a greener profi le our paperless invoicingsystem (run on carbon-neutral servers) will let you take control of yourbusiness and help preserve the environment at the same time.

    FIND OUT FOR YOURSELFGo to and take controltoday. Use the complete system, free of charge for 15 days no obligations - you dont need to provide any payment orcredit card details. Try before you buy and when youreready, simply subscribe online to continue the service.

    DIGITAL INVOICING LTD.t: 01904 693 797w: @diinformerfacebook: