Dialectical Materialism and Scientific Method - by SIDNEY ... Dialectical Materialism and Scientific

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Text of Dialectical Materialism and Scientific Method - by SIDNEY ... Dialectical Materialism and Scientific

Dialectical Materialism and Scientific Method - by SIDNEY HO01; Peace, Freedom and Socialism - Volume 7 No. 1 2 .The Monthly Review - The Dominium Hepublic Vol. 17 No. 4.THE EDITOH's VINIENTE GEBKAN IEON.

k lcLabour Monthly - Editor RALPH BOND.The Peoples Song Book - WALDEMAR HILLE.The Second Peoples Song Book - Left Every Voice - by IRVIN SEBBER. Academic Freedom and Human Freedom.Journal of the International Commission of Jurist - by LESLIE MUNRO.For the Rule of Law - Bulletin of the International Commission of Jurists.

The Story of Algeria's war for Freedom - Algeria Produced - by AFRIKA PUBLICATIONS.

Unity Freedom - Progress.The White man in Africa.The Fourth of July Raids - MILES BROKENSHA and ROBERT KNOWELS.Cuba and the Rule of Law - INTERNATIONAL COMMISSION OP JURISTS.Franz Kafka the Trial - PENGUIN BOOKS.The Soviet Union Today - by S.M. MANTON F.R.S.Turning Wheels - by STUASH CLOETE.New Left Review - by JOHN HUGHES AND OTHERS.New Left Review - by RAGGER MURRAY.Organising International Voluntary Work Camps - A Hand Book,The Soul of man under Socialism - OSCAR WILDE.Socialism Utopian and Scientific - by FREDERICK ANGELS.Marx on Economics - by ROBERT FREEDMAN.How Stallin Knows - The Story of the Great Atomic Spy Conspirac - by JUSTIN ATHALL.

Marx on Economics - by ROBERT FREEDMAN.Franz Kafka - METAMORPHOSIS AND OTHERS.Russian Stories - GLEB STRUVE. 1Russiah Literature in the Soviet Period.The Socialist Sixth of the World - by HEWLETT JO Hi, -ON.One day in the life of Ivan - DENISOMVICH.Through Russia - by C.J. HOGARTH.Through Russia - by C.J. HOGARTH.The Soviets in World Affairs - by LOUIS FISCHER.Russia under Krushchev - by ALEXANDER WORTH.The Origin of the Family - by FREDERICK ENGELS.The Soviet Power - by HEWLETT JOHNSON.The Dictatorship of the Proletariat - INTERNATIONAL I'-ihEBS.Philosophy and Myth in Karl Marx - by ROBERT TUCKE.i.Ashes and Diamonds - by GEORGE ANDRZEYET Soviet Education - MAURICE SHORE.


Che Intelligent Vomah's guide

African Profiles - by RONALD SEGAL. /'The Two faces of Africa - BEN MARa IS. |\From behind the Iron Curtain -- GEORGE REAVEYE.South East Asia in Turmoil - BRIAN CROZIER.The Russian Revolutions of 1917 - by JOHN SHELTON CURTISS.Soviet Short Stories - by PENGUIN BOOK.The Man Versus the State - by HERBERT SPENCER.Chekhou - The Major Plays.Aspects of Psychiatric Research - by D. RICHTER AND OTHERS.

(HISTORY OF COMMUNIST PARTY OF THE SOVIET UNION).Bloody Precedent, The Peron Story - by FLEUR COWLES.Social Economic Movements - by HARRY W. LAIDLER.The Royal Game - by STEFAN ZWEIG.Forta Mara - by IGNAZIO SELONE.American Mercury - to bear witness to the Truth!-Kristin Laurands datter - by CHARLES ARCHER AND J.S. SCOTT.Geleenthede vir Gegradueeraes in Suid-Afrika - 1964.M.R.A. A Critical Examination - by TOM DRIEBERG.The Innertembrate - A manuel for the use of Students - byL.A. BORR4DAILE AND F.A. POTTS.

The Social History of Art - ROUTLEDGE AND KEGAN PAUL.The Measurement of Abilities - by PHILLIP E. VERNON.Elementary Chemical Calculations - F.J. HOLINYARD.The Life of Galilio - by BERTOTII BRECHT.The Report on Unindentified flying Objects - by EDV/ARD J. RUPPELT. Guide to Philosophy - by C.E.M. JOAD.Chose Freedom - DOROTHY THOMPSON.Contemporary Schools of Psychology - by ROBERT P. WOODWORTH.The Mind Alive - by HARRY BONARY QUERSTREET.Philosophy for out Times - by C.E.M. JOAD.Lion Feughtwanger - JEW StTSS Fotem and Tabo - by SIGMUND FREUD.Psychology and the Industrial Worker - by E.G. CHAMBERS.The Human needs of Labour - by B. SEEBOHN SOWNTREE.Child Psychology - by JOHN J.B. MORGAN.Physiological approach to the lower Animals - oy J.A. RAMSAY.Myths and Legends of the Bantu - by ALICE WERNER.Testing School Children - by WILLIAM STEPHENSON.The machinery of the Body - by ANTON J. CARESON AND VICTOR JOHNSON.Architects of Ideas - by ERNEST R. TRATTNER.What is Art and Essays on Art - by LEO TOLSTOY.

J Twelth Night - by A.W. VERITY.Psychoanalysis, it's meaning and Practical Applications - by WULF SACKS.

Parasitic Animals - by GEOFFREY LAPAGE.The Story of South Africa - by LEO MAR^UARD.

J Penicillin, A Dramatic Story - by BORIS SOKOLCFF.A Junior Course of Practical Zoology - by A. MILNES MARSHALL.

Absolute Beginners - by COLLIN MACINNIS.Perspectives - No. 16.Statistical Analysis in Psychology and Education - by



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J The Film Sense - by SERGEI EISENSTEIN.The Art of Scientific Investigation - by W.I.B. BEVERIDGE. Outlines of Entomology - by O.W. RICHARDS.Inside Africa - by JOHN GUNTHER.The Life of Vertebrates - by J.Z. YOUNG.Interviewing in Social Work - by PAULINE V. YOUNG.History for Senior Certificate - by F.A. VAN JAARSVELD.The Nation's Intelligence - by J.L. GRAYE.Language and the Persuit of Truths - by J'OHN WILSON.

J Man's Worldly Goods - by LEO HUBERMAN.The Structure of Competitive Industry.Northanger Abbey and Persuasion - by R. BRIMLEY JOHNSON.The Poet sings - by LENG DIXON.Close to Home - by ERSKINE CALDWELL.The making of South Africa - by M.S. GEEN.Songs of Britain - by FRANK .KXDSON AND MARTIN SHAW.The General - C-.S. FORESTER.Callendar 1966 - University of South Africa.

The Catholic Church and the Race Question - the Rev. Father YVES M.J. CONGAR.

Reports on Events in Panama.The Assistant - BERNARD MALAMEED.The Antic icuse - by ROBERT B. FALK.The Law of the Vultures - by PHYLLIS ALTMAN.Bauvard and Pechuchet - by GUSTAVE FLOUBERT.

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The Other America - Poverty in the United States -- MICHAEL HARRINGTON.

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J Overcoming Objections - Dy RICHARD C. GORDO