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Diabetes Ketoacidosis

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Diabetes Ketoacidosis. Dr Hessa Al Kandari Pediatric Endocrinologist Farwania Hospital. Pathophysiology. Absolute /relative Insulin . Counterregulatory hormones ( glucagon, GH, cortisol , epinephren ) . catabolic state. glycogenolysis Gluconeogeneis Lipolysis ketogenesis. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Diabetes Ketoacidosis

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Diabetes KetoacidosisDr Hessa Al KandariPediatric EndocrinologistFarwania HospitalPage #1Pathophysiology Absolute /relative Insulin Counterregulatory hormones( glucagon, GH, cortisol, epinephren) catabolic stateHyperglycemia KetonemiaMetabolic acidosisglycogenolysisGluconeogeneisLipolysisketogenesisPage #Pathophysiologysevere depletion of water and electrolytes from intra- and extracellular fluid compartmentsAt presentation, magnitude of specific deficits depending duration and severity of illnessthe extent to which patient able to maintain intake of fluid and electrolytescontent of food and fluids consumed . Consumption of fluids with a high-carbohydrate content (juices or sugar containing soft drinks) exacerbate the hyperglycemia .Page #Biochemical criteria Hyperglycemia (BG >11 mmol/L)

Venous pH