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Dexter Baseball. Teaching the Proper Methods to the Young Hitter. About Me. Little League High School / Connie Mack (Saginaw, MI) University of Michigan (Ann Arbor, MI) Duluth Huskies (NWL) & Riverpoint Royals (NECBL). What will I speak about?. The Hitting Stance - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  • Dexter BaseballTeaching the Proper Methods to the Young Hitter

  • About MeLittle LeagueHigh School / Connie Mack (Saginaw, MI) University of Michigan (Ann Arbor, MI)Duluth Huskies (NWL) & Riverpoint Royals (NECBL)

  • What will I speak about?The Hitting StanceThe Breakdown of the Swing in 3 phasesA Kids Hitting ApproachHow to teach successful BuntersDrills

  • Before the SwingThe StanceFeet to HeadHead to FeetCheckpointsFeetHipsShouldersElbows HandsHeadThe Grip

  • Before the SwingThe StanceFeet to HeadHead to FeetCheckpointsFeetHipsShouldersElbows HandsHeadThe Grip

  • Checkpoints ExtendedCheckpointsShouldersHeadHandsElbowsRelaxed with Hands up & Back1- If Player understands Load2 - If Player Does Not understand Load

  • Before the SwingThe StanceFeet to HeadHead to FeetCheckpointsFeetHipsShouldersElbows HandsHeadThe GripGreatGreatBad

  • The Swing in 3 Phases1st Phase:Pre - Launch Phase (Load)

    2nd Phase: Swing Initiation to Contact3rd Phase:Follow Through

  • 1st Phase:Pre-Launch PhaseRelaxed & ReadyWeight - 60/40

    Walk Hands Back - Weight Back - 80/20Loaded and ready to LaunchTeach Earlier than laterTiming - When pitcher shows ButtRubberBand3 DrillsSkipping Rocks Across the pondFront Bat Drill (off Tee)Soft Toss at 45 AngleTroubleshoot

  • Troubleshooting Phase 1Keeping Hands Up and backThe Elbow down or up Comfort

  • 2nd PhaseSwing Initiation to ContactTop Half- Contact Point- Uppercut PunchBottom Half- Back Leg Shoe Laces to Pitcher- Firm Front LegKeywords to Teaching these Necessities to becoming a great hitterContact PointPUNCHING in the GutDrillFence DrillTroubleshoot

  • Troubleshooting Phase 2Bat Drag/hips Flying OpenSquashing the Bug & Bat Drag

  • 3rd PhaseFollow ThroughFront Shoulder*Note* ChinBack Shoulder*Note* ChinHead movement causes eyes to move; hence making ball move up & downHead DownBoth Hands on Bat / Release bottom hand AFTER contactDrillBat Throw Troubleshoot

  • Hitting ApproachBig Picture PracticeTime to Learn SkillsGameTime To Have funMentality - Go, Go, Go...recognize a Ball, NOAggressive Swinger

  • Hitting ApproachTeaching CountsHitting Count vs. For the TeamHitting FB Counts0-0, 1-0, 2-0, 3-02-1, 3-1For the Team0-2, 1-2, 2-2, 3-2Drill - Live Batting Pracitice / MachineConfidence

  • How to teach Successful BuntersTwo ways to square aroundKey PointsMove Up In Batters BoxBat Angle Up Use Knees to Flex Up and DownBat Cap point at 1st for Bunt down 3rdCatch ball With BatDrill - BP w/ Tennis Balls (Use 4 markers to set aim)

  • Drills3 DrillsSkipping Rocks Across the pond

    Front Shoulder Bat Drill (off Tee)

    Soft Toss at 45 Angle

    1 DrillFence Drill

    1 DrillBat Throw Phase 1Phase 2Phase 3

  • Soft TossGreat way to learn new skillsgreat multi-player drill Teach Kids the proper way, so you can teach technique to playersTeaches LoadBaseball is moving (vs Tee, Ball is not moving)Front Toss (Flip)AdvantagesHow ToPartner 4-5 away at 45 to hitterPresent ball to hitterAs tossers arm goes back - Hitter loadsFirm Toss to HitterCan use any type of ball - baseball, whiffle or tennis Mini Break OUT Sessions

  • Troubleshooting & Other DrillsDuring an aggressive swingDrillplace a barrier 6 to 12 in front of the front foot Continue hitting drill

    A player steps and swings falls off balanceDrillBuild up a 2x4Have player take practice swingsSoft toss DrillOverstridingHand-Eye CoordinationBalance IssueItems Needed -Broom Stick & Golf Ball Whiffle BallsDrillThrow Plastic Golf Balls to Hitter Hitter hits Broom stickStart with bottom hand*Note -Broom stick handle

  • Recap On the SwingThe Stance - Slightly Turned In or OpenHips - SquareHead/Chin - On front ShoulderElbow relaxed/UpHands - Close to the Launching Position

    3 PhasesPre-Launch (Load) - Rubberband TechniqueInitiate Swing to Contact - Bottom Half / Top Half (uppercut punch)Follow Through - Chin to back Shoulder

  • ResourcesWeb ResourcesBetter Ball Player Coaching Baseball Ellis Article

    Book ResourcesDare to hit .400 By Jake BossThe Mike Schmidt Hitting Study By Mike Schmidt/Rob EllisThe Art of Hitting .300 By Charlie Lau

  • Final ThoughtsCoaching For the Right ReasonsHave a Plan

    Be Creative But Simple

    Make Drills Into A Competition/Game ie. Best out of 10

    Make It FUN

    Head Down and watch the Ball

    Practice Does Not Make Perfect - Perfect Practice Makes Perfect

  • Sites & ReferencesPage 5 - Texas Baseball 6 - Texas Baseball & Ichiro & Pujols 8 -David Eckstein & Pujols 9 - David Eckstein 10 - Ichiro