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Dewey Decimal Classification System

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Dewey Decimal Classification System. Presented to Seventh and Eight Grade Students Developed by Paulina Kuforiji. Table of Content. Introduction History of Melvil Dewey History of Dewey Decimal Classification System Other Developments of Dewey Decimal Classification System - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Dewey Decimal Classification System

  • Dewey Decimal Classification SystemPresented to Seventh and Eight Grade StudentsDeveloped by Paulina Kuforiji

  • Table of ContentIntroductionHistory of Melvil DeweyHistory of Dewey Decimal Classification SystemOther Developments of Dewey Decimal Classification SystemHow is the Deweys System Organized?Dewey Browse Locating Deweys Decimal Classification Call Number Understanding A DDC Call NumberClassifications in Deweys SystemReviewReferences

  • History of Melvil DeweyMelville Louis Kossuth Dewey was born on December 10, 1851 to a poor family who lived in a small town in upper New York state. He was interested in simplified spelling, he shortened his first name to from Melville to Melvil as a young adult. Melville Louis Kossuth DeweyThe Father of Modern Librarianship.

  • History of Dewey Decimal Classification SystemThe Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) system is the world's most widely used library classification system. Dewey invented the Decimal Classification system at the age of 21 in 1870. This invention was published in 1876.

  • Other Developments of Dewey Decimal Classification SystemDewey changed librarianship from a vocation to a modern profession. He helped establish the American Library Association (ALA) in 1876.He was the associations secretary from 1876-1890 and its president for the 1890/1891 and 1892/1893 terms. He was also co-founded and edited Library Journal.

  • How is the Dewey System organized? The Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) system provides a logical system organized by subjects. It uses simple decimal notation to divide recorded knowledge into 10 main classes, and each category is 100 divisions and 1,000 sections. Each group has a main title and is represented by three numbers.

  • Classifications of Deweys System

    000-099General Works 100-199Psychology & Philosophy200-299Religion & Mythology300-399Education & Social Sciences400-499Language500-599Natural Sciences & Mathematics600-699Technology (Applied Science)700-799Arts, Sports & Recreation800-899Literature & Rhetoric900-999Geography, History & Travel

  • Classifications of Deweys SystemEvery Dewey Decimal (DDC) call number begins with three numbers (808), some with decimal numbers followed by various letters, and/or number combinations.Numbers to the right of the decimal point in DDC call numbers are decimal numbers. Therefore, 808.042 comes before 808.0669.

  • Locating Deweys Decimal Classification Call Number The Dewey Decimal Classification call number can be easily found on the spine of the book



  • Understanding A DDC Call NumberOne of the best ways to learn to read the DDC numbers is by looking at the subject areas. The following example is an example of a book from the Columbus Library Collection.Example: Fletcher, . How to Write Your Life. Juv. Coll. 808.0669 Fle.808 represents Literature & Rhetoric

  • 000-099 General WorksEncyclopediasReference BooksBibliographiesThe numbers up to 099 are used for bibliographies, encyclopedias and other reference books.

  • 100-199Psychology & PhilosophyPsychologyPhilosophy and Logic Who am I? (Man thinks about himself.)

  • 200-299Religion & MythologyChristianityOther Religions Who made me? (Man thinks about God.)

  • 300-399Education & Social SciencesEducationHistoryLaw

    Man thinks about other people.

  • 400-499LanguageEnglishFrenchSpanishOther LanguagesHow can I make that man understand me? PHILOLOGY (Language) (Man learns to communicate with others through words.)

  • 500-599Natural Sciences & MathematicsMathematicsEarth sciencesPlantsAnimalsHow can I understand nature and the world about me? (Man learns to understand nature on the land, in the sea, and in the sky.)

  • 600-699Technology (Applied Science)MedicineAgricultureFamily livingHow can I use what I know about nature? APPLIED SCIENCE AND USEFUL ARTS (Technology)

  • 700-799Arts, Sports & RecreationDrawing MusicRecreational & performing artsHow can I enjoy my leisure time? Create and enjoy music, paint pictures, dance and play games.

  • 800-899Literature & RhetoricAmerican LiteratureOld English LiteratureLiteratures of Other LanguagesHow can I give my children a record of man's heroic deeds? (Storytelling,create sagas, fables, epic poetry, and plays about mans ancestors and groups of people. Writing for people to read.)

  • 900-999Geography, History & TravelGeographyBiographiesAncient HistoryHow can I leave a record for men of the future? Man writes about travel, people, and events

  • ReviewWho created the Dewey Decimal Classification System?How is the Deweys System Organized?Where do you find the DDCS number on a library book?How many main classifications are there?

  • References