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Last project of the year for my multimedia class.

Text of Deviant Art Custome Mag

  • Commentary and Featured Art

  • Blaze The Hedgehog Most of my art of Blaze or Glacia

    started with bases (aka the basic line art such

    as circles for the heads and outline of the

    body). Such as this drawing for example, it

    started as a base that someone else was kind

    enough to make and post it on Deviant Art

    for free use. I did have problems drawing

    hands which was the reason I would use a

    base. The coloring, shading, and extra details

    such as the bump mapping on the picture is

    my work, but the basic outline of the charac-

    ter was created by another person. I have

    now began to be able to make my own out-

    lines for my drawings so I dont have to use a

    base. Although this is true, sometimes if I see

    a really good base I use it for a picture.


    n Com



    Background Info: Blaze the hedgehog is

    the guardian of the RED chaos emerald. As

    you might of guessed he uses fire powers.

    He is some what of a speed/tank type,

    meaning he moves quickly and can take a

    pounding. Blaze lost his mother while he

    was still a baby because she was shot. His

    father, Heat the hedgehog, raised him ever

    since and was killed during an invasion in

    his hometown by Eggman. Blaze escaped,

    but his fathers death was an accident. They

    were left to die as they bought G.U.N. units

    time to escape. Blaze searches for the man

    responsible for letting his father die.

  • Glacia The Hedgehog Lets face it, most things that keep series going from suspension is a love interest. Just

    like any story, I knew that one would be needed. Plus I couldnt let my art of Blaze be alone.

    While creating Blaze I thought about this and came up with a hedgehog with the power of ice

    and named her Glacia (similar to the word Glacier). I dont mean to brag, but I have to say this

    is one of the best pictures of Glacia, just the capture of beauty of art couldnt be any better.

    Again yes, a base was used, the simple circle for the head and the arms, head, and torso. I

    couldnt find the base on Deviant Art to post it in this article unfortunately. Glacia grew up

    with Blaze and was separated from him during the invasion of their home town from Eggman.

    She was told to run with the G.U.N. military retreating from Eggmans army. Both Glacia and

    Blaze share a special bond and rely on each other for protection. While separated, neither of

    them feel safe. When they fight together they have deadly combinations due to their power

    types. While creating Glacia I decided to make her more of a hit-and-run type of character.

    She can deal damage, but doesnt take hits very well.

    Background Info: Glacia the hedgehog was born in the

    Ice Caps of Mobius (home planet of Mobians). She was

    moved down from there while she was young because of

    Eggman trying to take over the place. Her parents felt it

    wasnt safe for her to stay, so she was moved south, staying

    were Blaze lived in her own house however. After running

    with the G.U.N. army, the power corrupt general tricks her

    into pledging to join his forces if she ever wants to find


    Mostly Information

  • Written Commentary

    Featured: Austin Fraser

    Background Info: Chandler was a

    military experiment that created a

    fierce one Mobian military force. Chan-

    dler was stripped from his home as a

    child and forced into training by the

    G.U.N army. Special chemical experi-

    ments caused his fur to become

    stronger than steel, and can withstand

    immense amounts of heat and can stop

    bullets. Those chemicals also caused

    Chandler to have incredible strength.

    Chandlers namesake comes form his

    ability called Break, in which he vi-

    brates the molecules of whatever he is

    touching, causing the item to explode


    Chandler Break The Dog This drawing of Chandler by Austin Fraser was one of

    the best characters Ive ever seen him draw. This is the first

    time he ever drew a Sonic fan character. It took him about an

    hour to do the drawing. Coloring and shading took him

    about 3 hours. I watched him draw this using Gimp, and he

    worked amazingly hard on it. Definitely looks like he spent

    hours on it. He has only drawn two pictures of Chandler. I

    would definitely like to see more and personally I would like

    to request a drawing of Blaze from him.

    Written Commentary

  • Jolt The Hedgehog This is Austin Frasers third drawing of

    one of his Sonic fan characters named Jolt. I

    have to say Austin does absolutely amazing on

    his characters. Especially the way he shades

    them. They look absolutely amazing. You can

    definitely see their inner traits in them when

    you just take a look at them on the outside. Jolt

    as you could probably tell has lightening pow-

    ers. After drawing Chandler, Fraser had the

    urge to draw another made up character. He

    thought about it and proposed this to me. I

    think it looks very nice. It almost look like it has

    a glossy touch to with the way he has shaded it

    which I love.

    Background Info: Not much is know

    about Jolt. All that is known is that he

    was a G.U.N. Military experiment that

    went wrong.

    Written Commentary

  • Mitchie Problem-Solver *Mitchie5* is an artist who loves to draw cartoon characters and Anime. She plans on working for the famous Cartoon Network

    as a voice actor for her career. She has definitely gained a lot of

    support for her hard work, and she continues to fight for her fu-

    ture. She usually takes art request. You send in a request and she

    will draw what you are wanting. You can find her Facebook fan

    page on the reference page in the back of this magazine. Her art is

    absolutely amazing. She should not have any problems getting into

    Cartoon Network I say. Both drawings below are things she drew

    and had them sent into Cartoon Network to show them how skill-

    ful she is at cartooning. I have to add that the character collage

    (bottom left) is just flawless. The characters are just dead centered

    detailed correctly and look exactly like what the look like off of the

    shows on Cartoon Network. I had to feature this art because of

    how amazingly well she worked and done on them. The anime

    character (top left) is just a random drawing she did. Even though

    there is no color its still down right wonderful. Lots of detail and I

    assume the hair on the character must have taken ages.






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