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    Development Tools Module Introduction Purpose:

    • The intent of this module is to explain the development tools available for developing applications for the Hybrid Controller Family.

    Objectives: • Describe CodeWarrior basic features and development environment. • Describe the Processor Expert (Rapid Application Development) tool

    basic features and benefits. • Identify the Evaluation Module (EVM) development boards available. • Identify the demonstration boards and reference designs available.

    Contents: • 27 pages • 4 questions

    Learning Time: • 45 minutes

    Welcome to this module on the development tools for the 56800/E family of Hybrid Controllers. Upon completion of this module, you will be able to identify the basic features of the CodeWarrior tool suite and the Processor Expert rapid application development environment. You will also understand the Hardware tool support available through Evaluation Modules (EVMs), demonstration boards, and reference designs.

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    56F800/E Development Tools

    • CodeWarrior development tools

    • Processor Expert = SDK++

    • Built-in libraries

    • Evaluation boards

    • Application-specific daughter cards

    • Demos and reference designs

    A single CodeWarrior development tool suite supports all products in the 56800/E family, from the 56F801 to the highest functionality device in the 56F8300 Series. This tool approach allows the developer to move seamlessly from one device to another in the toolset, minimizing the effort of right-sizing the device to the final application.

    Processor Expert = SDK++. It builds on the excellent development support that the Software Development Kit (SDK) provides by adding graphical configuration tools and an object oriented development paradigm without the overhead of C++. Built-in knowledge of device peripherals aids the developer to correctly set up device peripherals and prevents resource conflicts.

    Built-in libraries provide broad support for a wide range of applications, minimizing programming and allowing the developer to concentrate on the unique intellectual property (IP) to be added to create a successful product.

    Evaluation modules (EVMs) provide fully functional development hardware and allow developers to quickly prototype the final product by simple modifications (white wires) of the EVM. The EVMs contain sockets containing all processor pins for easy connection of customer application-specific daughter cards. This feature allows developers to quickly develop a test bed for product ideas. Finally, we provide many demos and reference designs for applications within the target markets.

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    CodeWarrior Overview

    Here you can see the CodeWarrior Project window, Code Analysis Tools, Debugger, and Memory view. CodeWarrior is a development environment that seamlessly integrates the project manager, build system, editor, compiler, linker and debugger. It has support for the 56800/E, including integrated EVM support. Its advanced instruction set simulator enables hardware and software co-design.

    In addition, a highly optimized C compiler ensures smallest code size and the fastest execution time possible. A graphical source-level debugging solves complex problems quickly and easily, and compiler optimization takes advantage of Digital Signal Processor (DSP) loop constructs.

    CodeWarrior now includes Processor Expert, that provides rapid application development across the entire 56800/E family.

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    CodeWarrior: Low Cost High Value • CodeWarrior Development Studio for the 56800

    Hybrid Controllers, version 6.0 is the new single development environment for the entire 56800/E portfolio.

    • New Processor Expert with free drivers and libraries for all CodeWarrior tiers

    • New multi-tiered pricing structure

    Memory size (in words)

    Order # Price Supported Processors

    up to 8K CW568XSE No Charge 56F801, 56F802

    up to 32K CW568XC32K $495 56F803, 56F805, 56F826, 56F8322, 56F8323

    up to 64K CW568XC64K $995 56F807, 56F827, 56F8345, 56F8346

    over 64K CW568X $1,495 56F8356, 56F8357, 56850

    A single development environment for the entire Hybrid Controller Family is provided, beginning with CodeWarrior version 6.0. One license enables development for entire 56800/E family.

    Processor Expert (PE) replaces SDK and includes all SDK application- specific libraries as well as GUI configurable driver support for peripherals. Many libraries that previously were charged for in the SDK are now available for free in object code format.

    A tiered license structure solves past complaints of tool expense and allows customers to prototype the tool and the processors. New license prices also include 1-year maintenance and provides free 24/7 CodeWarrior support.

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    New Features • Stationery Wizard helps users select processor and target required for

    development • PE Stationery and examples • Multiple breakpoints in FLASH • Swap Endian for data display • Multiple Code Generation Optimizations • Project windows are docked by default

    Reference information for previous slide

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    Processor Expert

    How features of PE are achieved:

    • Developed by experienced programmers of embedded systems

    • Expert knowledge system is working in the background of PE and prevents the misconfiguration of a peripheral

    • Provides context help and access to CPU/MCU vendor documentation

    • All EB delivered by UNIS are tested according to ISO testing procedures (UNIS is an ISO-certified company)


    Name Abstraction Layer


    Application Layer


    HW Abstraction Layer Encapsulated Functionality

    EB Hierarchy


    Application Layer

    User EB


    Key Abstraction Technologies

    PESL: lowest abstraction layer • Processor Expert System Library • Peripheral oriented

    Embedded Bean— highest abstraction provider • Functionality oriented • Provides easy migration across supported


    Processor Expert Overview Mouse over the Processor Expert, PESL, and EB graphics to learn more.

    Processor Expert supports rapid application development and enables component-oriented programming. If necessary, it provides expert advice. In addition, it delivers instant functionality of generated code and provides tested ready-to-use code. Roll your mouse pointer over the Processor Expert, PESL, and EB graphics to learn more.

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    Question What are some of the most important benefits of using Processor

    Expert? Select all options that apply.

    Supports rapid application development

    Enables component-oriented programming

    Integrates the project manager, build system, editor, compiler, linker and debugger

    Ensures smallest code size and the fastest execution time possible

    Let’s take a moment to review what you’ve learned about PE.

    Correct. PE supports rapid application development and enables component-oriented programming. CodeWarrior integrates the project manager, build system, editor, compiler, linker and debugger, and its complier ensures smallest code size and the fastest execution time possible.

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    Processor Expert Features • Available across 8/16 bit product lines

    • Rapid application development

    • Expert configuration system

    • Instant functionality of generated code

    • Two peripheral programming levels • Embedded Beans • PESL

    • Application-specific algorithm libraries • All SDK algorithm libraries ported

    • Tested and ready-to-use code

    PE provides easy migration across the entire 8/16 bit product line by supporting HC08, HCS12, and the entire Hybrid Controller family: 56F800, 56F820, 56850, and 56F8300.

    Rapid application development is achieved by reducing the learning curve of processor-specific register programming, using code examples, and using application-specific algorithm libraries that are SDK compatible.

    The expert configuration system includes GUI-based module selection, Drag-N-Drop software methods, and error checking in Embedded Beans (EBs) configuration.

    PE automatically adds required files to projects based on user selection and configuration of software modules.

    For peripherals support, EBs provide peripheral hardware encapsulation that increases portability across different processors, and PESL provides register level programming through C-macro interfaces. PESL is compatible with the SDK ioctl interface.

    Application-specific algorithm libraries provide off-the-shelf software modules that are typically used in target market applications.

    PE is ISO9000 certified in its development and testing procedures. It was also developed in close communication with our design teams to ensure feature support and optimal code generation.

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    Tools Library • Cycle Count, FIFO,

    FileIO, Test

    Memory Manager • Dynamic allocation

    Algorithm Libraries

    Modem Library • V.8bis, V.21, V.22bis,


    Telephony Library • AEC, AGC, Caller ID, • CAS, CPT, CTG, DTMF • G165, G168, G711 • G723, G726, G729

    Security Library • RSA, DES, 3DES,

    Math Libraries • Matrix, Fractional, Vector • Trigonometric

    Feature Phone Library • CallerID type 1&2 • CallerID Parser