Development of Undergraduate and Graduate Programs in Computational Science

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Development of Undergraduate and Graduate Programs in Computational Science. Péter Molnár, David Toth, Rachel Vincent-Finley. Clark Atlanta University. Areas of Computational Science Degrees (I). CAU Schools. Arts & Sciences. Business. Education. Social Work. Master of Science. PhD - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Development of Undergraduate and Graduate Programs in Computational Science

  • Clark Atlanta UniversityClark Atlanta University

  • Areas of Computational Science Degrees (I)Arts & SciencesBusinessEducationSocial WorkBiologyChemistryComputer & Information SciencePhysicsMathematicsPhD(traditional wet lab)Master of ScienceComputational Data Science (PhD, MS, ug minor) Material Science SimulationsGenomics Data IntensiveCAU Schools

  • Areas of Computational Science Degrees (II)Arts & SciencesBusinessEducationSocial WorkBiologyChemistryComputer & Information SciencePhysicsMathematicsComputational Data Science HumanitiesSocial &PoliticalSciencesMarketingEconomics(?)CAU Schools

  • Programs: PhD (72), MS (30), BS/MS (4+1 yrs), Minor (18)Architecture &Operation of Computing SystemsDataVisualization& GraphicsPredictiveAnalyticsDatabaseSystemsComputerScienceResearchCommunicationComputerProgrammingfor ScientistsMathematicalMethodsfor ScientistsBS + Computational Science Minor(18 credit hours)15 Electives42 Dissertation ResearchCSApplied DisciplineBS Computer Science(w/ Comp. Sci. electives)Prereq. No Credit

  • University of Mary WashingtonPublic (VA)PUI 4000 ugradsLiberal artsMS in Ed., Elementary Ed., MBA, 1 or 2 more~20% minority students

  • Computational Sciences Start at UMWAdministration requested MS programsComputer Sci, Math put heads togetherNat/Phys sciences not interested yetBusiness wanted Data Analytics Minor first: Data ScienceHope to spawn 2 MS programs:Computational ScienceData Analytics

  • The Data Science MinorCS Computer Science 1Discrete MathModeling & SimulationData Mining Intro StatsCalc 1Calc 2Linear AlgebraData Structures OR Analytics Application Development Parallel Computing OR Foundations and Applications of Data Analytics

  • Future at University of Mary WashingtonMinor begins this semesterTrying to bring scientists (and soc sci) on board109: extension of NCSI workshoptwo-day workshop last Dec.Tried 2-day workshop in spring, butVAs governor pushing mod & sim

  • Southern University and A & M CollegeSouthern University and A & M College (SUBR) is a historically black institution founded in 1880.

    Demographics Average of 8,000 students per year Degree Programs 2 Associate degree programs 42 Bachelors degree programs 20 Masters degree programs 5 Doctoral degree programs

  • Academic Colleges & SchoolsAgricultural, Family & Consumer ServicesCollege of Arts & HumanitiesCollege of BusinessCollege of EducationCollege of EngineeringCollege of SciencesSchool of ArchitectureSchool of NursingNelson Mandela School of Public Policy and Urban Affairs

  • StakeholdersCollege of Sciences Biological Sciences Chemistry Computer Science Mathematics Physics Rehabilitation and Disability Studies Social Work Sociology Speech-Language PathologyCollege of Engineering Civil & Environmental Engineering Electrical Engineering Mechanical Engineering Electronics Engineering Technology

  • Computer ScienceScientific Option

    57 hours in Computer Science 18 hours in Natural Science 18 hours in Mathematics

    (Total: 133 semester hours)

    Information System Option

    48 hours in Computer Science 15 hours in Business 18 hours in Natural Science 17 hours in Mathematics

    (Total: 132 semester hours)

  • Computer Science

    CategoryCredit HoursComputer Science courses48 54Mathematics/Statistics17 - 21Physics8 - 10Life Sciences4Science/Quantitative Science4Written Communication6Other (Humanities, Social Science, etc.)37 43

  • HPC University Graduate

  • HPC University Training Road Map

  • Common ChallengesSo many courses required unless they are specializedNot enough faculty to create/run specialized coursesNeed enough students to run specialized coursesCooperation between deptsNever enough funding from administrationWere trying anyway!!!

  • DiscussionPter Molnr