DEVELOP Vocabulary Lesson. DEVELOP I can increase my vocabulary knowledge and usage

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  • DEVELOP Vocabulary Lesson
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  • DEVELOP I can increase my vocabulary knowledge and usage.
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  • DEVELOP What does it mean? Have you ever used it? Will you ever use it? Why is it an important word to learn?
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  • Examples: The story starts off a little slow, but as the plot continues to develop, it becomes completely captivating. I need to develop the main character of my story a little bit more. Mrs. Becerra developed lessons for Pre-School and Kindergarten at RVCV.
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  • Dictionary Definition ExplainElaborateExpand
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  • Video & Picture Examples tch?v=g_IlJJQGz6A tch?v=g_IlJJQGz6A Lets develop this story!
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  • Silly Song/Poem Develop and elaborate; Make your writing really great!
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  • Our Own Definitions ExpandElaborate To get better at something (specific skill) Elaborate Expand in detail Explain Deepen and enrich Mrs. Becerras definitions are behind the smiley face.
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  • DEVELOP Synonyms: Explain Put more detail ElaborateExpand Antonyms: Decrease Not develop No / less detail Not explaining
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  • Partner Talk DiscussDefineExamples Synonym (same or nearly the same meaning) Antonym (opposite meaning)
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  • Critical Vocabulary Spirals