detached Semi-detached flattipee terracedcottage bungalow igloo mobileTree-househutCastle/palace

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Text of detached Semi-detached flattipee terracedcottage bungalow igloo mobileTree-househutCastle/palace

  • detachedSemi-detachedflattipeeterracedcottagebungalowigloomobileTree-househutCastle/palace

  • 1.Wardrobe2.bed3.desk4.Computer5.Bath6.Toilet7.Lamp8. Sofa9.Table10.Chair11. Cooker12. fridge

    BetweenNext to UnderInOn Above

  • roofbalconyfireplacechimneystairslift

  • Do you ever dream aboutOwnHate sharingMeetDesignedDenBuiltDetachedCosyTree-houseSleeps upAs a quiet placeArent any neighboursNoisesAboveRelaxesTheresDon t deliver here

  • Do you ever dream aboutOwnHate sharing



    Sleeps upAs a quiet placeneighbours

    NoisesAboveDon t deliver here

    Sueas con= D _________Conoce a Ben = M ____ BenChalet independienteD _____Domir arriba S ____ U __There aren t any N ___ = ruidosTu propia= Your O ____ A Private house=D ___A synonym with comfortable C ___Es un lugar tranquilo = Its a Q _____ placeThe opposite of below=A _____Odio compartir = I H ____ S ____He (construy)= B ____ his own houseA type of house T _____ - H ___People living next doorN ______Telepizza D ___ D ___ there= no reparte

  • GRAMMAR: COUNTABLE/UNCOUNTABLE NOUNSThere is a bananaThere isnT a bananaIs there a banana?There areSome bananasThere arentany bananasAre thereany bananas?There isSome sugarThere isn tany sugarIs ThereAny sugar?There areSome sugar lumpsThere arentAny bananasAre There Any sugar lumps

  • someanyanyaaasomean

    are thereThere isn tThere areIs thereThere arent There is

  • Fitness instructorlibrariansecretarynursepolicemanmechanicShop assistanthairdresser

    A fitness instructor works at a leisure centreA librarian works at a llibraryA secretary works at an officeA nurse works at a hospitalA policema works at a police stationA mechanic works at a garageA shop assistant works at a shop A hairdresser woks ata hair salon

    He trains peopleShe lends books (you borrow them)She deals with paperworkShe looks after people at a hospitalHe arrests criminalsHe repairs carsShe assists/helps customersShe cuts and styles your hair

  • hospitalPlace of workjobWhat they doNurse/doctorsA nurse is a person who looks after patientslibrarylibrarianA librarian is a person who borrows booksgaragemechanicA mechanic is a person who repairs carsPolice stationpolicemanA policeman is a person who arrests thieves/ criminalsofficesecretaryA secretary is a person who deals with office paperworksupermarketShop assistantA shop assistant is a person who helps customersLeisure centreFitness instructorA fitness instructor is a person who trains customersHair salonhairdresserA hairdresser is a person who cuts, styles, combs your hair