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  • 7/30/2019 Dessert Menu 4 Olives


    SweetsChocolate Torte 9-a rich flourless torte made with dark callebaut chocolate from belgiumfinished with lightly whipped cream and fresh raspberry wine match Noval Black Port

    Mascarpone Cheesecake 9-graham-pecan crust, light and cream mascarpone cheese filling,topped with compote of spiced cranberries and port winetop wine match Royal Tokaji Aszu

    Vanilla Bean Crme Brle 9-real vanilla beans from madagascar, in a sweet hand-made bakedcustard with a torched crisp sugar top, finished with fresh wine match Solera 1847 Oloroso Sherry

    Grasshopper Torte 9-rich, dark belgian chocolate torte layered with mint buttercreamand dark chocolate ganache, finished with freshly whipped creamtop wine match Fonseca 20 yr Tawny Port

    - Chocolate Almond Toffee -1/2 lb Chocolate Almond Toffee to Take Home 12 .50rachels homemade toffee with belgian chocolate and toasted almonds.

    Dessert WinesRoyal Tokaji 5P 06 Tokaji Aszu Hungary 16 .-

    Trimbach Gewurtztraminer VT 98 Alsace 12 .-Selaks 10 Ice Wine Marlborough New Zealand 9-Marco Negri Moscato dAsti Italy 8-

    Port and SherryFonseca 20 year Tawny Port Portugal 14-Byass Solera 1847 Oloroso Sherry Jerez Spain 9-Grahams Six Grapes Reserve Port Portugal 9-Blandys 10 year Malmsey Madeira 12-

    CheeseGruyre de Comt 12-franche-comt, france. cows milk. aged, ivory-white-colored withflavors of hazelnuts and fruit, classic alpine cheese from france.

    Rivers Edge Up in Smoke 12-logsden, oregon. goats milk. farmstead fresh goat cheese, tasty tiny

    wheels wrapped in bourbon-soaked maple leaves, and smoked lightly

    Farmers Gouda 9-holland. cows milk. five years old. aged in small wheels, hard,medium-orange, rich and sharp with a long, intense, buttery finish.

    Maytag Blue 8-newton iowa. cows milk. family owned since 1941, hand made,holstein milk, blue cheese, rich and creamy with a mild smooth finish.

    Green Island Danablu 9-bornholm, denmark, cows milk. semi-soft blue cheese aged twelveweeks, mild and creamy blue cheese that is complex in flavor.

    - Four Olives Specialty - The Cheese Board 28-your choice of any four cheeses served with tasting notes

    add fresh fruits, toasted almonds,and quince gelee - 9-

    Organic Full Leaf Tea

    Orange Rooibos - herbal, south africa 3.95Chamomile - herbal, egypt 3.95Peppermint - herbal, oregon 3.95

    Akita Supreme Sencha - green, japan 4.95Genmaicha - flavored green, japan 3.95Sakura Cherry Sencha - flavored green, japan 3.95Peony - green, fujian china 4.95

    Jasmine Dragon Pearl - floral green, fujian china 5.95 Aged Pu-erh - post-fermented, yunnan china 4.95Lapsang Souchong - pine-fired black, fujian china 3.95Monkey-Picked Iron Goddess - oolong, fujian china 6.95Mango Green Tea - flavored green, china 3.95Earl Grey - floral black, sri lanka 3.95Decaffeinated Earl Grey - floral black, sri lanka 3.95English Breakfast - black, sri lanka 3.95Ceylon Dimbula - black, dimbula sri lanka 3.95Darjeeling - black, darjeeling sri lanka 3.95


    Prebica Vienna Roast Coffee or Decaffeinated 2. 75100% arabica beans, shade grown, certified fair trade & organic.

    Espresso - Double Espresso 2. 75 3.75Espresso Macchiato 3. 75Cappuccino 4. 25Caff Latte - Mocha Latte 4. 25 4.75

    After Dinner Cocktails

    Ice Wine Martini 11. 50

    selaks ice wine from new zealand, reyka vodka, shaken cold.

    Spanishtini 8. 50patron xo cafe coffee liqueur, grand marnier, coffee, cream, spices.

    Dolce Amaro 11. 50averna amaro, cointreau orange liqueur, espresso, shaken cold.

    Hot Toddy 7. 50powers irish whiskey, raw sugar, fresh lemon and spices, served hot.

    Vanilla Latte 43 7. 50hot espresso, steamed milk, liqueur 43, a vanilla cordial from spain.

    Irish Coffee 6. 50powers irish whiskey, sugar cane, dark roast coffee, whipped cream.

    Nutty Irishman 6. 50baileys irish l iqueur, frangelico, hot coffee, whipped cream.

    House Infused Lemoncello 4. 50house-made lemoncello, served ice cold in a cordial glass.