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    Item Serves Price

    Fruit Platters

    Party Size 2.5kg $80

    Sweet Trays

    Regular Cookie Platter 48 pieces $45 Extra Large Cookie Platter 72 pieces $68 Brownie Platter 60 pieces $55 Assorted Tarts Platter 24 pieces $55 Cheesecake Platter - 1" x 1" squares 20 pieces $35 Dessert Platter Mix Aprox 80 pieces 1st platter - aprox $130 To build platter select from items below Each extra platter aprox $100 Mini Eclairs Crme Puffs Tiramisu Brownies Mini Royal Crme Roll Mini Chocolate Roll Mini Cheesecake Bites Mini Royal Crme Cinnamon Squares Rice Krispie Squares Chocolate Rice Krispie Squares

    Mini Cinnamon Buns Assorted Tarts Chocolate Mini Mousses Assorted Cake Squares cupcakes full size muffins mini cupcakes mini muffins If you don't see what you are looking for let us know. We might be able to accommodate.

    ***For dessert platters the more you get, the cheaper it is and the more variety you can have. It is best to ask us so we

    can put something together according to your needs.***

    Specialty Desserts & Assorted Cakes

    Deep Dish Gourmet Fruit Pies 8-10 $22 Royal Crme Roll 15 $30 Chocolate Roll 15 $33 Crme Caramel 16-18 $38 Royal Crme Cinnamon Cake 25-30 $38 Royal Crme Angel Food Cake 16-18 $38 Triple Milky Way Cake 35 $38 Fruit Mousses 16-20 $38 Full Cheesecake 16-20 $38 11 Round Cakes (any flavor) 16-18 $38 Cupcakes fancy icing $1.90/each Sheet Cakes - varies by size $80+

    The prices above are for food items only. Extra Fee if you want items set up on table Varies by size of order Extra Fee if you want items on formal platters - $10/platters Deposit applies to formal platters. Refunded when returned. Service Staff available for $30/hour, minimum 4 hours.

    If chosen flavor/item is unavailable we will substitute to the closest possible option.