Design is Thinking Made Visual

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Visual interpretation of Saul Bass quote "Design is thinking made visual"


<ul><li> 1. Design is thinking made visual - Saul Bass</li></ul> <p> 2. Implication 3. Impression 4. Instruction 5. Intention 6. Interaction 7. Invention + + + = = = 8. Design is thinking made- Saul Bass 9. Implication mcdonalds and windows vista logos apple logo nike logo http:// =19 Toyota logo java LG playboy http:// xbox Michelin, quicksilver, shell, ABC http:// /projects/channels/ bp http:// =1033&amp; billabong, rusty, element, DC, girl skateboards, linux http:// =372 Impression Die hard http:// =586 Mr. and mrs. Smith star wars billy Madison the hot chick http:// 28 days forest gump http:// /genres/drama-movies/ the matrix / the shining, American psycho http:// /genres/horror-movies/ the lord of the rings, saving private ryan, braveheart, gladiator http:// /genres/adventure-movies/ Instruction koala sign http:// slippery stop, give way, =10&amp;products_id=254 no parking http:// no standing, disabled parking 110 school zone http:// /speed-cameras/ police siren http:// /tag/heartbeat/ traffic light traffic yellow sign right turn from left, no through road, wagga wagga, no entry 10. Intention loading cigarettes into gun Australian smoking campaign / Stephanie rice,26746,25073074-5016380,00.html centrum http:// =3145&amp;action= viewproduct anti smoking story http:// /video/Australian-Anti-Drug-Ad-Campaigns drinking kills http:// fight the fuzzies colgate http:// =119824 proactive subway guy Jared Fogle http:// =63130&amp;p=9 GIO flood lotto fishing Revlon panadol Interaction interaction hand cursor, ok button, link, hover over shortcut,http:// / qwerty keyboard dvorak pc mice ps3 control xbox control http:// / wii controlhttp:// =202 Invention stone wheel horse and cart http:// fords first car http:// /Ford/ trolley and urinal http:// /category/education/ esky mug familyhttp:// gun http:// / makeup (with gun)http:// /?cat=56 fan hot household items knives,forks, sunglasses bucket tape measure, torch, fly swatter</p>