English class, Monday, 11 th  of April 2011  Aim of lea rning:  After takin g this class, you are supposed to be able to: 1. Ment ion some vocabul ar y (adj ecti ves) o rall y . 2. Ma ke some sent ences usi ng ad ject ives. 3. Me nt io n some c haracter isti cs of someone. 4. Ment ion some interest s and acti vi ti es o f so meone. 5. Descri be a person in spoken language i ndividuall y .

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  • English class, Monday, 11th of April 2011Aim of learning:After taking this class, you are supposed to be able to:Mention some vocabulary (adjectives) orally.Make some sentences using adjectives.Mention some characteristics of someone.Mention some interests and activities of someone.Describe a person in spoken language individually.

  • Complete these sentences with the vocabulary on the right columnFathan is.. student. He never comes late to school.Ki Hajar Dewantoro is one of Indonesian.Irvan Bachdim hasnose.Red and white are the colors of our flag.Ki Hajar Dewantara wears.on his eyes.


  • Power TeachingTeacherStudents respondClass.. Yes..Teach..O.K. (teach your friend/neighbor)Scoreboard Ho Ho. (cry)O. YupHands and eyeslisten carefully

  • KI HAJAR DEWANTARAKi Hajar Dewantara is a national educational hero. He was born in Yogyakarta on 2nd of May 1889 and passed away in Yogyakarta on 28th of April 1959. He is a very good Moslem, so he never forgets to pray 5 times a day. He is very handsome man. He has bright skin and strong body. He has pointed nose and slanted eyes. He usually wears a kept on his head and glasses on his eyes.He is very diligent, brilliant and smart. He is a member of a indische party, the first party in indonesia. He likes writing some books very much. One of his popular books is Andai Aku seorang Belanda. He is very active in political world. He has some good ideas for the quality of Indonesian education. Thats why we call him national educational hero.