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Statement of Professional Qualifications--Flexible I.T. Solutions for Your Business or Organization

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  • Information Technology can be overwhelming,

    especially if its outside your field of expertise.

    You have a business to grow, students to teach,

    goals to meet, but youre held back by being

    forced to use your productive time learning and

    maintaining your IT systems.

    Thats where we come in. Dependable Solutions

    Consulting Services takes care of the back-end

    IT so you dont have to. Our support staff is as

    knowledgeable and helpful as any full-time staff

    member, only without the cost of training or

    overhead. This allows you to focus on achieving

    the growth and goals you dream of for your


    SOLUTIONS OF ALL SIZESDependable Solutions serves clients all across the

    size and scope spectrum: small and medium

    businesses, local government, police departments,

    K-12 school districts, and other business and

    operation types. Our consultants and staff

    members can help solve many of the common

    problems that plague such organizations.

    We can help you with backup systems, outdated

    equipment, underutilized systems, inconsistent

    implementation, and centralization. These issues

    reduce efficiency and force you to waste precious

    resourcessuch as time and moneyto overcome

    or compensate. Our professional assistance can help

    your organization get back on track.

    Many technology consultants provide

    one-size-fits-all solutions. Large client

    or small, Dependable Solutions will

    develop customized answers to your

    most perplexing I.T. challenges.

    Dependable Solutions would be a great partner to help with your

    technology needs...

  • WHAT CAN WE DO FOR YOU?Dependable Solutions is more than server maintenance and

    desktop computer support. Dependable offers a full spectrum of

    services for your business or organization.

    Let our experienced consultants help you with:

    Technology budgeting and planning Compliance with laws, regulations, and industry standards Managing internet access and filtering Setting up a wireless campus Data cabling Server setup Network Design/Implementation Multi-Site Connectivity Storage setup Backup solutions Secure Desktop Network/Server troubleshooting and problem resolution

    ... the work they have done for us has been of the best quality...

  • MAXIMIZING COST/EFFICIENCYDependable Solutions Consulting Services

    specializes in giving you the best value for your

    money. We have all the expertise of the large

    firms, but without the overhead. This allows us

    to pass the savings on to you without sacrificing

    knowledge, dependability, or efficiency.

    The resources of our staff are at your disposal,

    keeping your systems stable and secure. We

    give you 99.9% up-time and a manageable

    infrastructure, all for less money than it would

    cost to hire your own full-time IT staff. With our

    remote monitoringand dedication to giving

    you the service you deservewe can support you

    more efficiently and effectively than other on-site


    DEPENDABLE, HELPFUL, EFFICIENT, AND FRIENDLYAt Dependable Solutions, we believe in the

    comfortable, familiar, and friendly way of doing

    things, not only in our service and consultations,

    but in every aspect of dealing with our customers.

    We dont require a contract, all our business

    dealings are sealed with a simple handshake.

    Were so confident that you will be happy with our

    service, that we wont try to lock you into using us

    for years at a time.Our staff has been more than

    pleased with the professionalism and expertise provided by the

    [Dependable] staff.

    Dependable Solutions has been a valued technology contractor...

  • THE EVER-INCREASING SPEED OF TECHNOLOGYThe need for modern Information Technology is

    not going away; it will continue to grow into the

    future. The longer you wait, the further behind you

    will fall. Do not let yourself and your organization

    become obsolete. Whether you need consultations

    to maximize your IT efficiency, or our augmented

    staff to help handle your IT Department,

    Dependable Solutions can help.

    Dont get overwhelmed by the speed of

    technology; let us keep up for you.

    Please contact us today to find out what we can

    do to help. Our IT expertise and service is only a

    handshake away.

    Dependable Solutions has done an exceptional job with the technology in the district.

  • Web: www.dpndbl.comEmail:

    Prairie du Chien115 E. Blackhawk AvenuePrairie du Chien, WI 53821Phone: 608.326.4324

    Boscobel1019 Wisconsin AvenueBoscobel, WI 53805Phone: 608.375.3132