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DepEd Division of Bohol Science Investigatory Project ... · PDF fileScience Investigatory Project ... your research work too much. ... DepEd Division of Bohol Science Investigatory

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  • Tagbilaran City 3 5 July 2014

    DepEd Division of Bohol Science Investigatory Project

    Training and Workshop

  • Mock Science Congress: Comments

  • Presentor 1 Remarks

    Title / Topic Calamansi juice and fluoride for cleaning teeth

    Not using scientific terms

    Motivation/Problem Effectiveness and cost

    Hypothesis Calamansi effectiveness

    Experimental Method Variables

    No graphs; dependent, and independent , controlled variables


    Changes occurred...

    Measurements; quantify; numbers (by how much?) with proper units

    Overall Presentation Just reading the abstract; Pronunciation, gestures; Do not read. Have eye contact with the judges. PowerPoint allowed.

  • Presentor 2 Remarks

    Title / Topic Phases of the Moon and Childbirth

    Motivation/Problem Folklore more child births during the full moon; study in France relation between full moon and accidents


    Experimental Method Correlational method; date and time of deliveries for a year

    Results Last quarter has highest frequency; Significant degree of relationship between phases of the moon and delivery

    Overall Presentation With recommendations

  • Open Forum

    Q: Do we show calculations of mathematical results and statistical tests?

    A: Yes, in the full paper. There should be a basis for your conclusions.

    Honesty is very important in science.

    Q: Comparative study between rural or urban setting?

    A: Some data but not enough

  • Open Forum

    CCB: Context is important; presence of confounding variables; averaging effect that negates correlation between variables

    Fine-tuning: other factors age of the women, etc.

    Be your number 1 critic of your project.

    Anticipate all possible questions, list and check responses. Avoid too many For future study responses.

  • Open Forum

    CCB: Stick to the scientific method. Do not love your research work too much. Otherwise, you will not be objective. If wrong, troubleshoot, and if it cannot be solved, throw it away. The judge always has the option to follow your procedure and should get your results.


  • Open Forum

    CCB: Data presentation: bar graphs, pie chart, aside from tables

    For each slide, do not put in too much text or numbers, otherwise the reader (judge) may be irritated because he/she would have liked to read.

    Literature survey

  • Open Forum

    Q: We have no journals, are the Internet sources okay?

    A: Wikipedia is good first step, leads to references in international professional journals.

    Wikipedia has a self-checking mechanism, because of open-editing.

    Journals published by professional societies, e.g. American Physical Society publishes the Physical Review; IEEE for engineering

  • Presentor 3 (CD 2) Remarks

    Title / Topic Pests in rice production, kuhol

    Motivation/Problem Correlation between gemelina tree and presence of kuhol; cost and preference for natural products; gemelina bark and leaves known for medicinal uses

    Hypothesis Gemelina root extract, effect on kuhol

    Experimental Method

    Results Significant effect as natural pesticide

    Overall Presentation Reading; not organized

  • Open Forum Q: Isnt gemelina poisonous? Polluting rice fields and

    rivers? Kills kuhol but also kills other organisms? Is it really environmentally friendly?

    CCB: That is an example of: what are the possible questions judges could ask.

    Quantify results; give quantified background, e.g., normal lifetime

    Scientific name of kuhol?

    Impact on the environment

    Q: What was read was not the abstract but the rationale? Is there a limit to the number of words?

    CCB: Follow the rules: number of words, format, font

  • Open Forum CCB: Read sample abstract, etc., get a copy of

    the most recent rules and guidelines.

    (MVCB: toxicity; ethics; )

  • Presentor 4 Remarks

    Title / Topic Biofuel from rice and corn chaff (agro-inudstrial waste)



    Experimental Method Fermentation process; filtration, fractional distillation, iodoform test for alcohol purity, flame test, NPK test

    Rusted equipment not allowed, no improvised (e.g. Ice cream plastic container); write chemical equation, diagram or flowchart; maintain purity of samples, reactants and products

    Results Products: feeds, biofuel and fertilizer

    Overall Presentation Not allowed to use clip art or animation; artwork should be original; personal photos not allowed

  • Open Forum Intel winner sharing:

    Importance of adult supervision

    Proper use of pathogenic organisms, hazardous substances and devices, disposal of wastes

    Acceptable norms of laboratory procedures and technical writing

    In-text citations

    Accuracy of recording of dates

  • Open Forum CCB: Presentation of scientific paper

    published in Physics Letters A

    Sample of abstract, use of graphs, imbedded text citation

  • Presentor 5 Remarks

    Title / Topic Used Engine Oil as Lamp Fuel

    Motivation/Problem Recycling


    Experimental Method

    Results Kerosene has bigger flame and more soot than the engine oil lamp

    Overall Presentation Format of bibliography or references

  • Mean = average


    88 90 76 91 89

    76 88 89 90 91

  • Mode

    92 100 85 84 92 89

    35 46 50 35 49 46


  • Controlled Variables

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