Delaware Odyssey of the Mind - Objectives • Familiarization with 2017-2018 Odyssey of the Mind program year. • Sufficient information to initiate and coordinate a

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  • Delaware

    Odyssey of the Mind

    Coordinators Training 2017-2018

  • Agenda

    Odyssey of the Mind and DELCAPS

    What is Creativity?

    Odyssey Membership / Competition Overview

    Coordinator Responsibilities

    Mentors and Resources

    Seven Practices of Successful Coordinators

    Schedule of Events

    This Years Problems

    Question & Answer Session

  • Learning Objectives

    Familiarization with 2017-2018 Odyssey of the

    Mind program year.

    Sufficient information to initiate and coordinate a

    successful program for your school/organization.

    Schedules and deadlines.

  • Odyssey of the Mind some background

    Originated in Industrial Design class at Glassboro State

    College (now Rowan University) by Dr. Sam Micklus in 1978.

    Evaluated not on the success of their solutions, but on the

    ingenuity applied and the risk involved in trying something

    new and different significant focus on creativity and risk


    Today, students of all ages from many parts of the world

    participate in problem solving, improving collaborative skills,

    creative thinking and boosting self confidence.

  • Delaware Creative Activities

    & Problem Solving, Inc.


    Delaware affiliate of the international Odyssey of the Mind

    program (Creative Competitions, Inc.)

    An all-volunteer 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with a

    board of directors governing body (11 voting members)

    Provides training for coordinators, coaches, and judges

    Coordinates 2 regional qualifying tournaments and a State

    Finals competition

    Fosters partnerships with schools and organizations

    throughout the state

  • What is Creativity?

    The state or quality of being creative the ability to transcend traditional ideas and to create meaningful new ideas A process of having original ideas that have value Sir Ken Robinson An essential aspect of creativity is not being afraid to fail. Edwin Land

  • Solving Problems

    Divergent Thinking Many Different Ideas

    Convergent Thinking Only One Right Answer

    Solving a Problem May Require Both Types of Thinking

    Ted Talks Creativity takes courage art in the classroom Julie Tamashiro

    YouTube The Importance of Creativity (Childrens Creativity Museum)

  • A membership allows for 1 team per problem and

    division based on grade levels in the member organization.

    Exception is in Primary, where an unlimited number of teams is


    o Primary - students in kindergarten through 2nd grade.

    o Division I - students in grades 3 - 5.

    o Division II - students in grades 6 - 8.

    o Division III - students in grades 9 - 12.

    Division IV - college students and adults in continuing

    education programs.

    Students compete at highest grade level of any student on team.

    An Odyssey of the Mind Membership

  • The Three Components of an

    Odyssey of the Mind Competition

    Long Term Problem - 200 points

    Style - 50 points

    Spontaneous Problem - 100 points

  • Establish a program within your school or sponsoring


    Manage the membership with CCI and DELCAPS.

    Recruit students, coaches and judges.

    Provide assistance and moral support to the coaches.

    Attend competitions and support the teams.



  • Membership materials,

    incl. Program Guide

    Odyssey of the Mind



    DELCAPS website


    DELCAPS Mentors

    Other coordinators

    and coaches


  • HomeStay - Host an international team after World Finals

    Scholarship - $1,000 scholarship to a graduating senior who

    participated on a Delaware Odyssey of the Mind team at least

    one year during high school

    Additional Opportunities

    DELCAPS Contacts

    Director Jacquie Blevins

    o Email:

    Tournament Director Stephanie Wagner

    o Email:

  • Coordinator Mentor Program

    Pam Hobbs

    Joseph Moore

    Janet Stephens

    Stephanie Wagner

  • Coaches Mentor Program

    Pamela Denney-Griffiths

    Lynn Flicker

    Joseph Moore

    Janet Stephens

    Stephanie Wagner

  • 7 Practices of Successful


    1) Establishing Goals

    2) Communication

    3) Recruitment

    4) Membership

    5) Team Building

    6) Training

    7) Attending Competitions

  • Program Focus

    Organizational Goals

    Outside Assistance

    Setting the Tone

    Practice Number 1: Establishing Goals

  • Information conduit between DELCAPS/Odyssey of

    the Mind and team coaches

    OotM Cheerleader

    Keeper of the Membership Packet

    Program Guide

    Websites and Facebook

    Practice Number 2: Communication

  • Establish a schedule for recruiting, signing up and

    forming teams (as early in the school year as possible).

    Design a student form that includes contact information,

    interests, skills, desired teammates, preferred problem,

    availability to meet and parent volunteer interest.

    Use flyers, school announcements, meetings, or a fun

    Spontaneous activity to generate student interest.

    Distribute the Odyssey problem synopses (available on-


    Practice Number 3:

    Recruitment - Students

  • Hold a parent interest meeting.

    A 10-minute informational video is available on-line at

    Present the benefits of an Odyssey of the Mind


    Make parents aware of the commitment expected.

    Describe the roles of the volunteer coaches and judges.

    Practice Number 3:

    Recruitment - Coaches

  • Forming teams will vary from organization to


    The DELCAPS philosophy is that all students can

    benefit from an Odyssey of the Mind Experience.

    High school teams may be self-coached but an official

    coach is required for the team to compete in a


    Practice Number 3:

    Recruitment Form Teams

  • An Odyssey team usually consists

    of 5-7 students.

    No more than 7 team members may help solve a problem.

    If a team of 7 loses a member and a replacement is added,

    an outside assistance penalty may be assessed.

    Teams with fewer than 5 members will be allowed to

    compete, but the team may be disadvantaged in the

    Spontaneous competition.

    Primary teams may be allowed more than 7 team

    members; requests must be submitted and approved by


    What Does a Team Look Like?

  • Each team is required to provide at least one judge.

    Judges must attend a training session and must be

    available all day on the day of competition.

    Judges who are volunteer parents may not be able to see

    their students team perform.

    Teams advancing from regionals to State Finals must

    provide a volunteer judge for State Finals; the volunteer

    must have judged at this years regional level.

    Practice Number 3:

    Recruit Volunteer Judges

  • Judges and volunteers are the backbone of Odyssey of

    the Mind in Delaware

    We have regional tournaments in Northern and Southern

    Delaware on back to back weekends in March. Judges

    and volunteers need to be evenly distributed.

    A short timeframe between team registration and judges

    training means we need judges and volunteers to self

    identify as early as possible. We will give your teams

    credit for a judge that is already identified!

    Practice Number 3:

    Recruit Volunteer Judges

  • Training for judges has changed this year!

    The non-problem specific portion of the training will be

    available on-line.

    If a judge completes the on-line portion of the training

    they will only need to attend a half day on-site training for

    problem specific information. They may choose from four

    sessions; morning or afternoon on two dates.

    Our goal is to have exceptional judges who have been

    thoroughly trained!

    Practice Number 3:

    Recruit Volunteer Judges

  • Purchase a membership from Creative Competitions, Inc.

    on-line, by mail, email or phone

    CCI accepts purchase orders, personal checks and credit

    cards (on-line only).

    After registration is complete, a membership number is

    assigned and DELCAPS receives the membership info.

    Membership materials including detailed problems,

    program guide, and resource materials are sent to each

    membership coordinator.

    Practice Number 4:

    Odyssey Membership

  • Teams must be individually registered on-line at for competition

    The membership number and ZIP code of the organization

    is required to access team registration on-line

    Registration includes the names and grades of team

    members and any speci