Degrees & Diplomas .61 Postgraduate Programmes [Degrees & Diplomas] at the University of Johannesburg

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2019 Postgraduate ProgrammesDegrees & Diplomas



Postgraduate Programmes [Degrees & Diplomas] at the University of Johannesburg | 2019

HONOURS DEGREE PROGRAMMESName of programmeBAHons (African Languages) ___________________________ 60BAHons (African Studies) ______________________________ 60BAHons (Afrikaans) ___________________________________ 61BAHons (Anthropology) ________________________________ 61 BAHons (Applied Linguistics) ___________________________ 61BAHons (Classical Culture) _____________________________ 61BAHons (Communication Theory) ________________________ 62BAHons (Development Studies) _________________________ 62BAHons (English) ____________________________________ 63BAHons (Film and Television Studies) ____________________ 63BAHons (French) _____________________________________ 63BAHons (Greek) _____________________________________ 63BAHons (Historical Studies) ____________________________ 64BAHons (Industrial Sociology) ___________________________ 64BAHons (Journalism) __________________________________ 64BAHons (Latin) _______________________________________ 65BAHons (Philosophy) _________________________________ 65BAHons (Politics and International Relations) _______________ 65BAHons (Psychology) _________________________________ 65BAHons (Religion) ____________________________________ 66BAHons (Sociology) __________________________________ 66BAHons (Social Policy) (Community Development) __________ 66BAHons (Strategic Communication) ________________________ 67BAHons (Urban Studies) _______________________________ 67BScHons (Psychology) ________________________________ 67

INDEX POSTGRADUATE PROGRAMMESThe University reserves the right, at any time, should circumstance dictate, to make changes to, or withdraw any of the opportunities on offer.


MASTERS DEGREE PROGRAMMES (MA)Name of programmeMA (African Languages) Coursework _____________________ 68MA (African Languages) Research Masters ________________ 68MA (Afrikaans) Gedoseer _______________________________ 68 MA (Afrikaans) Verhandeling ____________________________ 68MA (Anthropology) Research Masters ____________________ 69MA (Applied Linguistics) Coursework ______________________ 69MA (Applied Linguistics) Research Masters _________________ 69MA (Biblical Studies) Research Masters ___________________ 69MA (Clinical Psychology) Coursework _____________________ 70MA (Clinical Social Work) Coursework _____________________ 70MA (Communication Studies) Research Masters ____________ 70MA (Community Development) Coursework ________________ 71MA (Corporate Communication) Research Masters___________ 71MA (Counselling Psychology) Coursework __________________ 71MA (Development Studies) Coursework ____________________ 72MA (Development Studies) Research Masters ______________ 72MA (English) Coursework _______________________________ 72MA (English) Research Masters _________________________ 72MA (Film and Television Studies) Coursework _______________ 72MA (Film and Television Studies) Research Masters _________ 72MA (French) Research Masters __________________________ 73MA (Greek) Coursework ________________________________ 73MA (Greek) Research Masters __________________________ 73MA (Historical Studies) Research Masters _________________ 73MA (Industrial Sociology) Coursework _____________________ 73


Postgraduate Programmes [Degrees & Diplomas] at the University of Johannesburg | 2019

MA (Industrial Sociology) Research Masters _______________ 74MA (Journalism) Coursework ____________________________ 74MA (Journalism) Research Masters ______________________ 74MA (Latin) Coursework _________________________________ 74MA (Latin) Research Masters ___________________________ 74MA (Marketing Communication) Research Masters __________ 75MA (Philosophy) Research Masters ______________________ 75MA (Philosophy) Coursework ____________________________ 75MA (Politics) Research Masters _________________________ 75MA (Psychology) Research Masters ______________________ 76MA (Semitic Languages and Cultures) Coursework __________ 76MA (Semitic Languages and Cultures) Research Masters _____ 76MA (Social Impact Assessment) Coursework _______________ 76MA (Social Work) Research Masters _____________________ 76MA (Sociology) Coursework _____________________________ 76MA (Sociology) Research Masters _______________________ 77MA (Strategic Communication) Coursework ________________ 77MA (Urban Studies) Research Masters ____________________ 77MPhil (Social Policy and Development) Interdisciplinary _______ 77

DOCTORAL DEGREE PROGRAMMES (PhD)Name of programmePhD (African Languages) _______________________________ 78PhD (Afrikaans) ______________________________________ 78PhD (Anthropology) ___________________________________ 78PhD (Applied Linguistics) _______________________________ 78PhD (Biblical Studies) __________________________________ 79PhD (Communication Studies) ___________________________ 79PhD (Development Studies) _____________________________ 79PhD (English) ________________________________________ 79PhD (Film and Television Studies) ________________________ 80PhD (French) ________________________________________ 80PhD (Greek) _________________________________________ 80PhD (History) ________________________________________ 80PhD (Industrial Sociology) ______________________________ 80PhD (Journalism) _____________________________________ 81PhD (Latin) __________________________________________ 81PhD (Philosophy) _____________________________________ 81PhD (Politics) ________________________________________ 81PhD (Psychology) _____________________________________ 82PhD (Semitic Languages and Cultures) ____________________ 82PhD (Strategic Communication) __________________________ 82PhD (Social Work) ____________________________________ 82PhD (Sociology) ______________________________________ 83PhD (Urban Studies) __________________________________ 83


Postgraduate Programmes [Degrees & Diplomas] at the University of Johannesburg | 2019


HONOURS DEGREESName of programme: BAHons (African Languages)Admission requirements: Students who have obtained an undergraduate qualification with a final mark of at least 65% in Northern Sotho (Sesotho sa Lebowa/Sepedi) or Zulu (or isiZulu) as a major and who meet the general University entrance requirements for the Honours programme may be considered for the programme.Students who do not meet the requirement of one of the specified African languages as a major may in meritorious cases apply to the RPL committee to be admitted.Duration of programme: Full-time: 1 yearPart-time: 1 yearsContact details: Name: Prof Z MtumaneTel: 011 559 2867 / Email: description of programme: The course consists of five modules. Module 1 (Research Essay), is compulsory. The student chooses four other modules from the following possibilities: Literature: Literature of the Main Language, Poetry, Prose, Drama, Oral Art Linguistics: Grammer of the Main Language, Sociolinguistics, Phonology and

Morphology, Syntax and Semantics, Translation Studies

Name of programme:BAHons (African Studies)Admission requirements: A Bachelors degree with major in any one of Anthropology, Development Studies, History, Politics or Sociology and a final mark of at least 65% in the particular discipline.Duration of programme:Full-time: 1 year / Part-time: 1 years

Contact details: Name: Prof N ErlankTel: 011 559 2001 / Email: description of programme: This is an interdisciplinary programme consisting of five modules of which two are compulsory. The three electives must be chosen from three departments.Compulsory modules: Semester 1Paper 1: Methodology of African StudiesPaper 2: Research Essay (in the department in which the students holds a Bachelors degree)In addition students choose one elective in the first semester and two in the second semester.Elective modules: Capita Selecta from African Studies Capita Selecta from Recent Theoretical Debates in Development Studies Participation and Institutional Development Capita Selecta from Recent Theoretical Debates in Anthropology An Ethnographic Study of an Area or a Social Situation Themes in the History of Africa International Political Economy Area Studies (Politics) Theory and Practice of Diplomacy Pan-African Thought and Leadership Contemporary Issues in Christianity Islam and Gender Sociology of Work Political Sociology Urban Sociology Gender, Family and the Workplace


Postgraduate Programmes [Degrees & Diplomas] at the University of Johannesburg | 2019

Naam van die program: BAHons (Afrikaans)Toelatingsvereistes: Toelating tot die honneursprogram moet deur die Departementshoof goedgekeur word.Tydsduur van die program: 1 jaarKontakbesonderhede: Naam: Prof M Pienaar / Tel: 011 559 2694 / Epos: beskrywing van die program: In die nagraadse programme in Afrikaans (Honneurs, Meestersgraad en Doktorsgraad) word menslike bestaan ondersoek deur te kyk na die simbole, mites, metafore en tekste wat die menslike bestaan medieer. Soos in al die ander geesteswetenskappe is begrip van die menslike bestaan die doel. In die vak Afrikaans is taal en tekste die middel tot hierdie doel.Om die mens en die manier waarop die mens die wreld verstaan, te ondersoek, word die taal wat die mens gebruik om uitdrukking te gee aan hierdie wreld, om sin te gee aan sigself en aan die wreld waarin hy/sy leef, bestudeer.Die honneurskursus bied n inleidende oorsig tot die Afrikaanse taal- en letterkunde en n student behoort n oorsig te h oor Afrikaanse