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2. Meeting Goals Deepen knowledge of Inquiry Understand the connection betweenInquiry and the California Standards forthe Teaching Profession Develop compelling Focus Questions 3. Formative Assessment for California Teachers (FACT)Context for Teaching and LearningAssessment of Teaching and LearningInquiry into Teaching and Learning(IIP Embedded Across)Summary of Teaching andLearning 4. Continuum of Teaching PracticeReview Inquiry from last year What was your Focus Area? (1) What was your Focus Question? (2) What California Standard for the TeachingProfession did you address? (3) 5. Action Research Disciplined inquiry Teacher driven Intent is to change & inform teachingpractices Carried out in the classroom Problem of Practice 6. Action ResearchImpact of Inquiry on Your Practice At the beginning of last year, Ithought/believed/practiced __________. At the end of the year I changed the way I___________. At the end of this year, I would like myactions to reflect____________. 7. Inquiry intoTeaching & LearningStep 0: Self-Assessment CTP; E2.5 E 2.6Step 1: Develop Focus Question C-1 Cells 1-4*Step 2: Analyze Entry AssessmentSelect Focus Students C-3 (Pt 1 & 2); C-4 8. Cycle of InquiryAnalyze student Lessonwork C-7 Plan (C-Research &5)Reflect C-1 5-8TeachObservation C- lesson6Collect studentWork 9. Inquiry intoTeaching & LearningStep 6: Summary StudentAssessment C-8Step 7: Final Reflection C-3 (Pt 1 & 2); C-4Step 8: Self-Assessment CTP; E2.5 E 2.6 10. Continuum of TeachingPractice Review Continuum & identify areas ofstrength & growth What is your focus area? Write your focus area in C-1, Cell 1 Choose focus CSTP in C-1, Cell 3 11. Break 12. Criteria for a CompellingFocus Question1. Focused on improving teacher practice2. Grounded in a specific teaching context3. Something the researcher has control over4. Personally engaging5. Bonus criteria: Concise, open-ended & shouldnt already have an answer 13. Cycle of InquiryHow can I differentiate for my high achievers with aspecial focus on critical thinking skills in a unit onAncient Greece?To what extent does incorporating group workstrategies improve student learning andunderstanding of describing family in basicSpanish?How will differentiated independent practiceactivities during math improve students numbersense understanding? 14. Write your focus question Does it meet the criteria? How can it be improved? Write your focus question in C-1, Cell 2 15. Essential Components ofInstruction What will your students be learning over thecourse of your Inquiry? Write the targeted academic standard and learning objectives in C-2, Cells 1 & 2 16. Essential Components of Instruction 17. Data & Action Research What type of data is to be collected? Unit assessments DRA Observation checklists Writing samples Tickets Out the Door Quick Checks Communication Logs 18. Data & Action Research What type of data is to be collected? Write your entry level assessment and criteria for interpretation in C-2, Cell3 Write your summative assessment and criteria for interpretation in C-2, Cell 4 19. Data & Action Research What type of data is to be collected? What change do you hope to see in your students as a result of this inquiry? C-1, Cell 4 Needs to be quantifiable (a #!) 20. How is it going? Review: Focus Area Compelling focus question Academic content Assessment measures Within your SP/PT partnership, take a momentto check in. What questions do you still have? 21. Closure Please complete feedback forms Advice and Assistance Meetings in January