Deeds of Joseph Lindsey, son of Jacob Lindsey Jr. 1830: MARRIAGE: Joseph Lindsey married Miss Nancy

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Text of Deeds of Joseph Lindsey, son of Jacob Lindsey Jr. 1830: MARRIAGE: Joseph Lindsey married Miss Nancy

  • Deeds of Joseph Lindsey, son of Jacob Lindsey Jr.

    BIBLE:Gail Taylor sent me a copy of the family bible of Jacob Jr. and Phoebe. It gives name, birthdates, marriage~ dates, death dates of all their children

    CONFLICT:Death date is given as 3-10-1867, by material sent to Mrs. Jane Newton in "Jasper County, GeorgiaCemetery and Bible Records, compiled and mimeographed by Jewel Moats Lancaster (Mrs. Edgar M.O,Shady Dale, Georgia, 31085.

    1830: MARRIAGE: Joseph Lindsey married Miss Nancy Branham 3 Mar 1830. Source: Butts County GeorgiaMarriages, Film #F22743, pt 1, page 21

    1830: Meirs of Thomas Lil1.dseydec' d, of Wilkes, authorize attorney, Thomas Lindsey of Tuskaloosa, Ala. as theirattorney, to sell land they drew in the 1827 land lottery. Lartdis lOt #222, Dist:4, Troup Co. Ga. Source:GS 295,908 Book B. p. 87

    1833: 16 Oct 1833: Joseph Lindsey of Troup Co. buyls land from Lasley Gaines & Wm Epps, of Clark Co. Ga295,909 Bk D. 141

    1834: 7 May, 1834: Indenture made in Troup County, Georgia: James Wilkinson, attorney for Malachi Denmark,of Bulloch County, Georgia, sells land to Joseph Lindsey of Troup Co. Ga. Land is in 41b Djstrict. Troy,pCo. lot #22.6..,containing 2021/2 acres. Signed: James Wilkinson, Attorney. Witt: Jess T. Wortham & W.T.Wortham J.P. Film #GS295,909 Book D p.140

    1834: 28 May 1834: Troup County, Georgia: Indenture or sale of lanq.from Francis Kilgore to Joseph Lindsey.Land is in Troup County, ~jstrict ~L9U~e.;containing 58 or 59 acres, more or less. Signed: Francis B.

    ~~ Kilgore. Testators: James D. Johnson & John Johnson, J.P. Recorded 31 Oct 1834 Source: Film #295,909p.141-142.

    1835: 7 Dec 1835: Troup County, Georgia:}osephLindsey sells land to 18

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  • Elijah Lindsey, son of Jacob Lindsey Jr. and Phoebe

    "The Heritage of Shelby Co. Alabama": FHL p. 310:"Elijah Lindsey, son of Jacob and Phoebe Lindsey, was born 1817 in Jones Co. Georgia. His grandfather,

    Jacob Lindsey was an Ensign, Virginia Militia, during the Revolutionary War. Elijah and his brothers:Joseph, Thomas, James, Whitfield and John, were early settlers in Tallapoosa County, Alabama, in the1830's and 1840's. Their brother, Elias, moved to Coosa/Shelby County in the late 1850's. After their fatherJacob (Jr) died in Jones County, Georgia, his mother moved to Tallapoosa County and lived with heroldest son, Joseph, and his family until her death in 1867. She is buried in the Lindsey/Tankersly Cemeterynear Alexander City, Tallapoosa, Alabama.

    Elijah married 1848, Tallapoosa County, Jane Savannah Brooks, born 1823, Georgia, the daughter ofWilliam and Henrietta Brooks. Elijah and Jane settled near New Site, where other members of both theirfamilied lived. Before 1860, they moved to Coosa County, Alabama, near Weogufka, where they liveduntil 1879, when they moved to Calera, Shelby, Alabama and remained there the rest of their lives. Elijahwas a farmer and highly respected citizen wherever he lived. Elijah and Jane had nine children:

    William J. born 1849, married Sarah McEwen, Coosa County and later lived in Shelby County. W.J. andSarah are buried in the wilsonville Cemetery, Wilsonville, Alabama, as are many of their descendants.

    John T., born 1852, went to Texas after 1895, married Cora Ozley, Shelby County, where they lived andhe died in 1895, leaving a wife and several children. He is buried in Jones-Bailey Cemetery, ShelbyCounty .

    .'~' Almon Vachel, born 1856, never married, died 1880.

    Elias Walter, married Alice O'Neal. He is buried in the Wilsonville Cemetery.

    Mary Elizabeth never married and died 1880.

    Nancy Florence, born 4 Oct 1865, married 13 Jan 1887, Coosa County to William Blount Bazemore, born 24

    Jan 1858, Coosa County, son of Thomas Jefferson and Oma Palmer Bazemore. Florence and BlountyBazemore had seven childrren: William Emory, born 6 Dec 1887, Chilton County, married 9 Dec 1820,New Mexico to Dovie Agnes McCullough, born 14 Jul1896, Columbia, Shelby, Alabama.

    Benjamine Floyd, born 1868, died 1903, is buried in the Methodist Church Cemetery, Weogufka.

    Not long after the Lindseys moved to Shelby County, there apparently was an epidemic of typhoid fever.In the 1880 cnsus, Elias Lindsey, nephew, in the Elijah Lindsey household, had typhoid fever. Herecovered, but not long afterward, five other members of the family contacted the fever and JaneSavannah, the mother, Mary Elizabeth and Almon, died in September, 1880, within a few days of one

    another. They are buried in the Jones-Baily Cemetery. S~ C"~"'Lvv,,-J.;:::\

    Elijah married again in 1884, Shelby County, Charity Bradberry. He died in 1894 and is buried in Jones-

    Baily Cemetery by the side of Jane Savannah. Submitted by: Vicky Stratton, 704 S. Michigan Avenue,

    Roswell, NM 88201. Sources: Family Bible and letters, and public records". >~c}J.t.A.\ (!,ki''I"t.\",L,,\\ '

  • 8R-nj {2" m In 1- incl92Lf::Monroe County, Georgia . {. -c:~~k_ SOf\ (a.f

    (Research done by hired Genealogist) " E-.,, " r c:JlU:.Ok> L,nl~ ~F22526 pt. : Administrators Bonds 1852-1878

    1839:4 Nov, 1839: Estate of Benjamin Lindsey, dee'd. Thomas Lindsey, AdministratQr ofestate Cjb\fL;'lfCi'. b 1'(,

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    SOil 01=cd OSp h J who ,-SSD"l CJf cJacob J-..(nJs~ J 1", &f -JOYIes Q..c.,~~1 Geol7j 1'9ALF.XANDER CITY, ALABAM~.



    This April 'Tbe 15th, 1862State. of, Va. Yorktown.Dear Father:

    It is with plU:sure that I now seatmyself to let you kn~w: that I and ~BiUis well Pone was well the last time Isaw him. 'He was taken a prisoner on

    , Suaday the 7th. 'Him and 3 Allen boysout of our Co. ~ of the boys wereBrothers alld the other was an Uncleto them. I suppose' you would love toknow how it happened. The threeboys and' a fellow by the name ofAmoson and one br

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    '[h.e Lindse~,Elias Lindseys migration tQQo9sa C:OlmtyjnJate J857 or eat1y

    lB1a was to a farm he had,~~_\i~th~r:1iq];~lit.Y_\Y.~!IDd. the son of his son for w!ill-o.Y~L

  • Elijah Lindsey

    On occasion of 'Lias Lindsey's 81st birthday, 8 February, 1941

    ~ied at Macedonia Cemetery near there. Matt returned tor ~rbama; it is surmised that she lived with Polly. Matt is buried in~ Lindsey Cemetery.Po]Jy wed twict) af!&!,.Elias died (see Watkins and.Mi4un-

    Richards) and she had cbildxen!n! other marriages - ~o\:Vatkins' son. (though only one lived to adulthood), and l>-~daughter. Threads of Polly's life continued to be woven in andaround Coosa County.

    P.all~an.d...E.lia!L-n,..E.lijah..sickened with, or so tradition tellsus, "measles which went to his lungs" while a medical student atJohns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, MD. He was sent home whensome of America's finest medical minds could not help him. He died

    414 QctQber 1884 IPas, Jr., who sometimes lived with Lindsey kin,married Sallie Mea ows on 22 December 1887. They lived and djedi~9.Uali.tYand they, too, are the Lindsey Cemetery.

    ~.EJjas.,..J): and...a~ad three ~ary Be.thgmiaessie), ..18&:.1.8.92; J~a (born/died. 189.8,),and l.-.mti

    Leslie (23 A ril 18 - 9 Au~st 1965) who .!lJ.Wried Mary Queenarris on 22 October 1902. hey continued to farm the Lindseyland. ~ry's (1884-1976) and Leslie children were: Samuel Elias(28 February 1904, living in 1999; one child, Theda L. Pelham)married Vivian Howell; Thurman LevislBuddy (died around 1992)married Bessie Perkins; one surviving child, Winston Morris (chil~dren: Sherry, Amanda, and Susan); Joseph (27 April 1910.25February 1991) married Mae Dopson; Bessie Mae (1913-1915);KermitJBuck (22 May 1919, living 1999 in Jackson, MS, no chil-dren), married Mary Sue Craft.

    Joe, a Lt. Colonel in the Air Force, and Mae selected Mont-gomery as.their retirement home. Their sons are: James Alston(born 23 December 1936) and Daniel Boyd (born 30 May 1939).Jim is the father of Lisa, Gretchen, and James Brian. Dan is thefather of Dana L. Smyers, Steven, and Crista.

    In the accompanying photographs, all are Lindseys. unless oth-erwise noted. The order is front, middle and back rows, left toright: Jim, Morris, Theda, and Dan; Kermit, Thurman, Leslie, IdaRichards, Susie Milam Richards, Elias, Jr.; Mary Queen, Lou(Mrs. Jasper) Cotton, Bessie, and Mae. Submitted by: James A.Lindsey, 6 So. Valley View Drive, Wimberly, TX 78676 and Writtenby: Evelyne Bryan ThomasSources: Family Bible, research of Ruby R. Bryan, Evelyne B. Thomas,and James A. Lindsey; photo identifications by Mae Dopson Lindsey.

    settled near New Site where other members of both their familieslived. Before 1860 they moved to Coosa County, Alabama, nearWeogufka where they lived untillB2ll.when j;bey moved to Calera,Shelby. Alabama, and remained there the rest of their lives. Elijahwas a farmer and highly respected citizen wherever he lived.

    Elijah and Jane's ~hildren: William J. born 1849 .roanied SarahcEwen, Coosa County, and later lived in Shelby County.)V.J. andSarah are buried in the Wilsonville Cemetery, Wilsonville, Alaba-ma, as are many of their descendants;}ohn T. born 1851 went toTexas after 1895; Ja~ born 1854 married Cora Ozley, ShelbyCounty, where they lived and he died in 1895 leaving a wife andseveral children. He is buried in Jones-Bailey Cemetery, ShelbyCounty; .Almon Vachel born 18gB never manied, died 1880; ~liasWaltt)r born 1859 married Alice O'Neal. He is buried in the~lsonville Cemetery; .ary Elizabeth born 186~ never married andwed 1880; Nancy Florence born 4 Oct. 1865, Coosa County, married13 Jan. 1887, Coosa County, William Blount Bazemore born 24 Jan.1858, Coosa County