Deductive vs. Inductive Reasoning Which one is it?

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Text of Deductive vs. Inductive Reasoning Which one is it?

  • Deductive vs. InductiveReasoningWhich one is it?

  • Everything made of copper conducts electricity.

    This wire is made of copper.

    This wire will conduct electricity


  • Tristan owns only blue pants and brown pants.

    Tristan is wearing a pair of pants today.

    So, Tristan is wearing either blue or brown pants today.


  • All sheep that Ive seen are white.All sheep must be white.


  • Socrates was Greek.

    Most Greeks eat fish.

    Socrates probably ate fish.

  • The soccer game is on Thursday or Friday.

    I just found out that the game is not on Thursday, so the game must be on __________.

  • January has always been cold here in Siberia.

    Today is January 14th, so it is going to be another cold day in Siberia.

  • The local branch of Wachovia Bank was robbed yesterday.Hannah needed money to pay off her gambling depts. She just bought a gun two days ago, and I saw her hanging around the bank yesterday morning.Today the bookies goons stopped looking for Hannah.So, Hannah robbed Wachovia Bank yesterday.

  • All turtles have shells.

    The animal I have captured is a turtle.

    I conclude that the animal in my bag has a shell.

  • Austin: Jalen, look up. What do you see?Jalen: I see thousands of stars.Austin: And what does that mean to you?Jalen: I guess it means we will have another nice day tomorrow. What does it mean to you?Austin: To me, it means someone has stolen our tent.

  • Photo A taken indoors without a flash did not come out.Photo B taken indoors without a flash did not come out.Photo C taken indoors without a flash did not come out.Photos taken indoors without a flash will not come out.

  • All 8th graders must take science.

    John is an 8th grader.

    John must take science.

  • Frogs are amphibians.

    The coqui is a frog native to Puerto Rico.

    The coqui is an amphibian.

  • Murphy is a dog.

    All dogs can bark.

    Murphy can bark.

  • Young children read comic strips.Teenagers read comic strips.Adults read comic strips.Conclusion: ?Which type of reasoning?

  • Russell enjoys snow skiing.Russell enjoys ice-skating.Russell enjoys bobsledding.Russell enjoys ice hockey.Conclusion: ?Which type of reasoning?

  • Jesus is fluent in Spanish.Jesus speaks German like a native.Jesus reads French newspapers.Conclusion: ?Which type of reasoning?

  • All lawyers must pass a bar exam.

    Sheldon is a lawyer.

    Sheldon passed the bar exam.

  • The beach roads are jammed with traffic every Memorial Day.The beach road are jammed with traffic every July 4th.The beach roads are jammed with traffic every Labor Day.Conclusion: ?Which type of reasoning?

  • Sydney is allergic to all foods containing wheat.

    Spaghetti contains wheat.

    Sydney is allergic to spaghetti.