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Jeopardy prompt and response template

22 bunches of rosesHodgepodge 500 PointsCategoriesAdding Decimals 200 Points

CategoriesA real estate company buys 13 properties that each contain 6.78 acres of land. How many acres of land does the company buy? Multiplying Decimals 500 PointsCategoriesYou buy a bag of chips for $0.89, a sandwich for $7.99, and a drink for $1.25. You use a coupon for 75 cents off the total price. How much does your meal cost you?

Subtracting Decimals 500 PointsCategoriesKara runs daily as part of an exercise plan. On Sunday she ran 8.3 miles, on Monday 5.1 miles, on Tuesday 5.75 miles, on Wednesday 5.6 miles, on Thursday 4.25 miles, and 6 miles on Saturday. How many miles did she run this week? Adding Decimals 500 PointsCategoriesA dozen eggs costs $1.29. Find the cost of 4 eggs. Hodgepodge 400 PointsCategoriesKevin bought 7 sandwiches at Dunkin Donuts for $27.99. What was the price, in dollars, of each sandwich?Dividing Decimals 400 PointsCategoriesMrs. Harrison bought 24 folders for her students. The folders cost $0.79 each. What was the total cost?Multiplying Decimals 400 PointsCategoriesThe Daily DoubleCategoriesYou need craft supplies. You buy beads for $12.75, ribbon for $4.50, felt for $0.99, and leather cord for $6.35. How much money did you spend on craft supplies?

Adding Decimals 400 PointsCategoriesHodgepodge 300 PointsFour pounds of potatoes cost $5.26. What is the cost per pound of potatoes?CategoriesDividing Decimals 300 Points

CategoriesMultiplying Decimals 300 Points

CategoriesSubtracting Decimals 300 Points

CategoriesAdding Decimals 300 Points

CategoriesHodgepodge 200 PointsCategoriesDividing Decimals 200 Points

CategoriesMultiplying Decimals 200 PointsCategoriesSubtracting Decimals 200 Points

CategoriesAdding Decimals 200 Points

CategoriesA square has a side length of 5.2 cm. What is the area of the square?Hodgepodge 100 PointsCategories Dividing Decimals100 Points

CategoriesMultiplying Decimals 100 Points

Categories Subtracting Decimals100 Points

CategoriesAdding Decimals 100 Points

CategoriesMake your wager. Final Jeopardy!CategoriesYou buy 3.5 pounds of apples that cost $1.63 per pound. You hand the cashier a $20 bill. How much change will you get back?Final Jeopardy!Categories