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December Monthly Bulletin

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  • NLTC Dec. 2008 Monthly Bulletin

    G Strongly encouraged for all members

    Table of Content

    A Holiday Moment

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    The Ultimate Christmas


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    Words to Ponder

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    College Students Hello

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    Show Me Your Glory

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    Looking Ahead

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    Birthdays &


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    The Lite Side -

    The Way I See It In


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    Ministry Staff


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    Church Information

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    New L i fe Temp l e C hu rch

    A Holiday Moment By Mel A. Perry

    daughters?As we enter into the Holiday

    Season, it is very important that Jesus Did you know that your baby boy remains the center of our holiday has come to make you new?worship.

    This child that you've delivered, will As much as anyone, I simply adore soon deliver you.

    this time of the year and all of its cheer. Mary did you know that your baby

    But some times as I walk through the boy would give sight to a blind man?

    stores I notice how extra rude and

    Mary did you know that your baby grumpy people become. The reason is

    boy would calm a storm with his hand?simple. December is about X-mas and

    not about Christ sacrificial birth. Did you know that your baby boy

    has walked where angels trod?Christmas is about God keeping His

    promise to And when you kiss your mankind that He little baby, you have kissed would send a the face of God.redeemer to free

    Oh Mary, did you man from the

    know? bondage of Satan.

    The blind will see, the Yes, Yehua came as deaf will hear, the dead will a baby, but He live again.knew that as a man

    he would be a The lame will leap, the

    sacrificial lamb. dumb will speak, the praises

    of the lamb. Many years ago I was listening to

    the radio and a song came on. It was the Mary did you know that your baby

    perfect Christmas/ Easter song. Yes, boy is Lord of all creation?

    Jesus may be a baby now, but Mary Mary did you know that your baby

    soon he will be the changer of so many boy would one day rule the nations?

    lives. Did you know that your baby boy is

    I must admit that while I love the heaven's perfect Lamb?

    traditional Christmas songs, and will This sleeping child you're holding is play them and sing them throughout this

    the great- I AMseason, Mary Did You Know is probably

    my favorite song.

    Have A Merry Christmas & Blessed

    HolidayMary did you know that your baby

    boy would some day walk on water?

    Mary did you know that your baby

    boy would save our sons and

  • The Ultimate Christmas GiftBy Min. Isaac Bazile

    As always, we give thanks at Thanksgiving to God gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in

    for what he has blessed us with. As we prepare for Him should not perish but have everlasting life.

    Christmas, what better gift to receive than salvation. During World War I the newspapers ran the story of a

    With the gift of salvation comes many other wonderful letter found in the pocket of a soldier who had been

    blessings. Although the world looks at Christmas with killed in action. As his pockets were emptied and

    a more commercialized point of view, the Christians' mailed to his mother, these words were found by her

    view is more truth motivated. written on the back of a letter:

    The truth is this is a time we celebrate the birth of "The Greatest Verse in the Bible"

    Jesus. Aren't you glad you are able to separate the truth

    of Christmas from the world's idea of what Christmas For God--the Greatest Lover

    means? This is a time for giving; the spirit of giving is So loved--the Greatest Love

    every where. Is it because traditionally people know The World--the Greatest company

    that at Christmas it is easier to get people to give? But That He gave--the Greatest Event (which is Christmas)

    the ultimate gift gets overlooked; in fact, we see the His only begotten Son--the Greatest Gift

    Ultimate Gift, and the Ultimate Giver. Salvation is the That whosoever--the Greatest Offer

    Greatest Gift ever given. Believeth in Him--the Greatest Simplicity

    Yet, through the ages we have found a place on our Should not Perish--the Greatest Security

    Christmas list for everyone else, except the One whom But Have Everlasting Life--the Greatest Possession

    the blessed holiday is all about, the Christ Child! I ask Unknown writer.

    you, with everyone else that has managed to make it on

    your Christmas list, have you thought about giving This Christmas do you have that greatest

    Jesus anything this year? If there is anyone who would security? Do you know that you have received the

    receive a gift, it should be Him. greatest possession of all--Jesus Christ as your Lord

    and Savior?

    If you were to get Him a gift, what would you get

    Him? Would you buy Him a suit? If so, where would Sometimes Christmas is especially hard for those

    you find His size, for the Heavens cannot contain Him? who compare what they want with what others get. But

    Would you get Him a gift certificate? Well, He owns it the good news is that as a Christian, God has given us

    all, and has no need of anything. In fact, He owns the everything in Christ.

    cattle on a thousand hills, every hill, or would you give All we have to do is unwrap and experience all that He

    a gift that is priceless? We have also received gifts that has given to us.

    we could never repay. Grace gifts are un-repayable.

    They indicate that the giver knows you well, and has All of us who are saved, born again, and believers

    put much thought into his gift; it is impossible to in Jesus Christ have received a gift--the greatest gift.

    measure the cost of a gift. But the question we need to answer is have you opened

    that gift. Salvation has many wonderful elements--each

    Well the clock is ticking and there are only a like a special present. Are you opening your presents?

    limited number of days to take care of your

    Christmas shopping. Jesus is the greatest person who

    has ever lived. Each year we celebrate His Birth as the Have a blessed and joyful Christmas,

    coming of our salvation.

    Minister Isaac J. Bazile

    Salvation is the greatest gift of all. Salvation is the

    only gift that everyone really needs.

    Salvation is presented to us as the ultimate Christmas Minister Isaac J. Bazile serves as the Director of

    gift in what is perhaps the best known verse of the the Men of the Tower mens ministry at NLTC

    Bible. John 3:16 "For God so loved the world that He

  • Yt










    Michael Dwayne Vick was a professional football player for the Atlanta Falcons. Terrific stand-out player

    who set records for performance, and the financial arrangements of his contracts, and commercial product

    endorsement deals, but he got caught in things he wasn't supposed to be doing. Now, he's beginning to lose

    property, reputation, fame, cars, houses and gaining debt and constant mockery. Doesn't his story sound a little

    familiar? His story sort of line up with Job's life. Sometimes, when it seems that everything is going wrong, and

    you're loosing everything, you might ponder to God "Why is this happening to me?" It might seem like this is the

    hardest time to look for God, but its the best time to seek his face, and the Kingdom of Heaven, and still trust him

    despite the multiple dilemmas. Trust God in this time and period, and watch Him work your blessings out of the


    LIL Chocolate BoY

    AKA - Charles Ademolu

    Words to Ponder

    l e d sCo leg Stu ent Hellol e d sCo leg Stu ent Hello

    Hello from Denton

    Many may not know it, but I have transferred from Oral Roberts to

    the University of North Texas this semester. I am pleased to tell you

    that I am enjoying my experiences away from home. It has been a time of

    spiritual growth and maturity. I always keep my New Life family in prayer

    because I know that God has great things for us. Even though I am

    well away there is still no place like home.

    Jon R. Shorterez

    Show Me Your GloryBy Leslie Dockery

    Caught a glimpse of your splendor in the corner

    of my eye, the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen. The beauty of our Lord is found even in a

    glimpse of God's presence. In His presence is the

    It was like a flash, lightening reflected off the sky, fullness of joy. (Psalms 16:11) Where the Spirit of

    and I know I'll never be the same (Phillips Craig and the Lord is there is liberty(2 Cor. 3:17). We need to

    Dean) continually be thankful and praise Him so that we can

    forever reside in His presence. Who knows who we'll

    As believers , we should constantly hunger for come in contact with that will need the benefits of

    God's presence. How do we enter into His presence? having Him in the midst.

    With thanksgiving and praise of Him. Enter His gates

    with thanksgiving, enter His courts with praise. The

    gates and the courts represent entrances to His

    presence. We must always thank , praise, and worship

    Him; that's how we get into His presence. By uplifting

    Him, we're inviting Him to spend time with us; for He

    inhabits the praises of His people.

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