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  • 7/21/2019 december final capstone file.pdf




    Report of Capstone Project

    The Study of Supply Chain Management : An Evidence from

    Sports Industry across Punjab

    Submitted to Lovely Professional University

    In partial fulfillment of the

    Requirements for the award of Degree of

    Master of Business Administration

    Under Guidance of Submitted by:

    Ms. Vandana Chaudhary Nishant Kumar Garg(11006867)

    Assistant Professor Rahul Ranjan(11010047)

    Ganesh Prasad Singh(11005505)





  • 7/21/2019 december final capstone file.pdf



    This is to certify that the project report entitled The study of Supply chain management : An

    Evidence from Sports Industry across Punjabcarried out by Mr. Nishant Kumar Garg , Mr.

    Rahul Ranjan and Mr. Ganesh Prasad Singh have been accomplished under my guidance and

    supervision as duly registered MBA students of Lovely Professional University. This project is

    being submitted by them in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the award of the Master of

    Business Administration from Lovely Professional University.

    Our dissertation represents their original work and is worthy of consideration for the award of

    the degree of Master of Business Administration.

    Ms. VandanaChoudhary

    Assistant Professor

    (School of Business)

  • 7/21/2019 december final capstone file.pdf




    We hereby declare that the project report entitled The study of Supply chain management :

    An Evidence from Sports Industry across Punjab is an authentic record of our work carried

    out on this project. The data is collected from authentic resources and literature review of the

    syudies already done. As requirement of Capstone project for the award of MBA degree from

    Lovely Professional University, Phagwara under the guidance of Ms. Vandana Choudhary, our

    project mentor. We are thankful for her continuous guidance and support .

    Nishant Kumar Garg (11006867)

    Rahul Ranjan (11010047)

    Ganesh Prasad Singh (11005505)

  • 7/21/2019 december final capstone file.pdf




    We would like to first and foremost acknowledge Miss VandanaChoudhary not only her

    invaluable guidance, but also her support and encouragement during the many moments of doubt

    we had along the journey till now. I would also like to thank Mr. Chanderjeetsingh who took

    time out his personal schedule to provide insight during the entire project.

    Also, thanks to my friends who knew when to just leave me alone and when come forward with


    I would also like to thank to the company LORDZ KINGS , where we visit multiple times. I

    learned a tremendous amount in terms of technical skills, inter-personal skills, and intricacies of

    how large successful companies operate. They opened their doors and embraced me as one of

    their own.

  • 7/21/2019 december final capstone file.pdf




    Supply chain management (SCM) is the 21st century is consider as the important strategy tool in

    global operations for achieving competitiveness within the industry. Companies are attempting to

    formulate ways to improve their flexibility and responsiveness and in turn competitiveness by

    changing their operations strategy, methods and technologies that include the implementation of

    SCM paradigm, continuous performance evaluation and information technology (IT).

    Manufacturers and retailers are faced with the challenge of making sure that the correct

    quantities of goods are placed in a location readily accessible to the final customers and at the

    correct price. The linkages between the different companies that participate in this process are

    called the supply chain. This paper will study the coordination of information amongst the

    different nodes in a supply chain for a sporting goods manufacturing company.

    This study analyzes the biggest challenges facing a major sporting goods manufacturing

    company as they try to coordinate factory orders to their third party suppliers with the orders

    demands of their retail channels and also try to determine performance measurement factors to

    evaluate the performance of their firm by the SMEs of sports near Punjab. The data will be

    collected from structured interview and responses are collected from sports manufactures. So far,

    study result is helpful to visualize that there is need od an effective supply chain management in

    sports industry.

    Key Words : Supply Chain, Factor Analysis

  • 7/21/2019 december final capstone file.pdf



    Table of Contents





    Chapter 1: Introduction to Supply Chain Management


    1.2.Supply chain Management .1

    1.3.Raw material in Sports Manufacturing..2

    Chapter 2: Literature Review4

    2.1. Factors for Performance Measurements.7

    Chapter 3: Objective and Research Methodology....8

    3.1.Objectives ..8

    3.2.Research Methodology...8

    Chapter 4: Need and Scope of the study .9

    Chapter 5: References.11



  • 7/21/2019 december final capstone file.pdf



    Chapter 1

    Introduction to Supply Chain management


    In todays dynamic market, customers are looking for different products and are more

    discriminating in their purchasing strategies, Now, the products are of small life cycle and trend

    is changing very frequently and the manufactures have to keep an eye on the market demands to

    avoid wastage of products. Manufactures and retailers are facing the challenge of sure about the

    correct quantities they need to place at accessible places so that they remain competitive in themarket. As it will cost in both way , stock out and overstock. It is a complicated process to

    forecast about the demand of the products. So, here comes the role of a efficient linkages

    between the suppliers, manufactures and the market by maintain the supply chain.

    1.2. Supply chain management

    SCM is defined as "the systemic, strategic coordination of the all business functions and the

    tactics across these business functions within the supply chain, for the purposes of improving the

    long term performance of the individual companies and the supply chain as a whole." It has also

    been defined as the "designing and planning the execution of the activities and then controlling

    within the limits, and monitor the supply chain activities with the objective of creating net

    value, building a competitive infrastructure, leveraging worldwide logistics, synchronizing

    supply with demand and measuring performance globally. For the small SMEs also their supply

    to the manufacturing unit as well as market is very important as it may reduce their chance of

    growth and sustainability in early phase of business. This report will study the coordination of

    information amongst different nodes in supply chain in case of sporting goods manufacturing


    With the widespread of globalization as an operational strategy (Braithwaite ,2003,pp.3-5),

    greater global competition, increasing product variation, rapid rate of product innovation and the

  • 7/21/2019 december final capstone file.pdf



    shortened time to market, companies is trying to be more flexible and faster to adopt in order to

    survive in such dynamic environment(Fisher, 1994.pp.83-85).

    Earlier ,supply chain defined as the flow of material and information between the different

    functional groups within the organization. However, more component like infrastructure and

    finance ,merits extra attention. The reverse flow of material become an important part of SCM

    ,occurs during returns, servicing, maintenance ,recycling , and disposal.

    1.3 Raw Material Used in Sports Manufacturing

    If we talk about the small scale sports goods manufacturing companies (both organized and

    unorganized), the influence of change of trend around the world is much higher. The importance

    of trends places emphasis on the ability of the manufactures to bring the product to market in the

    intended season. Off season product are heavily discounted leading to large losses on potential

    revenues. As a fashion focus firms, sporting goods manufactures must contend with the spikes in

    fashions , changes in color preferences and the need for stock of various items to serve the

    forecasted demand. This is not limited to sport playing equipment only. This includes all element

    related to sports like kits , jersey, t-shirts , their safety equipment and other essential requirement

    as per the game and sports person. A full assortment of different sizes ranging from between

    cheerleaders to beefy linebackers is needed to flourish businesses. The different raw material

    used as cotton, latex , PVC and leather for boxing gloves, willow, gum, wire, metallic frames,

    threads, different type of leathers and material for security and safety are imported from multiple

    locations from different vendors. The ADIDAS world leader in sports manufactures are using

    sustainable materials that are recycled polyester, organic cotton, rubber, leath