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  • Decatur Presbyterian Church Apri l 2014

    Decatur, Georgia


    Meet Allysen Schaaf 2

    Endowment Grants 3

    Goodbye Ken Hughes 4

    Prayer List 5

    Trip to State Gardens 6

    Campus Spotlight 7

    DPCC Events 8

    (404) 378-1777 |


    W e look forward to the mean- ingful services and events planned for Holy Week from

    Palm Sunday April 13 through Easter on April 20. On Palm Sunday, our regular 10:15 a.m. service will include a procession with palms into the sanctuary. We will serve communion and invite everyone to partici- pate in a craft of making a cross with a palm leaf. On April 17, attend the 6:30 p.m. Maundy Thursday service in the sanctu- ary. Dr. Todd Speed will offer the medita- tion, and communion will be served by intinction. The Chancel Choir will provide anthems, and the service closes with the somber stripping of the Chancel.

    Please note that Hugh Burns will hold his Widowers Support Group at 7 p.m. on Tuesday evening at his home. Jill Joyner will continue her series of “Moving in Wholeness” at 6:15 p.m. on Wednesday in the Crusaders Classroom. No Bible study will be offered that night.

    On Good Friday, we will have a Tene- brae: A Service of Darkness in the sanctu- ary at 7:30 p.m. The Chancel Choir will sing anthems on the seven last words of Christ

    as candles are extinguished one by one and the sanctuary darkens.

    The Festival Service of Easter begins at 10:15 a.m., and features Dr. Todd Speed preaching, the Chancel Choir with brass ensemble, and a One Great Hour of Shar- ing offering.

    Easter also is “Name Tag Sunday” and “Bring a Friend to Church Sunday” — a perfect time to invite a colleague, friend or neighbor to DPC.

    You are invited to bring flowers and greenery from your yard at 9 a.m. and par- ticipate in the Flowering of the Cross. Fol- lowing the Easter service, we will gather for Punch on the Terrace Garden.

    Instead of supper on Wednesday night, we will move that event to Thursday for this week only. Enjoy a traditional East- er meal in Slack Fellowship Hall before the 6:30 p.m. service for the whole family. The

    T hose on the Israel Pil-grimage this winter visited the Stations of the Cross or Via Doloroso (Way of Sorrows) depicting Christ carrying the cross to his crucifixion.

    Most Roman Catholic churches contain Stations of the Cross along their side walls.

    Dr. Todd Speed will preach on the Stations of the Cross Palm Sunday and the suffering of Jesus as we enter Holy Week and the joy of the Resurrection cel- ebrated Easter Sunday.

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    For me, kind Jesus, was thine incarnation. Thy mortal sorrow, and thy life’s oblation

    Thy death of anquish and thy bitter passion For my salvation

    Ah, Holy Jesus by Johann Cruger

  • Apri l 2014

    M E E T A L LY S E N S C H A A F , A S S O C I A T E P A S TO R F O R Y O U T H A N D F A M I L I E S

    A fter a lengthy search, the Associ- ate Pastor Nomi-

    nating Committee found Allysen Schaaf to serve as our new Associate Pastor for Youth and Families. The congregation voted to accept her selection on Sunday, March 30, and she will join the staff in June. Allysen says, “I am ex- tremely grateful that the call of God has led me here! I can’t wait to connect with the youth and their families in new and creative ways and to connect with the entire congregation through worship, prayer, mission, fellowship and study.” Members of the APNC shared their enthusiasm when they introduced Ally- sen to the session in March.  Mike Florence said,

    “Allysen will be a tre- mendous asset to this community, and a great fit for the congregation as a whole.

     David Wiley was im- pressed that “she has prepared herself in a way that shows her pas- sion for working with youth.”

    Allysen will graduate with honors in May from Union Presbyterian Semi- nary in Richmond, Virginia. In addition to a Master of Divinity degree, she will earn a Master of Arts in Christian Education.

    Her undergraduate de- gree in Exercise and Sport Science came from the Uni- versity of North Carolina at Chapel Hill four years ago. The Nebraska native grew up in High Point, NC, attending Forest Hills Pres- byterian Church. Her pastor Rev. Joe Blankinship said, “Allysen is gifted with or- ganizational expertise, pas- toral sensitivity, and Biblical scholarship.” Hobbies? She enjoys cooking, playing guitar, and lots of sports from soccer to ultimate Frisbee.

    Elder Mary Wilson, right, greeted Allysen Schaaf when she visited DPC in March and was approved by the Session.

    “Allysen has it all! Wheth- er she is writing liturgy, leading worship, planning programs for youth, ar- ranging a mission trip to Ghana, organizing an ulti- mate Frisbee tournament for six seminaries, she works with patience, ma- turity, creativity and a wonderful sense of humor. Undergirding her many skills and talents is her firm faith which she shares with passion and compas- sion.”

    Edna Banes Retired Dean of Students

    Union Presbyterian Seminary

    Richmond, Virginia

    Staffing Note: “Interim” no longer applies to Ann Bees- ley, who is DPC’s Financial Administrator. Ann is usually in the office two days a week, Tuesdays and Thursdays. You can reach her by email at or call her at (404) 378-1777, ext. 224.

    THANKING APNC Dr. Todd Speed says, “The APNC has done their work exceedingly well. Allysen is a wonderful candidate for this position and an excel- lent match for Decatur Presbyterian Church in gen- eral.”

    Ashley Drake, Chair Catherine Carter

    Nancy Downs Mike Florence

    Katy Lyle Charles Orth Judd Owen

    Jake Vaughan David Wiley

  • DecPress

    By Dan Shelles, Chair, Endowment Com- mittee

    T he 2014 round of grants from the Endowment Committee has been announced to council chairs. Now

    in our third year of awarding grants, this round was delayed by a few complications, not the least being that this round generat- ed the largest number of applications we have ever had.

    For 2014, there were grants totaling more than $50,000 awarded with more than $100,000 requested.

    As you may know, the Endowment Plan specifies that the income earned by the endowment fund may be given for projects which present unusually outstand- ing opportunities or need, areas which are not normal- ly funded by the annual op- erating budget.

    For 2014, the following awards were granted to these councils/teams or projects:

     Evangelism Council for website upgrades and for expanded media content management;

     Mission and Outreach Council – assistance paying for the Threshold Ministry intern and re- placement of some drinking fountains (requested by the Envi- ronmental Task Force);

     Worship Council for a display of the Psalm 23 series of photos taken by the late Ken Gehle and used in the 2013 summer series. These will be displayed

    in the hallways of the Philips annex.

     Refurbishing of memorabilia for the Philips Conference Room;

     Retreat Center Ministry Council trail enhancements (phase 1) and re- stroom improvements;

    The Global Village Project housed at DPC also received a grant for their Inten-

    sive Literacy Program.

    In addition, the Ad- ministration Council, whose budget is the largest in DPC and includes all property expenses, re- ceived funds for:

     the purchase and in- stallation of a video camera security sys- tem, covering the en- tire DPC complex;

     replacement of the folding machine and paper cutter;

     purchase of mats for entrances and hall- ways;

     repair and painting of specific interior and exterior walls;

     exterior signage;

     replacement of the Fellowship Hall exteri- or door;

     improvements to the sanctuary sound sys- tem;

    Endowment awards are project specific; that is if a given project is to be

    funded by a grant, and for some reason the project cannot be completed – the funds are returned to the endowment.

    $50 ,000 I N P RO J E C T S , P RO G R A M S R E C E I V E 2014 E N D OW M E N T G R A N T S

    Website Upgrades

    Walls Painted, Door and Entrance Mats


    Drinking Fountains Replaced

    children’s choirs also will rehearse on Thursday in- stead of Wednesday.

    The serving line opens at 5:15 p.m., as usual. The menu planned by ZestAt- lanta includes baked ham with potato salad, black eyed peas, deviled eggs, salad bar, rolls and dessert. For children, the menu in- cludes cheeseburger slid- ers, potato chips, baked beans and dessert.

    No reservation is re- quired, and the cost is $7 for adults, $4 for children, and $22 family maximum.

    Throughout the week, please attend Midday Holy Week community services at Decatur 1st United Methodist Church featuring pastors from various Deca- tur congregations each day. Monday, April 14: Rev. Dr.

    Walter Kimbrough, Co- lumbia Drive United Methodist Church

    Tuesday, April 15: Rev. Dr. Todd Speed, Decatur Presbyterian Church

    Wednesday, April 16: Ken Carter, Bishop of the Florida Area, UMC

    Thursday, April 17: