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  • Dear Parents

    Happy holidays with our little darlings!!!

    We, at DAV Meerut, are going to miss our little bundles of energy and will be

    waiting to have them back filled with joy, health and energy.

    Please allow the child to observe explore and find his/her own solutions so that

    they enjoy doing their work. Learning has to come from within and we as

    educators and parents have to ignite this curiosity and facilitate self discovery

    and self learning. Let us together fill their wonder years with golden moments.

    The worksheets will help children develop their skills and enhance the values

    imbibed in them.

    Let every moment of this vacation be a time to unite, connect and enjoy beautiful

    moments with your child.

    Thank You


    Dr. Alpna Sharma


  • Summer Vacation from 23rd

    May to 30th

    June, 2018.

    School will reopen from 2nd

    July, 2018

    Summer Holiday Assignment for Class Nursery (2018-19)

    Time for some holiday fun, Time for some play,

    Summers are the time to chill, And play a lot with clay,

    Castles in the sand for sure, Sun block would be the only cure,

    In the summer's heat, Happy summer season!

    Dear Parent, Summer Vacation is a welcome break Its time to enjoy and relax but it is also the time when the child needs to spend a lot of time indoors. For keeping the children busy and at the same time helping them to improve their concentration, build their confidence and promote independent learning, We hope the home work and the activities will be interesting for the kids. we have planned some activities / projects for your child to enhance his / her learning skills in a fun filled way. To encourage your childs self esteem and feeling of competence, help your child discover his / her hidden talents and interests. Keeping the same objective in mind we have divided the homework into two different categories. 1.The first category is the one which can be done with your children at home so that you have the opportunity to spend some quality time with them and can be informative and interesting at the same time. 2.The second category would have the projects and formal work which can be helpful for the little ones.

    Tips for children for the summer break

    Dos Donts Always start your day with prayers and wish your elders. Dont watch TV for long hours.

    Go for a nature walk, feel the fresh air and do physical exercises. Dont waste water.

    Drink lots of liquids like water, juices, milkshakes etc. Dont eat junk food.

    Water the plants and feed the birds. Dont play in sun.

    Help your parents at home by putting your things in the place.

    Always use these words-Thank you, Sorry, Please and Excuse me.

    General Instructions 1.Homework should be done under parent's supervision. 2. Make sure all oral syllabus of April & May term must be revised once in a day as it becomes easier for a child to retain and adjust after the long break. 3. Parents must establish a set time each day for studying. Time management should be there.


    Make a three-in-one copy and do practice of the given work five times in it. ENGLISH: ORAL - A to Z, READING- English book WRITTEN A-J, look and match, look and write. Rhymes-Learn these rhymes with action.

    MATHS- ORAL- Counting 1-20, WRITTEN-Counting 1-10, Count and match (1-10), count and write(1-10),missing nos. 1-10

    HINDI- I - , , , , ( ) - , , , , , / G.K. Learn-5 Fruits Name, 5 Vegetables Name, 5 Colour Name, 5 line on Myself. CONVERSATION 1. May I come in Maam? 2. May I go to wash room? 3. May I go to Drink Water? 4. I have finished my Tiffin . 5. I have done my work. 6. Have a good day Maam. Conversation question answers has been already given in roster. Drawing: colour any 5 objects neatly and paste them in same 3-in-1 copy which is used for English Hindi and maths work. PROJECTS-1.Help your child to prepare any one craft item with the use of paper/thermcol plate like fish, birds, animals etc. 2. Help your child to prepare a table mat with fruit/ vegetable printing on it and get it laminate. 3. Make a photographic record (size of 3 5) of your child including photographs with grandparents, day out, any picture while doing some activity during holidays etc., paste them on a card sheet and send them along with holiday homework after holidays.

    ACTIVITIES FOR THE PARENTS Listen to the Night-Take a night time walk after dinner .Listen to the sounds associated with

    night. Can you identify the insects and animals you hear? Help your ward to recognize them and fulfill their curiosity.

    Camp Out Under the Stars- Choose a starlit night during the summer for a camp out with your Grand Parents. Lie on your back and search the sky and create imaginative stories.

    Visit to a nearby Market and find out two different vegetables of same colour and tell them to draw those two things and colour it. For ex-Cucumber, Capsicum.

    A,B,C,D,E,F,G, H,I,J,K,L,M,N,O,P, L,M,N,O,P,Q,R,S,T,

    U,V,W,X,Y,Z.. X,Y,Z butter on your bread,

    If you dont like it go to bed,

    Next Monday morning come to me Ill teach you A,B,C

    Clap your hands Clap your hands-2

    Listen to the music and clap your hands, stamp your feet-2

    Listen to the music and stamp your feet, Turn around-2 Listen to the music and turn around,

    Jump up high-2

    Listen to the music and Jump up high.

  • Use story time to create that special bond with your child- Once upon a time... these three little words have the super power to immediately transfer you to another reality. Value based Stories are not just bed-time entertainment that can help impart great morals to children, telling stories can create bonds. It forms a strong bond between parents and children that is cherished for a lifetime.(Stories of Fairy Tales, Krishna, Ramayana etc)

    Let your child watch movies like Kungfu Panda, Jungle Book, Babys day out, Ice Age, Shrek, Home Alone part -1, 2, 3, Toy Story Series, Noddy, Hulk, Avengers, Up, Cars 1 and 2, Minions.

    Give your child a hug & say "I love you."

    Praise your child.

    Talk to your child.

    Count with your child.

    Listen to music with your child

    Encourage your child to tidy up their toys once theyve played with them.

    Encourage your child to say please and thank you and use good manners.

    Encourage your child to set the dining table with a knife, fork and spoon and show them how they can use them. Your child could role play setting a table for their toys for a picnic.

    Encourage your child to be more independent with self hygiene e.g. blowing nose, self toileting, washing hands.etc..

    Play I Spy How many red cars can you see? (change the colour).

    Can you spot the number ? or What shapes can you see?

    You could make a colouring, an alphabet or counting book.

    Make a routine for your child to play, revise concepts and watch T.V. Let your child watch some entertaining and educational T.V. shows such as Discovery Kids, Animal Planet so that she/he does not watch T.V. as a pass time.)

    Note :- Holiday assignment will be submitted on 2nd July, 2018 with Name ,Class, Sec.