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<p>March 2010</p> <p>Deily News</p> <p>Dear Friends,</p> <p>Come, now is the time to worship Come, now is the time to give your heart Come, just as you are to worship Come, just as you are before your God. Come. The above picture was one I took right before worship on Ash Wednesday. I was rushing around preparing for the service when I happened to glance out of my window, and behold the sky was on fire with beauty! Later that night as I was driving home from work a contemporary Christian song came up on my ipod. The words of the chorus Ive printed above for you. Between the glorious sunset and the majestic music, I found myself feeling like I was receiving a personal invitation from God, once again, to pause in my week, to stop all other activities and simply worship and give thanks to God for all the gifts that bless my life. Our days are so filled with tasks and activities that we might arrive at Sunday morning wanting to sleep in or Wednesday evening wanting to crash, and skip worship all together. Yet it is when we are most tired, most over-whelmed, most over-extended, when it is MOST important to hear and answer Gods invitation to come and worship! When were running on empty is when we most need to be re-fueled by the promises of Gods grace, mercy and unconditional love! I bet you think Im talking about coming to hear my preaching every week, dont you? PV is reminding us that she works hard on those sermons to help guide and lead our congregation in living the gospel, so shes sending a message that she wants to see us there. Actually, not at all. The sermon is but one small component of why we gather. When the sermons are good, I hope its because theyve reminded you of how much you are cherished and loved and point back to thanksgiving for Gods grace in our lives. There are other elements of worship that are so sacred and important to our week! We pause at the beginning of every liturgy to confess our sins. This isnt meant to be a downer, but to give us a chance to get our mistakes off of our chest to throw off, once again, what is separating us from the love of God, and be welcomed to the altar of the Lord for Holy Communion as beloved child of God, despite our errors, sent to start over again to proclaim Gods grace in our lives.</p> <p>.03</p> <p>.05</p> <p>The Deily News We sing songs of praise as a body that, if youre like me, we find ourselves humming for the rest of the day or week. The ancient tones and modern choruses fill us with hope in Christ that has preserved Christians throughout the ages, and sustains us now too with their sacred words and melodies. We offer prayers, literally carrying those we know and love before God in our corporate body. We can feel good as we look around the room at fellow believers praying with us, professing our dear ones safety or our own blessedness in the arms of Christ, despite what fears we face in each day. We confront the great truth, again, that our lives are not all about us. Theyre not all in our control. Once a week we surrender the illusion that we are in the drivers seat and relish in the release of surrender to our highest power, our great God. Instead of asking ourselves, what is MY mission, we wonder, what mission are you calling us to be a part of, and how do we as individuals and as a church body listen and answer the call using the gifts youve given us? One of my professors in seminary delighted in telling us the freeing news also, that in a world that markets to us constantly that Its all about me, worship is still the one place where we affirm its all about God. The pressures to fit in, keep up, climb higher or hide more artfully our short-comings evaporate during one hour when we remember our intrinsic value is as Gods beloved child and give back to God the gift of our awesome praise! It is with these reminders that I look forward to worshiping with you again this week! In Christs Magnificent Worship and Praise, PV Lenten Preaching Series: LivingYour Faith with Emotional Intelligence March 3: Emotional Highjack! Living Faith While Managing Stress Triggers March 10: EIAG: Experience Identify Analyze Generalize March 17: Preaching will not be on EQ topic this week March 24: Joharis Window of Self What we disclose about ourselves in our faith community March 31: Stages of Faith Community April 1: Giving and Receiving Feedback in Faith Community</p> <p>March 2010</p> <p>Not Yet Ready For Divine Time Players Present: Borderline Crazies Please save the date for shows on Saturday, April 24 at 6:30pm, Sunday April 25 at 4pm, Friday April 30 at 6:30pm or Saturday May 1 at 6:30pm! Tickets are $17.50 and are going on sale SOON in the narthex following worship or by calling Dianne Fett 8985103 or emailing! We will also need lots of hospitality and serving help. Please be sure to sign up to serve as soon as the sheets are posted on the kiosk! Seder Task Dinner Force Dianne Fett, Worship and Music Chair, and Blanche Brenwall, one of the founders of the Seder feast, are looking for at least one other person who would be interested in working on the Seder Dinner which will be on Tuesday, March 30 at 6pm. If you are interested in attending the event, please save the date in your calendar now. We always take reservations as we need to be sure to prepare enough food for the event! Let PV, Dianne or Blanche know if you are interested in helping!</p> <p>2</p> <p>The Deily News March 2010 Prayers of Thanks!!! To Barb Spiegel for the countless hours of IT works shes done in our church offices! To Al Fett for conducting the Insurance audit! To Kris Stephany, Miki Wise, Kiel Quest students, our area churches, Thrivent and ALL OF YOU who helped with the Empty Bowls fundraiser for our area food pantries! To Blanche Brenwall, Cheryl and Craig Heller, Cari Sabel, Anne Sellen, Dick and Kathy Welsch, Trevor Agnew, Austin Barrett, Ellen Kildsig, Elaine Kildsig, Emily Kolberg, Max Kornetzke, Carolynn Kuske, Abby Sabel and Marcus Wise for hosting the Shrove Tuesday Pancake supper! To Jayne Meyer for organizing the ordering of our Easter flowers (deadline March 7)! To Julie Schumacher for coordinating our donations to Haiti to be sent with Thrivent mission trips! To Coleen Allee our financial secretary who has processed our giving statements! To Cari and Jerry Sabel and Terry and Dave Kuske for providing confirmation meals this month! To those of you who are making soups, breads, desserts or donating goods for our Lenten soup suppers! To Joe Wise and Mary Agnew for chaperoning the 7th and 8th graders at the Junior High Youth Gathering! To Karen Ebert and Jayne Meyer for facilitating our People with Aging Parents support group! To Dean Meyer for the cheese donations from Land O Lakes! To all of you who have been shoveling during our snowy winter!</p> <p>Prayers of Healing: Prayers of Congratulations!!! To new members Andrew and Charlotte Deehr (daughter of Mary Jo Muellenbach) and big sister Cami on the birth of their son William James!</p> <p>Patrick Lloyd, recovery Sarah Muermann, continued healing Beth Hau, sister of Chris Everson, waiting for a kidney transplant</p> <p>Stewardship Sound Bites The 2010 envelopes are not dated, so when you receive a new box, use as you need them until they run out. We are currently accepting donations for bulletins. One quarter worth of bulletins are $100. Please see PV or Barb Spiegel. We are currently behind in our building fund and some of our operating fund payments. Please see the kiosk for the Treasurers Notes! Thank you for your faithful service in sharing your resources to support the mission and ministry of Gloria Dei!</p> <p>HELP WANTED: Volunteer Callers! Each of our committee chairs on council could benefit greatly from having volunteers who enjoy calling other members to recruit volunteers for church activities! If youre a phone kind of person who enjoys making contacts and connections, let PV know!3</p> <p>The Deily News</p> <p>March 2010</p> <p>Events at Gloria DeiThe council retreat is Saturday April 10th at 9am-3pm at Ledgeview Nature Center in Chilton. Please do the Meyers-Briggs survey that was emailed to you and send your letter and percentage results to PV ASAP!</p> <p>People with Aging Parents</p> <p>Thank you to Jayne Meyer and Karen Ebert for co-facilitating our group. This is an OPEN group, meaning you can join any time, and, as there has been so much interest, we will form multiple groups if necessary. The next meeting will be Thursday, March 18 at 6:30pm. Rachel Barrett will be available to answer social service questions. Welcome New Members! We extend a warm welcome to Andrew, Charlotte, Cami (Cambria) and William Deehr Address: 216 School Street Chilton, WI 53014. Phone #: 849-1153 Emails: Andrew works at Fox World Travel as an on-line technology specialist. Charlotte is a 4rth Grade teacher at Franklin Elementary School in Chilton. Andrew enjoys ski-boarding and Fantasy football and baseball. Charlotte enjoys reading, theater and singing. Gloria Dei Book Club Join us in discussing The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger on Tuesday March 2 at 7pm. Our April book is The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie by Alan Bradley.</p> <p>Holy Week Schedule March 28: Palm Sunday Breakfast 8am Worship with Palm Procession 9am March 30: Seder Dinner 6pm March 31: Wednesday Evening Worship 7pm April 1: Maundy Thursday Worship 7pm Service of Healing April 2: Ecumenical Good Friday Worship 7pm First Presbyterian Kiel April 4: Easter Worship 9am</p> <p>Spaghetti Supper Hosted by the Youth Please plan to attend the youth groups spaghetti supper on Sunday March 7 from 47pm. Youth can still sign up on the kiosk to work shifts. Members can take a pull tab of food items wished for as donations. Youth Lock-in: Save the Date! The youth will be having a lock in at church Friday May 13-Saturday May 14. Please sign up on the kiosk. We will also be looking for parent chaperones!4</p> <p>The Deily News</p> <p>March 2010</p> <p>Gloria Dei Calendar for March 2010 Mar 1 Stewardship 7:00pm Theater Rehearsal 7:00pm Mar 2 Executive Council 6:00pm Gloria Dei Book Club 7:00pm The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger Mar 3 Lenten Soup Supper 5:30pm Choir Rehearsal 6:00pm Worship 7:00pm Mar 4 Early Morning Bible Study 6:30am Mar 6 Youth Spaghetti Supper Set Up Mar 7 Worship 9:00am Rotation Sunday School 10:15am Theater Rehearsal 10:15am Youth Spaghetti Supper 4-7pm Mar 8 Theater Rehearsal 7:00pm Mar 9 Council Meeting 7:00pm Mar 10 Lenten Soup Supper 5:30pm Choir Rehearsal 6:00pm Theater Rehearsal 7:00pm Worship 7:00pm Mar 11 Early Morning Bible Study 6:30am Mar 14 Worship 9:00am Rotation Sunday School 10:15am Mar 17 Lenten Soup Supper 5:30pm Choir Rehearsal 6:00pm Theater Rehearsal 6:15pm Worship 7:00pm Mar 18 Early Morning Bible Study 6:30am Mar 21 Worship 9:00am Rotation Sunday School 10:15am Mar 24 Lenten Soup Supper 5:30pm Choir Rehearsal 6:00pm Worship 7:00pm Mar 25 Early Morning Bible Study 6:30am Mar 28 Palm Sunday Breakfast 8:00am Worship 9:00am Rotation Sunday School 10:15am Mar 30 Worship and Music 6:00pm5</p> <p>Sign up on the kiosk for: Snow shoveling! Church cleaning! Treat sharing! Soup suppers! Seasonal CancellationsIf we need to cancel church events, including worship, because of the weather we will do mass emails, phone calls &amp; run the announcement on channel 2 WBAY news. If were able, well put the announcement on the church answering machine. If you feel you are putting yourself at risk, stay home! If you are sick stay home!</p> <p>The Deily News</p> <p>March 2010</p> <p>Worship Helpers MarchAltar Set-Up: Heidi Aprill Dianne Fett March 7 Greeters: Acolytes: Barrett Family Max Kornetzke Nate Kornetzke Lector: Rachel Barrett Ushers: Rachel Barrett Mike Hetzner Comm. Asst: Carol Field March 14 Greeters: Acolytes: Argall Family Dana VanDyke Emily Kolberg Lector: Chris Everson Ushers: Dean Meyer Jayne Meyer Comm. Asst: Barb Spiegel March 21 Greeters: Acolytes: Telschow Family Haliegh Stephany Emily Anderson Lector: Jerry Jensen Ushers: Mary Agnew Trent Agnew Comm. Asst: Jayne Meyer March 28 Greeters: Acolytes: Cobble Family Jenny Kolberg Marilee Kresbach Lector: Mike Field Ushers: Allan Fett Dianne Fett Comm. Asst: Anne Sellen</p> <p>AprilAltar Set-Up: Broderick Barrett Annette Pleshek April 4 Greeters: Acolytes: Everson Family Jenna Pleshek Hanna Schumacher Lector: Annette Pleshek Ushers: Broderick Barrett Jediah Barrett Comm. Asst: Mike Hetzner April 11 Greeters: Acolytes:</p> <p>Ruth Camomilli Christopher Jacobs R.J. Leithold Lector: Adam Ruechel Ushers: Jerry Jensen Randy Schumacher Comm. Asst: Allan Fett April 18 Greeters: Acolytes: Barb Spiegel Mariah Barrett Emily Kolberg Lector: Barb Spiegel Ushers: Gene Telschow Sharon Telschow Comm. Asst: Roxann Ruechel April 25 Greeters: Acolytes: Dean Meyer Family Marilee Kresbach Dana VanDyke Lector: Anne Sellen Ushers: Jaremy Cobble Karren Cobble Comm. Asst: Dianne Fett Counters for April 4 - Al Fett 11- Jerry Jensen 18 Jennica &amp; Al Krebsbach 25 Julie Schaefer6</p> <p>Counters for March 7 Julie Schaefer 14 Jayne &amp; Dean Meyer 21 Roxie Ruechel 28 Jaremy &amp; Karren Cobble</p> <p>Gloria Dei Lutheran ChurchMaking Christ Known!</p> <p>Helping Haiti *****Special Announcements*****In addition to what your chapter may be planning to help earthquake victims in Haiti, Thrivent Financial for Lutherans is launching a national $3 million Helping Haiti effort at We will contribute $1, up to $1 million, for every $2 in donations members make by March 31to the following:</p> <p>LCMS World Relief/Human Care WELS Committee on Relief That means a potential of more than $3 million for relief efforts: $2 million or morefrom members and the added $1 million. Please encourage members who want to partner with Thrivent Financial for Lutherans in responding to this disaster to make donations at or by calling 800-236-3736 between 7 a.m. and 6 p.m., Monday through Friday. When prompted, say "directory" and enter ext. 83003. To Text a $10 Donation to Lutheran World Relief, please text the letters LWR to 40579. You will be sent a confirmation text to which you will have to text back Yes. You can do this up to three times. We are also collecting items to be sent along with Thrivent members going on mission trips to Haiti. A list of items and a collection bucket are in the narthex. Thanks to all who have been donating!</p> <p>Lutheran World Relief ELCA Disaster Response</p>


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