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  • DEADDARLINGS3.12.2011.Auction / Veiling03.12.2011 19:00 22:00(After Party Caf De Robot)Viewing days / Kijkdagen02.12.2011 14.00 18.0003.12.2011 10:00 19:00Location / LocatieAnatomic Auditorium Cirque (KASK Ghent)Louis Pasteurlaan 2, 9000 Ghent, Belgium


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    Alexandra LeykaufAngela LidderdaleAnnelies de MeyAnnemie AugustijnsAntonia CarraraAnu VahtraArno RoncadaBert DanckaertBieke DepoorterDirk BraeckmanEgon Van HerrewegheElisabeth TonnardEtta SfveFia CielenGlenn GeerinckJeroen LambertynJohan SwinnenJoris VandecatseyeJosephine WoodJuliana BorinskiKarin BorghoutsKatleen VinckKatrin Kamrau

    Liam TicknerLucie RenneboogMaarten DingsMarnik NevenMartine DerksMatthias TharangMatthias WollgastNick HannesPantelis MakkasParis TseliosPaulien BarbasPedro RamosQiu YangReinhilde TerrynSara DeraedtSarah EechautStijn Van DorpeTania TheodorouThomas MannekeVincent DelbrouckWim WaumanXavier Fernndez FuentesYana Foqu

  • Dead Darlings #7Auction Programme

    The following Publication serves as anAuction Programme and a Works Archive with corresponding Lot Numbers.

    Ghent, Belgium 2011

  • Bhne is a work which I staged in the storage room of a foam factory, where they make these fillings for furniture and mattresses. After this rather quick intervention I took out my camera and exposed the censor to the light falling down on these golden objects, for approximately 45 seconds. Afterwards it was stored on my computer for over one-and-a-half year, almost forgotten, and now, for the occasion of the Dead Darlings Auction, I blew of some dust and printed it on a nice sheet of paper. Why a Dead Darling? I always loved the piece but on the other hand found it just a little bit to dramatic. Maybe it is because of the gold, I dont know. I still hope it will fit in a show someday and its hard to let it go, but Im happy to officially declare it a Dead Darling by this submission.

    Title: BhneYear: 2010Materials: Photographic Inkjet Print on Hahnemhle Photo Rag 305 g.Dimensions: 60 40 cmStarting price: 46,98 01.

  • 02. Im looking for what seems to be displaced and therefore relates with the viewer. Its not solely about the subject, its the feeling we encounter that counts. How do we materialize security, protection, solitude and desolation within us as well as in the outside world?This picture was made because of the beauti-ful light and the isolation of the place, but as an unwilling act the slide has been damaged during the developing process. For me this suits so well in this image, the light, the isola-tion and the damage, it hurts!!Because of this unwilling isolated act giving this image more depth, it suits the idea of a Dead Darling.

    Title: HurtYear: 2007Materials: 645 Mamiya on negativeDimensions: 15 20 cmStarting price: 50

  • 03.

    I took this image during one of the portrait series I am working on with another photogra-pher. Its a dead darling to me because of his directions visible in the picture; they make it useless in the series but the photograph still shows an intriguing composition.

    Title: DirectionsYear: 2011Materials: PhotographDimensions: 16 12 cmStarting price: 35

  • 04.

    No description / for Verena.

    Title: Is That YouYear: 2010Materials: Photograph, Barite PrintDimensions: 10.8 15 cm + white borderStarting price: 49

  • 05.This a Dead Darling because of the wrong presentation. And it is also a dead branch. I photographed a lot of habitats in the zoo without showing animals. These showcase functions as a metaphor for photography itself.

    Title: Zoo, series The ShowYear: 2003 2010Materials: Photograph, Archival Pigment Print pasted on DibondDimensions: 41.5 59.2 cmStarting price: 49

  • Paradise Lost is een serie van 20 kinderpor-tretten die ik maakte in 2003. Mijn tekenstijl is intussen helemaal veranderd, maar men kan in deze kinderportretten reeds elementen her-kennen die later in mijn werken terugkomen, oa het unheimliche karakter van de tekenin-gen, het monsterlijke dat er in doorschijnt

    Title: Paradise LostYear: 2003Materials: Potlood op papierDimensions: A5Starting price: 45


  • 07.

    Fading is a photograph of a torn and fad-ing print on canvas of a photograph by an unknown photographer. The original image shows us some kind of musical show or cer-emony, a public festivity performed by a group of Asian women.The faded colors of the damaged image influ-ence its interpretation: The ageing photograph suggests that the depicted subject in itself belongs to the past, that traditions are fading and it bring to mind Chinas history of commu-nism. This is a clear example of the power of photography to mislead the viewer: as I have witnessed in the summer of 2009 when I

    Title: FadingYear: 2009 2011Materials: Pigmented Inkjet Print on Archival Matte PaperDimensions: Image 29.9 40.8 cmStarting price: 40

    took this photograph in Beijing (musical) group performances in public places are still quite common throughout China.At the same time the work addresses a shift in the way many contemporary artists use the medium of photography: a shift from making traditional documents of a here and-now scene to using postmodern strategies like ap-propriation and recontextualization.I consider this image a Dead Darling because I find it interesting and lovely. Nevertheless, with its specific connotations it hasnt really found its rightful place in my main bodies of works just yet.

  • 08.

    On a hill in the outskirts of the Armenian capital Yerevan, old Red Army warplanes and weaponry are displayed around an impressive statue called Mother Armenia. A two week trip to the southern Caucasus in 2006 initiated a long term project about the former Soviet-Union. While compiling a photo book on this project, I found out I had made more good pictures in Armenia than in any other country. To keep the content well balanced, I had to kill this darling, along with others. Once the book had been published, I already regretted this one is not in it. Editing is a never-ending process

    Title: Yerevan, ArmeniaYear: 2006Materials: Color Photograph Dimensions: 40 50 cmStarting price: 35

  • 09.

    Johnny is een vergeten werk (zelfs ik was het vergeten). Desondanks is het toch een zeer belangrijk werk. Het is een van de eerste papieren objecten dat geen prototype was maar een echt werk. Het werk stamt uit een korte periode waarin ik zowel qua idee als materiaal de mogelijkheden van papier aan het uit zoeken was. Het werk is kort na het maken wegens een verhuis in een doos beland en is er recent pas terug uitgekomen.

    Title: JohnnyYear: 2005Materials: Paper, tear tape, black ink, aluminum foilDimensions: mirror 17 cm, dice 2 cmStarting price: 1

  • 10.Drawing worked as one starting point for a continuous series of crayon drawings made from 2007 onwards. The motive has reoc-curred in my practice in different ways since, now its leaving way for new imagery. I hereby pass it on as a Dead Darling.

    Title: Hole in IceYear: 2007Materials: Crayon on PaperDimensions: 24 32 cmStarting price: 2

  • 11.

    Moving away from the determination not to include people in my photographs (the only exception being self-portraiture) I started pointing the camera at strangers in a seriously voyeuristic way this summer.Fuck Cops Love Mohamed is an early exam-ple suffering from the lack of a descent focus in my camera and the anxious trepidation at its early approach Both these elements led to a low resolution image which was hard to print. The series taken in June and July of 2011 around immigrants secret locations and during late night window watching in the crumbling apartments of the city center have eventually produced clearer, printable images initially rendering this unusable. Well, here is its opportunity

    Title: Fuck Cops Love MohamedYear: 2011Materials: Photographic PrintDimensions: 20 30 cm (mounted)Starting price: 18

  • 12.

    When living in Berlin I one day walked out into the Mauerpark and started photographing dogs and their owners. I took a photo of the dog, one of the owner and one of them to-gether. The result is a game in which one has to match the dogs with their owners.

    Title: Wie der Hund, so sein HerrchenYear: 2006Materials: 36 Polaroids, mounted on cardboard, cardboard boxStarting price: 20

  • 13.This is my favorite from a series of 7 pho-tograms based on a C-print I made in 2010. Originally this image was meant as a part of a photographic installation. Later I removed it because of its strong graphic appearance that didnt fit into the final body of work.

    Title: Color Lab #5Year: 2010Materials: PhotogramDimensions: 50 70 cmStarting price: 30

  • 14.The extensive act of exploration, accompanied by the ongoing adaptation of visual docu-ments, defines the parameters of my work. The results coming along with that approach are widely diversified and occasionally dont match the intended outcome of my artistic strategy. Nevertheless, that kind of procedure continuously generates pieces I cant help fall-ing in love witheven though those beloved stepchildren might never see the light of the day. Regarding this, the piece Back to the Future relates to an iconographic investiga-tion, which elaborated visual phenomena of superiority.

    Title: Back to the FutureYear: 2011Materials: Silkscreen on paperDimensions: 80 60 cmStarting price: 10

  • 15.

    This is a picture I took during a short visit to Berlin a few years ago. Only later when I had printed the picture I saw the subcutaneous tension. I had never imagined that this space or a snapshot I made could have such an impact. Afterwards I felt stupid, cause all