De Dignitate Europae (Constantin Noica)

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<p>De dignitate Europae, of Constantin Noica, appeared posthumously in 1988, the Publishing Kriterion, in German (as translated by G. Scherg). In 1993 the book appeared in Humanitas Publishing House, finally, the original version, entitled The European cultural model. The book actually contains a series of articles published by Noica during 1986-1987, so in the final year of his life, in three different magazines: Ramuri, Romnia literar i Viaa romneasc. Only put together these essays will reveal their true central theme, and their full "explosive" potential. Noica there definitely opt for a united Europe, supportive, even in decline. Because Europe knows how to revive, because it is precisely its purpose, to deny systematic any form of a spirit still, always becoming something else, like her destiny would be very newness. And for this european reviriment, Noica concluded there, we do not have to have patience with time, i.e. to expect the next kairs, auspicious, for a new rebirth of spirit. Such serenity and regeneration power from a man crushed by history, in a country that rave in agony, as today, at the edge of Europe! (Footnote to: Last idea of Constantin Noica and endless road of philosophy, by Marcel Chelba.)</p>