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    ddddiscover more about historical Queenslandiscover more about historical Queenslandiscover more about historical Queenslandiscover more about historical Queensland

    Q150 Digital Books Section Details

    Name: Queensland Past and Present: 100 Years of Statistics, 18961996

    Section name: Bibliography and Index

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  • INDEXPage number references to photographs are shown in italics

    'A' Series Index 141Abbot Point 191Abel-Smith, Sir Henry 109Aboriginal deaths in custody 337Aboriginal health 270Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander

    persons 76Aboriginal schools 201,232Aboriginal trackers 319Adavale 39Adoption of Children Act 1935

    (Qld) 295Adoption of Children Act 1964

    (Qld) 295adult education classes 230Afghan hawkers 168Afghans 168, 169age pension 278, 281-285, 294, 307age pensioners 279, 285aged 281aged care 303Aged or Disabled Persons Homes

    Actl954(Cwlth) 249agricultural production 130,151agriculture 66,129,130,132,147,

    149-152,164AIDS 261,268,270Air Navigation Act (Cwlth) 193air quality 52Air Queensland 195air transport 167,174,183,189,192,

    193,194,196,199airfields 193Airlines of Australia Limited 194airmail contract service 193Albert River 150alcoholism 303Alice River 41Almaden 169Alpha 41Alpha Creek 41alumina 129,132,157, 159,164aluminium 132,157,159,164ambulance 243,246,250Ambulance Transport Brigade 278Amending Protocol 317Anglican Church 223Anglican Sisters of the Sacred

    Advent 301Ansett Airways 194-196Ansett, Reginald 194

    Ansett Transport Industries 196Ansett-ANA 195,196Apprenticeship Act (Qld) 227Army Education Service 227artesian water 153,154Arthur Gorrie Correctional Centre

    331Ascot State School 219'Asian' influenza 259Atherton Tableland 28, 33, 66,152,

    154attendance records 220Aubusi Island 25Audit Act 1874 109Auditor-General 109Augathella 41Aurukun 188Australasian United Steam

    Navigation Company 182,188Australia Acts 1986 108Australian Aerial Services 194Australian Airlines 196Australian Bureau of Statistics 1,13,

    15,17,132,312,313Australian Catholic University 231Australian Constitutions Act (No. 2)

    1850 (Imp) 94Australian Constitutions Act 1842

    (Imp) 94Australian Constitutions Act 1850

    (Imp) 94Australian Federal Police 324Australian Inland Mission 193Australian Institute of Tropical

    Medicine 260Australian Labor Party 111Australian National Airways (ANA)

    194,195Australian National Classification of

    Offences 313Australian National Line 191Australian National Training

    Authority 228Australian Schools Commission 233Australian Soldiers' Repatriation

    Act 1935 (Cwlth) 287Australian Steam Navigation

    Company 188Australian Taxation Office 295Australian Universities Commission

    235Australian Water Resources Council


    average weekly earnings 141Ayr 52,66,154,329

    BBabinda 33Backward Persons Act 1938 (Qld)

    248Baillie Henderson 249Balonne River 41Bank of New South Wales 527Barambah Aboriginal Settlement

    259Barcaldine 152,154,181,185Barcoo River 41Barkly Highway State School 220Barkly Tableland 25Barmah Forest virus 263Barren Gorge 52Barren River 28Barwan River 25Basalt River 28bauxite 157,164beach erosion 28Beach Protection Authority 59Beaudesert 185,338beef 126,149Beenleigh 184,185Beerwah 34Bellenden Ker 34Belmont 185Belyando River 28, 41benevolent asylums 278, 304Benevolent Institution 278, 303Bernard Van Leer Project 232bicameral legislature 94,117bicycles 772,173, 776Biggenden 33Birdsville 32,33,41Birdsville track 168birthrate 63,68,69,71,90births 68, 69, 71Bjelke-Petersen, Sir Johannes 111Blackall 41,181,193,329Blair Athol 66Blake, R. 205Blakeney, W. T. 5,9Blind, Deaf and Dumb Institution

    303blood banks 270Blue Books 4,5,18Board of Advanced Education 229



    Board of General Education 201Board of Teacher Education 229Board of Trade 4Bogie River 28Boigu Island 25Bollon 171Bond University 231Borallon Correctional Centre 331Borgu 34Borroloola 193Boulia 33, 51Bourne, Dr Eleanor 210Bowen 47,73, 147, 154, 179,182,

    183,188,191Bowen Basin 66,156Bowen River 28Bowling Green National Park 59Boyne Island 132,157Boystown 338Bracken Ridge 50Bramble Bay 25breadwinners 134, 135Bribie Island 59brigalow country 66Brigden, James Bristock 11, 12, 183Brighton 50Brisbane 31, 33, 35, 39, 44, 47,49, 50,

    52, 54, 65, 67, 76,126,127,143,144,147,151,162, 163,171,174, 177,179,181,182,184, 185,187-196,199, 201, 205, 211-213, 222, 224,228, 229, 230, 231, 235, 241, 242,243, 246, 248-250, 253, 259, 267,298,318,320-325,329

    Brisbane Airport 50Brisbane Central College 213Brisbane Central Technical College

    215,224Brisbane City Council 171, 173, 252Brisbane City Mission 278Brisbane College of Advanced

    Education 229,231Brisbane Correctional Centre 331Brisbane Exhibition Grounds 259Brisbane Female Refuge 301Brisbane General Hospital 242, 248,

    256Brisbane Industrial Home 301Brisbane Prison 335Brisbane River 28, 185, 188,192Brisbane School of Arts 223, 224Brisbane Statistical Division 68Brisbane Stock Exchange 157Brisbane Technical College 213,224,

    226, 235Brisbane Technical College Act 1898

    224Brisbane Tribal Council 331Brisbane Women's Correctional

    Centre 332Brisbane Women's Hospital 244

    British Government 1, 3, 4British India Steam Navigation

    Company 188,189British Nationality and Status of

    Aliens Act 79Bruce, Stanley 11, 193Bruce-Page Government 294Buchanan Lake 28building and construction 129bulk billing 250,272bullock drays 167,174Bulloo River 41Bundaberg 66, 147, 158,179, 182,

    188, 191,213,252,253Bundaberg Show 192Bundamba 186Bunya Mountains 33Burdekin Dam 52Burdekin River 28,181Bureau of Economics and Statistics

    11,183,288Bureau of Economics and Statistics

    Actl930(Qld) 11Bureau of Industry 9,11,12,13,288,

    289Bureau of Industry Act 1932 (Qld)

    11Bureau of Meteorology 29, 41, 44Burketown 188, 193Burnett district 152Burnett River 28bus services 171Bush Pilots 195Butler Air Transport 194,195butter 153

    'C' series 143cab services 171Cabinet 107Caboolture 185Cahill, Commissioner 319Cairns 31, 33, 35,47, 59, 65, 75, 76,

    127,147,162,163,169,174,179,181-188,191,195-197,241, 260

    Cairns Aerial Ambulance Service250

    Callide 156Callide valley 184Caloundra 28Cameron Corner 25Camooweal 33,193,194, 244Campaspe River 28camplyobacter enteritis 263cancer 263, 264, 268, 274Cape Flattery 191Cape River 28,126, 155Cape York 28,44, 56, 59,188, 194Cape York Peninsula 24, 28, 57, 59,


    Capricorn-Bunker islands 59Capricornia 184Capricornia Institute of Advanced

    Education 228,231Cardwell 33,102,183,188Carmila 182Carnarvon Gorge 57Carriers' Union 168Castle Hill 302Catholic Church 223,298Catholic schools 223cattle 130,149,150,153causes of death 72Census and Statistics Act 1905

    (Cwlth) 5censuses 5,18, 20; New South Wales

    5Central Board of Health 237Central Fingerprint Bureau of

    Australia 522Central Queensland 125,126, 127,

    129,319Central Railway 179Central Technical College 229Channel Country 28,59Charleville 31,33,41, 167-169,171,

    181,193,194Charleville Coach and Buggy

    Factory 171Charters Towers 65, 68,126,155,

    213,241,249,256,329Chermside Chest Hospital 246Chifley, Ben 194child abuse 301,303child endowment 279,294, 301, 307Child Protection Unit 301Child Support Agency 295Child Support Scheme 295childbirth facilities 244Childers 182,213children: fostered 299Children Department 295, 299, 338children in care 296Childrens Court 318, 324, 325, 327,

    338Children's Courts Act 1907 327Chillagoe 186Cilento, Dr (later Sir) Raphael 241City Cat ferry service 192City of Brisbane Act 1924 115Civil Aviation Agreement Act 1952

    (Cwlth) 195civil law 311civilian rehabilitation 279Clark, Colin Grant 12, 13,15, 129,

    132,144Clarke Range 33Clarke River 28Clean Waters Act 1971 (Old) 53clerks of the court 326, 327Clermont 39,58



    Cleveland 184, 185climate 23, 29-31, 39, 51, 56, 58, 60Cloncurry 66,126,167,169,181,183,

    193coach travel 169coal 140,147,155,156,164coal exports 147coal freight 184coastal fevers 260coastal management 58coastal transport 187Cobb & Co 169, 171Coen 168,318colleges of advanced education 228,

    229, 235Collinsville 156Colmslie Plague Hospital 243, 250Colonial Office 4Colonial Secretary 111Colonial Sugar Refining Company

    182Comet River 41commercial flights 193Commonwealth and State Statistical

    Agreement Act 115Commonwealth Bureau of Census

    and Statistics 13,15, 20Commonwealth Constitution 97,

    117,119Commonwealth Department of

    Health 250Commonwealth Employment

    Service 291Commonwealth Engineering

    Company 184Commonwealth Government Line

    188Commonwealth of Australia

    Constitution Act 284, 328Commonwealth of Australia

    Constitution Act 1900 75,117Commonwealth of Australia

    Constitution Act 1901 25, 29Commonwealth Quarantine Service

    250Commonwealth Royal Commission

    into Standard Gauge 182Commonwealth Statistician 5community services 129,164Compass Airways 196competition and technology 183compulsory education 210Condamine River 28conservation management 55, 56Constitution 311Constitution Act 1867 94Constitution Act Amendment Act

    1921 104Constitution Act Amendment Act

    1934 105Constitution Bill 95

    construction 159Consumer Price Index 143contaminated land 54Contaminated Land Act 1991 (Qld)

    54Contaminated Sites Register 54Cooktown 28, 41, 47, 73,168, 179,

    183,184,188,329Coolangatta 197, 212, 253, 257Cooper Creek 28,41Cooper, F. A. 13,132Cootamundra 194Corinda 182CorioBay 60Coroner's Court 324corrective services 329Corrective Services Commission 331cotton 147,150,151,154Country Party 104,111,113courts of justice 324Creche & Kindergarten Association

    of Queensland 232crime 311-318,323,324,327,338,

    340crime clear-up rates 313crime statistics 312, 313, 340crime victim surveys 312, 340Criminal Code 311,312,316,317Criminal Justice Act 1989 107,110Criminal Justice Commission 110,

    311,314,323Criminal Police Commission 323Crohamhurst 34crops 130,150,152, 154Crow's Nest 33Croydon 169,181,205,321crude birth rate 69crude death rate 71Cumberland-Whitsunday islands 59Cunnamulla 52,169,171,179, 181,

    184, 253Cunningham's Pass 167Currawinya National Park 60current education issues 222Curtin Government 291Customs Act 312cyclones 23, 35, 39, 41, 44, 45, 47, 48,

    49,60; Aivu 47; Althea 48;Barry 48; Leonta 46; Zeta 45

    DDaintree River 150Dajarra 181Dalby 33,248,251,255Dalby Sanatorium for Tuberculosis

    239Darling Downs 23, 31, 33, 35, 50,

    126,150,151, 167Darling Downs Institute of

    Advanced Education 228, 231

    Darling River 28Dauan Island 25Dawson River 41Dawson Valley 151, 184daylight saving 27Deakin Government 284death rate 68,71,90deaths 68,71,72decentralisation 146Deebing Creek 201,232defence 129, 158Deliverance Island 25Democratic Labor Party 111dengue fever 238, 259, 260dental inspectors 212dentition 263Department of Agriculture and

    Stock 153,228Department of Civil Aviation 196Department of Education 201, 222,

    223, 232, 233Department of Employment and

    Industrial Affairs 15,17Department of Employment,

    Education and Training 230, 233Department of Environment 48, 52,

    54,58Department of Families, Youth and

    Community Care 295,305Department of Health 237, 242, 243,

    253, 254, 263Department of Health and Family

    Services 306Department of Health and Home

    Affairs 241,246Department of Mines and Energy

    327Department of Munitions 158Department of Native Affairs 232Department of Natural Resources

    53Department of Post-War Recon-

    struction 233Department of Public Instruction

    201, 206, 209, 210, 212,223, 224,228, 233, 234

    Department of Social Security 279,281,295

    Department of Transport 175,186,196

    Department of Veterans Affairs 287depression 134,135,137, 140,147,

    155,158,287,288; 1890s 278,281,282,287,296,303; 1930s 288,289,290, 292

    Deputy Commonwealth Statistician9,15,18,20

    developmental diseases 264Diamantina Hospital for Chronic

    Diseases 239,255Diamantina Orphanage 243



    Diamantina Receiving Depot 296Diamantina River 28diarrhoea 257, 264, 274Dickson Government 111Dillingham's 188diphtheria 237, 252, 253, 255, 259Dirranhandi 181disability pension 287Disability Reform Package 293Disability Support Pension 281, 284,

    286, 293disabled 281disabled care 303District Court 324, 325, 329, 340District Courts Act 1858 (NSW) 325District Courts Act 1958 (Qld) 325Divisional Boards Act 1879 114divorce 83,84,85,86divorce rate 84domiciliary care homes 304, 305Double Island Point 28Drew, Anne 301drought 153droughts 35,39,60drowning 263drug crimes 316, 323drunkenness 312, 315, 316, 317, 332Duchess 181Dumaresq River 25Dungeness 188Dunwich 278, 282, 283, 303-305Dunwich Benevolent Asylum 239,

    243Dunwich Benevolent Institution

    282, 303, 307dysentery 237, 257, 270

    EEagle Farm 194East Brisbane 50East-West Airlines 196education: rural areas 205,206Education Act 1875 212, 220Education Act 1875 (Qld) 201Education Act 1912 (Qld) 209Education Act 1964 (Qld) 204Education Act Amendment Act

    (No. 1) 1970 (Qld) 229Education Act Amendment Act

    1912 (Qld) 210education and rehabilitation 335Education Department 204, 212education funding 233Eidsvold 65El Nino 39Elections Act 1867 102Elections Act 1885 102Elections Act 1892 103Elections Act 1915 105

    Elections Act Amendment Act 1962103

    Elections Act Amendment Act 1971102

    Elections Acts Amendment Act 1905102

    Elections Acts Amendment Act 1914102

    Elections Acts Amendment Act 1930102

    Elections Acts Amendment Act 1959102

    Elections Acts Amendment Act 1965102

    Electoral Act 1992 103Electoral and Administrative Review

    Act 1989 107Electoral and Administrative Review

    Commission 115Electoral District Acts 1887 (Qld)

    97Electoral Districts Acts 102, 103electoral system 102electricity 140,155electricity and gas 129electrification 185employee unions 140employer unions 140employment 126,127,129,132,133,


    employment by industry 127employment by occupation 135Emu Park 182English Poor Law 277Enoggera 232Enoggera Reservoir 52Enthetic Diseases Section 241environment 23,44,51,56,58-60Epping Forest National Park 58Eromanga-Cooper Basin 157Eshelby Island 59Estimates Committees 107Eventide 304,305Eventide Home 304,305ex-nuptial births 71Executive Council 107Exhibition Grounds 192expenditure 140,143,145,146, 279-

    281, 287, 288,293, 295,305-307expenditure patterns 143,145expenditure surveys 144exports 147,149, 151external studies 230

    Factories and Shops Act 139Factories and Shops Act 1900 (Qld)


    Fadden, A. W. 132Fairfax Island 59families 281Family Allowance 294Family Court of Australia 328Family Law Act 84Family Law Act 1975 (Cwlth) 328Family Payment 281, 294, 295Family Services Department 301Farmers' Union 111Farr, William 237Fassifern 184Fauna Act (Qld) 58Federal Airports Commission 196Federal Court of Australia 328Federal Court of Australia Act 1976

    (Cwlth) 328federal courts 328Federal Industrial Court 139federal police 324federation 95, 97,108,117,119,122,

    126,127, 147female participation 133,134,137female teachers 205, 212, 220Ferguson,George 299Fernhill State School 203Ferny Grove 185ferries 192finance and property 129finance, property and business

    services 133Financial Administration and Audit

    Act 1977 109First Fleet 1,2,3,20Fisher Government 291,294Fisheries Act 1994 (Qld) 59Fisherman Islands 192Fitzgerald Inquiry 323Fitzroy River 28flood mitigation 41,51flood warnings 41floods 23,39,41,60Flying, Australian Corps 192Flying Doctor Service 193, 250Flying Surgeon Service 250Flynn, Reverend John 193Food Inspectoral Unit 239Forgan Smith Government 132Forsyth 169Fortitude Valley 290, 317, 329foster parents 298, 299Fraser Island 25,28, 59, 60free hospital system 245, 272free trade 127,146,147Free Trade Party 113Freedom of Information Act 1992

    110freight 171,174,179,182-184,186,

    189,198, 199friendly societies 270,272full-time work 139



    funding 235funeral benefits 279Fysh, Hudson 193

    Gair, Vincent 111Galilee Lake 28gambling 315, 316Gaming Acts 316Gatton 151,213,228Gatton Agricultural College 152General Registry Office 4General Strike, 1912 321Georgetown 169Gilbert River 174Gladstone 51, 52, 65,127,132,147,

    157,182,184,188,191,194gold 125-127,147,155,163,164, 321Gold Coast 28, 47, 68, 76,127,162,

    163,177,184,196,231Gold Coast College of Advanced

    Education 231gold mining 130,135Golden Casket 243, 245goldfields 65,83Goodna 248Goondiwindi 181Goonyella 185Gorman, Owen 167Government of New South Wales

    Act 1828 (Imp) 327Government Relief Board 282Government Savings Bank 297Government secondary schools 213Government Statistician 9-13,15,

    17,18,20Government Statistician's Office 1,

    13,15,17,18, 20,132,144, 314grammar schools 213,222,223, 230,

    233Grammar Schools Act 1860 (Qld)

    222Grammar Schools Act 1975 (Qld)

    223Granite Belt 33,66Great Artesian Basin 28, 52,153Great Barrier Reef 25,27, 28, 44, 59,

    60,163Great Barrier Reef Marine Park 29,

    59Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Act

    1975(Cwlth) 57Great Barrier Reef Marine Park

    Authority 57Great Depression 130,132Great Dividing Range 25, 28, 60Great Northern Railway 179Great Sandy Strait 59Green Island 59

    greenhouse effect 23,50,51,58Greenslopes Repatriation Hospital

    246Griffith Government 105Griffith, Sir Samuel 95,110,117,

    311,328Griffith University 230, 231gross domestic product 132gross state product 132Gulf Country 35,59,194Gulf of Carpentaria 25, 35,44,48,

    52, 59, 67,188Gwadalan Community Centre 331Gympie 65,126,182,196, 213

    HHaddon Corner 25Hall, Edward (John) 76,17Ham, Dr Burnett 258Hamilton Downs 167Hamilton Island 197Hanlon, E. M. 241,245Happy Valley 33Hay Point 185,191Hayles 188Hayman Island 196health: education and research 268Health Act 237, 238,241, 256, 268Health Act 1872 237Health Act 1872 (Qld) 237Health Act 1884 (Qld) 237Health Act 1900 238, 254, 256,259Health Act 1900 (Qld) 237, 301Health Act 1911 246, 248,253Health Act 1937 241Health Act Amendment Act (Qld)

    270health administration 237Health and Home Affairs 324health benefits 270Health Department 241,274health insurance 279Health Insurance Act (Cwlth) 272heart disease 263, 264, 268, 274Helensvale 184Helidon 184Henderson, J. B. 29hepatitis 261Herbert River 28Herberton 167,209, 213, 329Herston 192HiB vaccine 253High Court of Australia 324, 328'high top'schools 213Higher Education Contribution

    Scheme (HECS) 231Hinchinbrook Island 57, 59Hinchinbrook shire 75Hinkler, Bert 192

    HIV 261Holy Cross Retreat 296Holyman Airways 194Holyman, Ivan 194,195Home and Community Care

    Program 306,307Home Child Care Allowance 281,

    294, 295Home Hill 66Home Secretary's Department 10,

    239, 246Home Secretary's Office 237Horn Island 65, 194horse and buggy 167,174Hoskyn Island 59Hospital Benefit Scheme 272hospital benefits 272, 279hospital boards 243,244Hospital for Sick Children 242,

    259Hospital Foundation Act 1982 (Qld)

    245Hospitals Act 1923 (Qld) 243Hospitals Act 1936 (Qld) 243Hospitals Amendment Act 1944

    (Qld) 243Hospitals Benefits Act 1945 (Cwlth)

    245Household Expenditure Survey 144,

    145household size 85, 86Hughenden 169,176,179,181Hughes, J. 9Hughes, William 188,193, 324Hunt, H. A. 29

    Ilfracombe 174illegitimate children 278, 301Immigration Act 1920 (Cwlth) 77immigration schemes 73immunisation 252, 253, 259, 268Imperial Airways 194imports 147,149Income (Unemployment Relief) Tax

    Act 1930 (Qld) 289Income Tax Act 1902 283Independent Oppositionists 111indigence allowance 283, 303Indooroopilly 50, 302Industrial Commission 139Industrial Conciliation and

    Arbitration Act 1932 140industrial disputes 139,140industrial evolution 127Industrial Home 302industrial relations 139Industrial Relations Act 1988

    (Cwlth) 328



    industries 125-127,129,132,139-141,146,147,150,152,153,157-159,162-164

    Inebriates Institution 304Inebriates Institutions Act 1896

    (Old) 304Infant and Child Welfare Service

    239Infant Life Protection Act (Qld) 295infant mortality 71, 241, 264, 265,

    270Infant's Home 296Infectious Diseases Regulations of

    1901 254inflation 143influenza 257,259,260Information Commissioner 109Ingella 51Ingham 66,329Inglewood 75Inlander 184Innisfail 33, 35, 66,183,188Institute of Health and Welfare 295institutional pension 278integrated economic censuses 132Integrated Statistical Service 15Intellectually Handicapped Citizens

    Act 1985 (Qld) 248Interim Price Index 141Intermittent Relief Scheme 253, 289international shipping 189,191interstate imports 147,149interstate migration 63, 68, 90Invalid and Old-Age Pensions Act

    1908 (Cwlth) 284invalid pension 278,285, 286invalid pensioner scheme 283invalid pensioners 286Ipswich 39, 66,182,185,186, 201,

    211,222,241,248,250,253Ipswich coalfields 156irrigation 130,151,154irrigation schemes 66Irvinebank 167Isisford 174Ithaca Pool 324itinerant teacher 208itinerant teacher scheme 206itinerant teachers 201, 206-208,235

    James Cook University 230Jericho 41Job Search Allowance 281,292John Burke Limited 188John Oxley Memorial 249Johnstone shire 75Jubilee Bridge 192Jubilee Sanatorium 257,255Judicial Review Act 1991 110

    Jumpinpin 23Junior public examinations 213, 215,

    227Juvenile Aid Bureau 318Juvenile Justice Act 1995 (Qld)

    338juvenile offenders 317,318, 338

    K'kanaka' labour 150Kangaroo Point TAPE College 228Kareeya 52Karumba 48Kaumag Island 25KedronPark 229Keith Holland 188Kennedy, Alexander 193Kenny, Elizabeth 259Keppel Bay 28Keynes, John Maynard 291Kidston 155Kilkivan State School 203kindergartens 232King Island 89Kondalilla National Park 58Koumala 182Kuranda 181Kyogle 182

    La Nina 39Labor Party 104, 111, 113,114,122Labour and Industry Act 1946 (Qld)

    13labour force 127,129,133-140,158,

    164labour force survey 135,137Lady Bowen Hospital 244,245Lady Chelmsford Pure Milk Institute

    239Lady Lamington Hospital 242Laidley 151Lake Eyre 28Lake Wivenhoe 52Lamington, Lord 1,7Lamington National Park 194Lamington Plateau 33Land Act 1962 (Qld) 58Lang, John Dunmore 3Lang Park 318Laura 184Lavarack, Sir John 109law reform 311Lazaret 303lead 147,155,159,164Legal Aid Act 1978 (Qld) 329Legal Aid Commission of

    Queensland 329

    Legal, Constitutional and Adminis-trative Review Co 107

    Legal Practitioners' FidelityGuarantee Fund 328

    legal profession 328Legislative Assembly 94,105,110,

    111,115,122Legislative Assembly Act 1867 94Legislative Council 93, 94,102-104,

    109,122Lennon, William 104Liberal Party 111,122Licensing Court 325life expectancy 71, 72, 241,270,274Lifeline 306lighthouses 188lightning strikes 49Limestone 66literacy 203,204, 222livestock disposals and products 130Lizard Island 59Local Authorities Act 1902 114Local Government Act 1878 114Local Government Court 325Local Government Legislation

    Amendment Act 1996 116Lock Hospital 242Lockyer Valley 151Logan City Hospital 246Logan River 150Longreach 168,176,181,184,193,

    250Lotus Glen Correctional Centre 331Love,J. S. 169Lucinda 191Lutwyche 301Lytton 201,338

    MMacintyre River 28Mackay 28, 33, 65, 66,102,126,127,

    147,154,179,182,183,185,187,188,191,197, 213, 241, 253,329

    Macleod, Norman James 10,11Maconochie Lodge 331Magdalen Asylum 301Magistrates Court 316, 317, 324,325,

    340Magistrates Court Act 1921 (Qld)

    327Magnetic Island 59mail run 168,199mail service 776,195Main Range 28Main Roads Board 175Main Roads Department 175,326malaria 237, 238, 260, 270male participation 134,137manufacturing 125,126,129,130,




    Maranoa 33Maranoa River 41Mareeba 169maritime transport 198Marlborough 182Maroochydore 196,197marriage 83-86marriage rate 84Martin Committee 227Mary River 28,188Maryborough 33, 73,147,156,176,

    179,182,184,188,192,198,207,222, 248,253,258

    Maryborough Town Hall 290masculinity ratio 82Mason Shipping Company 188Master Carriers of Brisbane 173Masthead Island 59Mater Misericordiae Hospital 246,

    259Mater Misericordiae Public Hospital

    243Mater Mothers' Hospital 245Maternal and Child Welfare Home

    244maternal mortality 239, 264, 265Maternity Act 1922 244Maternity Allowance 294Maternity Allowance Act 1912

    (Cwlth) 294maternity allowances 278,279, 294Mature Age Allowance 293May, Osmonde Marshall 14,15McGinness, Paul 193Mcllwraith & McEacharn 191Mcllwraith Range 28Mcllwraith, Sir Thomas 110,182McKinley 193McMaster, Fergus 193McPherson Range 25, 28, 33McWhirters 290measles 263meat cattle 150Medibank 250,272medical and dental inspection 210medical benefits 272Medical Benefits Scheme 272, 279Medicare 272,273Members Expenses Act 1886 (Qld)

    105Mental Health Services Act 1974-

    1984 (Qld) 248Mental Hygiene Act 1938 (Qld) 248Menzies Government 245, 249, 294Menzies, Robert 195Messageries Maritimes 189Meteorological Act 1906 (Cwlth) 29meteors 51Meyers Ferry 192Michaelmas Cay 59Midlander 184

    migrant education 232, 235migrant ships 189migration 63, 68, 72, 75, 77;

    interstate 75, 76; overseas 72Migration Agreement 75migration from: Asia 78; China 78;

    Europe 77; Germany 77; HongKong 78; Italy 77; Malaysia 78;Philippines 78; Polynesia 78;Republic of Ireland 77; UnitedKingdom 77; United States 77;Vietnam 78

    milk cattle 150minerals 65mining 125-127, 129,130,132,155-

    157,163,164Ministerialists 111Ministers of State Acts (Cwlth) 119Mitchell 167Moimi Island 25Montessori 232Montrose Home for Crippled

    Children 233Moonie 159,177morbidity 241,263, 267Moreton Bay 5, 6, 20, 59,188, 311,

    329,331; convict settlement 5Moreton Bay District 94Moreton Bay Marine Park 59Moreton Bay Penal Settlement 167,

    311Moreton Correctional Centre 331Moreton Island 28,59Morgan-Kidston 111mortality 237,241,259,263,270Mosquito Control Section 238Mossman 28MossmanHall 249motor vehicle traffic accidents 264motor vehicles 168,169,171,173-

    178,192,198,199; distancetravelled 178

    Mount Edwards 184Mount Garnet 184Mount Gravatt 229,231Mount Gravatt campus 231Mount Gravatt College 233Mount Isa 31, 35, 52, 65, 66, 71, 75,

    127,181,184,226*Mount Isa Mines 181Mount Isa Mines Limited 155Mount Isa Railway Act 1925 (Qld)

    181Mount Leyshon 155Mount Morgan 65, 126,155,184, 213Mount Mulligan 66Mounted special constables 321Moura 184Mourilyan 188,191Mt Barney 28Mt Bartle Frere 28

    Mt Superbus 28Mumme, Austin William 14,15Mungana 186Municipalities Act 1858 114Murray Island 201,232Muttaburra 176Myora 201,232Myora Aboriginal Mission 303Myora Mission 203

    NNarbethong Special School 233National Competition Policy 187National Education Co-ordination

    and University of 230National Health Act 273National Health and Medical

    Research Council 52National Party 111,113,114,122National Political Council 111National Security Act (Cwlth) 158national unemployment scheme 291Nationalist Party 111Nationality Act 1920 (Cwlth) 79Nationality and Citizenship Act 1948

    (Cwlth) 82native police 318natural gas 157natural increase 63, 68, 71, 72, 90naturalisation 79, 82Naturalization Act 1903 (Cwlth) 79Nature Conservation Act 1992 (Qld)

    56Naval Discipline Act 312Navigation Act 1921 (Cwlth) 188Nelia 167Nerang 329Nerang River 192Nerang Shire 243Nerang Shire Council 253New England Airways 194New England Bus Company 194New Farm 267New South Wales 1,3-6,18New South Wales Constitution Act

    1855 (Imp) 94New Zealand Gully 65News Limited 196Newstart Allowance 281,292nickel 129,155Nicklin, G. F. R. I l lNogoa River 41non-Government schools 222,235Noosa 28Normanton 67,174,181,183,192,

    329North Coast Railway Act 182North Pine Dam 54North Queensland 125-127,129



    North Queensland Airways Limited194

    North Stradbroke Island 23, 278NorthWard 302Northern Boundary of Queensland

    (Alteration) Bill 25Northern coastal line 182, 188Northern Country Party 111Notification of Births Act 1932 (Qld)

    244Numinbah 329Nundah Training Home 296Nurses Board 244nursing homes 246, 249

    oOffenders Probation Act 1889 (Qld)

    335Officials in Parliament Acts 108offshore islands 59oil 157,159,177oil refining 159,164Old-Age Pensions Act 1908 (Qld)

    283Ombudsman 109,110One Tree Island 59operations and earnings 185opportunity schools 233Oppositionists 111optional preferential voting 103Orient Line 189Orphanage 302orphanages 278,296-299,301,303Orphanages Act 1879 (Qld) 296Orphan's Pension 301Oruba 189outdoor relief 287,288

    P & O 189Paddington 317Page, Earle 272Pajingo 155Palen Creek 329Palmer River 65,126Parenting Allowance 281,294Parliamentary Commissioner Act

    1974 109Parliamentary Commissioner for

    Administrative Inve 109Parliamentary Criminal Justice

    Committee 107Parole Board 335Paroo River 41Parry-Okeden, Commissioner 312,

    316,320part-time employment 136-139participation rate of married females


    participation rates 136,137passenger traffic 182,186,189passenger transport 196pastoral industries 149Patents Review Tribunal 325Patrick, Dr Ross 210Payment of Members Act 1889 105Peel Island 59,303Penalties and Sentences Act 1992

    (Qld) 328pensioner medical services 279Pensions Act 1891 (Qld) 282People the North Committee 69pests 54Pharmaceutical Allowance 295pharmaceutical benefits 273,279Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme

    273Phillip, Arthur 2, 3, 5physical education 212Physical Education Branch 212physical features 27Pialba 182pigs 150Pioneer 185plague 237, 252, 254, 255, 257, 258plagues 54Planning and Environment Court

    325pneumonia 263,264Poeppel Corner 25Point Danger 25police 311-325,327,329,337,340Police Act 1863 (Qld) 318police barracks 322police cars 523Police Citizens' Youth Welfare

    Association 318police force 316police life saving training 324Police Office Gazette 323Police Youth Clubs 318policewomen 318,319poliomyelitis 212,252,253,259Poor Prisoners' Defence Act (Qld)

    329population 63,125-127,133,135,

    136,141,155,158,159; Aboriginaland Torres Strait Islander persons76; by age 82; by sex 82; centralregion 65; geographic distribution65; northern region 65; size 63;southern region 65, 67

    population distribution 125Port Alma 192Port Curtis 59Port Douglas 169,188,191Porter, George 11ports 67,177,181,182,188,189,191,

    192,199Possession Island 59

    Post-War Reconstruction andDevelopment Trust Fund 291

    Postal Act 312Premier 107,109,111,117preschool education 235preschools 232price indexes: retail 141prices 130,140,141,143, 144primary education 201,204, 223,233primary industries 127,129,159,163Prime Minister's Department 233Princess Alexandra Hospital 246prison farms 329prison leather shop 337prisoners 311, 320, 329, 332-336, 340Prisoners' Parole Act 1937 (Qld)

    335prisons 312,329private hospitals 243,246, 267Proserpine 196protected areas 56Protestant churches 301Protestant Labour Party 88provisional schools 201, 205psychiatric hospitals 248, 249Public Accounts Committee 109Public Accounts Committee Act

    1988 107public administration 129public hospitals 242, 243, 245,246,

    267, 272Public Works Committee Act 1989

    107pupil-teacher 207pupil-teacher scheme 235pupil-teacher system 205,229

    QQantas 181,193-196quarantine 250,257Quarantine Act 1908 (Cwlth) 250Queen Elizabeth II Hospital 246Queensland: area 23; boundaries

    24; separation 94Queensland Agricultural College

    228, 229, 231Queensland Agricultural High

    School and College 228Queensland Air Lines 194Queensland Ambulance Transport

    Board 250Queensland Amendment of 1867 7Queensland and Northern Territory

    Aerial Services 193Queensland Centre for Prevention of

    Child Abuse 303Queensland College of Art 231Queensland Conservatorium of

    Music 228,229, 231



    Queensland Correctional ServicesCommission 329

    Queensland Corrective ServicesCommission 312

    Queensland economy 125,127,129,132

    Queensland Family Budget Enquiry144

    Queensland Farmers'Union 111Queensland Fingerprint Bureau 322Queensland Government Tourist

    Bureau 174Queensland Governors 109Queensland Health Education

    Council 268Queensland Institute of Medical

    Research 270Queensland Institute of Medical

    Research Act 1945 270Queensland Institute of Technology

    228, 231Queensland Labor Party (QLP) 111Queensland Law Reform Commis-

    sion 311Queensland Law Society Amend-

    ment Act 1930 328Queensland Marine Parks Act 1982

    57Queensland Meat Exporting and

    Agency Company 157Queensland Museum 51,56Queensland National Mosquito

    Control Committee 260Queensland Police 322Queensland Police Service 313, 318,

    323, 324Queensland Political Association

    111Queensland Public Service

    examinations 213Queensland Rail 186,187Queensland Road Transport

    Association 173Queensland School Curriculum 204Queensland Secondary Industries

    Development Commit 159Queensland State Primary Schools

    Amateur Athletic 212Queensland State Schools Amateur

    Swimming Association 212Queensland State Statistics

    Coordinating Committee 15Queensland Steam Navigation

    Company 188Queensland Taxi Council 171Queensland Temperance Alliance

    304Queensland Transport 196Queensland Treasury 15,17,147Queensland University of

    Technology 231

    Queensland University ofTechnology Act 1988-1990 231

    Queensland Woollen ManufacturingCompany 157

    Queensland Year Book 10, 15, 20Quilpie 181,253

    RRadioactive Substances Act 1958

    (Qld) 270Radiological Advisory Council of

    Queensland 270Railway Department 182,183railways 67,127,153,168,169,171,

    175,177, 179,181,183-187,191,193,194,198

    Raine Island 59Ramsar Convention 60Ramsay Report 231rat gang 238,274Ravenswood 183Red Dome 155Redbank 66Redcliffe 292Redcliffe Town Council 292Redlands district 152reformatory school 201refrigeration 191regional prices 143Registrar-General 6,7,9-11,18,20Registrar-General's Office 9-11Registration Act 1855 6Registration Act 1855 (NSW) 7regulation: air services 196; health

    workers 254religion 86-90; EastMoreton 86;

    Fassifern 86; Ipswich 86; Logan86; Marburg 87; Mareeba 87;Minden 87; Mount Isa 87

    religious instruction 223Rent Allowance 295Repatriation Act 1920 (Cwlth) 287Repatriation Commission 287Representation Act 1948 (Cwlth)

    117Representation Act 1983 (Cwlth)

    117Representative and responsible

    government 93Restoration Island 59retail price indexes 141,143retention rates 235Revenue and Audit Act 1861 109Rewan 320Ringrose libraries 230river transport 192road transport 167,184,196,198roads 167,171,173-175,177,196,


    robbery and theft 315, 317Robert Miller 191Rockhampton 28,65,73,95,127,

    147,155,168,171,179,182,184,185,188,192,194,197,199, 211,222, 228,230, 241,248, 253, 259,298,305,325,329; north 31

    Rockhampton Aerial Services 194Rockhampton Correctional Centre

    331Rockhampton North 95Rockhampton Receiving Depot 296Rockhampton Show 192Rolleston 157Roma 102,177,329Roma Court House 527Roma Street station 185Roma-Surat 157Ross, Major Robert 1Ross River virus 263Royal Australian Air Force 192Royal Automobile Club of

    Queensland 174Royal Brisbane Hospital 246Royal Children's Hospital 192,242Royal Commission into Possible

    Illegal Activities 323Royal Flying Corps 192Royal Flying Doctor Service 244Royal Statistical Society 4rural settlement schemes 65Ryan Labor Government 104

    sSabin vaccine 253,259Saibai Island 25,252Sale of Food and Drugs Act 1881

    (Old) 238Salk vaccine 252,259salmonellosis 263Salvation Army 278, 301, 306Sand Dune Research Station 59Sandgate 182,244,304Sandy Cape 25sanitation 238, 253, 255, 256, 259,

    274Saraji 185Saturday School 207Sayer, Francis William 14,15schizophrenia 249Scholarship examination 215scholarships 213, 215, 223, 230,233school enrolments 215, 219, 220School Health Services 241,252school health services 210school leaving age 204school milk 212School of Arts 233school retention rates 221,230



    school size and enrolments 215Scott Committee's Review of

    School-Based Assessmen 215Scrutiny of Legislation Committee

    105secession 94, 97,117secondary education 213, 215, 227,

    233, 235Selwyn/Starra 155Senior public examinations 213, 215,

    227, 229sentencing 312,328SEQEB 140service pensions 287services sector 127,129sewerage 253, 254sex offences 317Shaftesbury Citizenship Centre 331sheep 149, 150shipping 171, 177, 182, 183, 187,188,

    191,198,199Shipping Act 312Shoalwater Bay 60shoplifting 317Shorncliffe 185Sickness Allowance 293Sickness Benefit 293sickness benefits 288, 293silver 155, 164Single Convention on Narcotic

    Drugs 316Sir David Longland Correctional

    Centre 331,552Sisters of Mercy 301Small Claims Tribunal 327Small Debts Act 327small debts courts 327Smerdon, Henry R. 76,17Smith, Charles Kingsford 192, 194Smith, David J. 76,17Smith, Forgan 13; Government 13Smith, Keith 193Smith, Ross 192, 193Smith, William Forgan 111,288snowfalls 33social security 277, 279, 281, 295, 307social welfare 277-280Society for the Prevention of Cruelty

    301soldier settlement schemes 66Sole Parent Pension 281,287,294,

    295Solomon, Stanley Edgar 13,14, 15South Brisbane 185,255,259,317South Brisbane Community

    Corrections Centre 331South Brisbane-Kyogle-Grafton

    Railway Act 1924 182South Burnett 66South Coast line 182, 184South Coast railway 182

    South Stradbroke Island 23, 59South-East Queensland 126,127,

    129South-eastern line 181Southern Oscillation Index 39Southern Queensland 125-127,129'Spanish' influenza 211, 257Spatial Price Index 144Special Benefit 293special education 233, 235Spirit of the Outback 184Spring Hill 317Springbrook 33St George 66, 151, 171St Helena Island 59, 329, 335St Joseph's Meteor Park Orphanage

    296St Laurence's Christian Brothers

    School 259St Lawrence 182St Mary's Home 301St Vincent de Paul Society 278, 306,

    331St Vincent's Orphanage 296'stagflation' 143Standard Sustenance Benefit 288Standard Time Act 1894 27Stanthorpe 33, 66, 75,154Star River 28starvation 263state aid 223State Counter Disaster Organisation

    48State Development Tax 291state high schools 213,235State Industrial Arbitration

    Commission 141State Industrial Court 140State labour exchange 291State referenda 113state schools 201,205,223, 229State Transport Facilities Act 1946

    (Qld) 184States Grants (Mental Institutions)

    Act 1955 (Cwlth) 248Statistical Returns Act 7, 9, 12Statistical Returns Act 1896 1,7, 9,

    11,20Statistical Returns Act 1896 (Qld) 1Statistical Returns Act 1896-1935 17Statistical Returns Act 1896-1986 17Statistical Returns Act 1896-1987 17Statistical Returns Act Amendment

    Act 1986 (Qld) 17Statistical Returns Act Amendment

    Act 1987 (Qld) 17Statistical Returns Bill 7, 17Statistical Society of London 4Statistics (Arrangements with States)

    Act 1956 (Cwlth) 15Statistics Act 1935 (Qld) 11

    Statute of Westminster 1931 (Imp)108

    Stock Returns Act 1893 (Qld) 7stock stealing 315,317Stone River 329storms 49, 50Stradbroke Island 28,201,205Student Education Profile 215sugar 167, 182, 184,185,189,191sugarcane 126, 130,150,151,154Suncorp 326Sunlander 184sunshine and cloud 33Sunshine Coast 28, 47, 68, 76, 127,

    163Sunshine Coast University College

    Act 1994 231Sunshine Express 184supply teachers 219Supported Accommodation

    Assistance Program 305Supporting Mother's Benefit 294,

    295,301Supporting Parent's Benefit 287, 294Suppression of Gambling Act 1895

    (Qld) 316Supreme Court 324, 325, 329, 340Supreme Court Act 1867 325Supreme Court Constitution

    Amendment Act 1861 (Qld) 325Surat 171Suttor River 28Swan, Graham W. 76,17Sydney 322Sydney Mail 181

    TTAA 194-196TAPE colleges 235Tamborine Mountain 57Tamborine Shire Council 57Tarong 156Tasmanian Government Statistician's

    Office 13teacher numbers 219teachers 204-206, 209-212, 219,220,

    222, 224, 227-229, 232, 233teachers' college 229technical and further education

    (TAPE) colleges 228Technical College, Cairns 226technical colleges 224,227, 235Technical Correspondence School

    227technical education 224, 227, 228,

    233Technical Instruction Act 1908 (Qld)

    224Telephone Allowance 295tent-schools 209



    Tertiary Entrance (TE) Scores 215Tertiary Entrance Procedures

    Authority 215Texas 316Thallon 171Thargomindah 171The Criminal Code Amendment Act

    1973 102The Education Acts Amendment

    Act 1912 (Old) 204Thomson River 41Thuringowa station 52Thursday Island 73, 75, 188, 326, 329Thylungra Station 167time zones 27tin 155Tivoli 186TNT 196Toowoomba 31, 33, 35, 50,154,184,

    194, 211,222,228,230,241, 248,249, 329, 338

    tornadoes 41, 44Torrens Creek 174Torres Strait 23-25, 27, 28, 188, 189,

    194Torres Strait Border Treaty 25Torres Strait Islander persons 76Torres Strait Pilot Service 188tourism 125, 129, 147, 149,162,164,

    182,192,196Tourist Bureau 182Townsville 28, 47, 48, 59, 65, 76, 127,

    147, 154, 177, 179,182-184, 187,188, 191, 194, 196, 197,199,222,229, 230, 239, 241, 248, 253, 259,260, 298, 302, 325, 329

    Townsville College of AdvancedEducation 230

    Townsville Correctional Centre 331Townsville General Hospital 248Townsville Orphanage 296Townsville Women's Prison 332trachoma 211trade 129,146, 147, 149, 150, 162,

    164Trade Unions (Registration) Act

    1886 (Qld) 140Trades and Labour Council 140traffic accidents 178trams 171Tramways Act 1880 (Qld) 185Trans-Australia Airlines (TAA) 194Transplantation and Anatomy Act

    1979 270transport 67Travelling Domestic Science School

    209travelling schools 206, 209Triple Antigen 252Tropic of Capricorn 27,28, 35tropical fruit 152

    True Blue 205tuberculosis 237, 243, 254-256,263,

    274Tuberculosis Act 1948 255tuberculosis benefits 279Tuberculosis Bureau 241Tuberculosis Regulations of 1904

    254tuition fees 231Tully River 28Turn-off Lagoon 318Turner, Dr Jefferis 259Tweed Heads 182,184,212typhoid fever 237, 255, 256

    uunemployed 281Unemployed Workers' Insurance

    Act 1922 288Unemployed Workers' Insurance

    Acts (Suspension) Ac 291unemployment 134-137,164,292unemployment allowance 281,287,

    292Unemployment and Sickness

    Benefits Act 1944 (Cwlth) 291Unemployment Benefits 291,292unemployment insurance scheme

    278, 288, 307unemployment rate 130,137,140,

    289, 291unions 135, 140universities 201,228-233,235Universities Commission 213University Commission 229Universities Commission, 1891 227University Commission of 1891 223University of Central Queensland

    231University of Central Queensland

    Act 1990 231University of Queensland 152,213,

    223, 224, 228,230, 231University of Queensland Act 1909

    230University of Southern Queensland

    231University of Southern Queensland

    Act 1989 231unmarried mothers 278, 294, 299,

    301Upper Coomera 203Upper Currumbin Valley 253Upstart Bay 28Urangan 182,191urban transport 171,173Urquhart, Inspector 313

    Vagrancy Acts 316Vagrants, Gaming and Other

    Of fences Act 1931 (Qld) 316vegetables 151, 154venereal disease 237, 242,254,261Viviani, Professor 215voting 102, 103, 122

    wWacol 232Wacol Correctional Centre 329Wacol Repatriation Pavilion 249wage rates 143wages 139-141,150Walkers Limited 184, 198Wallangarra 179,181, 182,257Wallangarra quarantine camp 260war pensions 287War Pensions Act 1914 287War Service Land Settlement

    Scheme 66Warrego 33Warrego River 41Warwick 33,181,213,324waste management 54water storage 52Wattlebrae Hospital for Infectious

    Diseases 243weather collection stations 29Weedon, Thornhill 7, 10,11,138,

    146, 153, 155,318,338Weipa 157,188, 191welfare 277, 279, 295, 305, 307Wentworth, Charles William 3West End 317Westbrook 338Western Carrying Company 168Western Railway 179Westlander 184Westwood Sanatorium 239Wet Tropics 60wetlands 59, 60White Star Line 189Whitenbah 329Whitlam Government 119Whitsunday 162Whitsunday area 59wholesale and retail trade 129,162,

    164whooping cough 263Wide Bay 188Widow Pension 287; Class A 287,

    294; Class B 287widow pensions 279,286, 294, 307Widows' Pensions Act 1942 (Cwlth)

    286Wilbur Smith & Associates 177,185wildlife preservation 56



    Wilkinson Brothers' 167Willis Island 47Wilson Island 59Wiltshire, Professor Ken 204Windorah 33,51Winton 33,102,169,181,193Wirralie 155Witches Falls 57Wolston Park 249women in the labour force 138Woodford 320Woogaroo 248wool 126, 130, 147, 149Woolerina Station 167Woolloongabba 257,317,318Workers' Compensation Act 139Workers' Educational Association

    230Workers'Political Association 110working conditions 139World Heritage listing 59, 60Wragge, Clement 29, 45Wreck Island 59

    XXllth Commonwealth Games 212

    YYaraka 181Yeppoon 182Youth Training Allowance 292Yuleba 171

    zzinc 129,147,155,164zymotic diseases 264



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