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  • Day Trip to

    San Blas Islands

    Tour Highlights:

    Land transportation to & from the Hotel (to & from one ocean to

    the otherand back !)

    Boat ride to the Island (20-min. on a motorized vessel)

    Continental breakfast & Lunch

    Water, Soft Drinks & Beers

    Swimming, lots of fun & relaxing while swaying in your

    hammock (tied up to 2 palm trees of your choosing!)

    Entrances fee to the Gunas Reservation Area

    Port fee at Carti (on the mainland, prior to boarding our

    motorized canoe ride).

    What to bring:

    Comfortable shoes, swimsuit, towels, caps, suntan lotion,

    camera (fully charged, with lots of memory space), cash

    (in small-denominations) for purchasing souvenirs

    Passport (original).

    Important Tour Information:

    A personal Professional Tour Guide conducts the tour

    All minors (under 9) must be accompanied by an adult Fuel surcharge may apply. If gasoline is over $ 4.50 in Panama

    City, a $ 10.00 p/p charge will be added to the tour price Major credit cards accepted (AMEX, Visa/Master Card)

    Tour Guide Gratuity is not included in the tour price

    ( & 20 30 % is recommended)

    San Blas Islands/Guna Yala: The Archipelago of San Blas on Panama's Caribbean Coast has 365 islands, & is home to Panama's

    most famous of the 7 Native indigenous tribes in the country, the Kuna Indians (known for their "Molas").

    We will journey to 3 different islands.... and one unique location only about a 20 min. boat ride one from the other....

    and all of which are about a 25-min. boat ride from our main base at Isla Aguja ("Needle Island").

    PBA Holding Group

    Phones 269-7348 / 269-7349

    ( Cel. Phone 6911-2726, accessible 24-7)

    Emails: /

  • Tour to these Islands:

    Big Dog Island, (Isla Perro Grande)

  • The complex

  • Isla Solo un Coco (One-coconut-tree-island) Isla Arena (Sand island)

    A unique island the size of your living & Sand popped out of the water ! And you have your

    dining room at home, with just one coconut tree. islandthe size of your bedroom with No coconut tree.

    Located about 3 miles from "Dog Island", it's a A priceless picture, titled No man is an island.

    picture-taking experience as you lean on the lone If youre a female, well rename it:

    palm tree palm, (and the shot is taken from the boat, No woman is an Island. Now you can appreciate

    away from the island). Robinson Crusoe !

    La Piscina ("Pool")

    Walk on sparkling white sand.. in the middle of the

    ocean.. while your legs being 2-feet deep in crystal

    clear, blue-green-acqua colored water! Make sure you

    don't step on the 4 or 5 or 6-pointed orange-colored

    Star Fish at your feet. Pick one up & be


  • Pelican island, Isla Pelicano

  • Isla Perro (Dog Island) ...great for Snorkeling! Fastly becoming a popular stopover paradise. It's roughly smaller than a football field, with one

    small thatched roof hut. A sunken old cargo vessel (100 ft. away) adds a little snorkeling adventure.

    Lay on the beach, tan like the natives, & enjoy a lot of drinks.