Dawn of Time

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Dawn of Time. Nomad. Keep Out!. Red Clan. Brown Clan. Yellow Clan. Green Clan. Time marches on. . Nomads work together; eliminate turf. One nation. Results: Some movement. . We know best. Ugg , hey Zeus ?. Nomads appealed to Zeus. Zeus mandated:. Be one Work together - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Dawn of Time

Dawn of Time

Red ClanBrown ClanYellow Clan

Green Clan

NomadKeep Out!

Time marches on. Nomads work together; eliminate turf.One nation.3Results: Some movement.

We know best4Nomads appealed to Zeus

Ugg, heyZeus ?5

Be oneWork togetherInclude nomads

Zeus mandated:6

Clan leaders made changes Nomad meetings Management team with nomads Bands team with nomads Trade between clans and nomads7


Nomads are happy,their voices are being listened to9However, clans never became one

Notreally.Wanna work together on this?10

11Nomads attention became focused on other priorities

12Zeuss mandates started to fade Be one

Include nomads

Work together

13Clan leaders created core, band core. No nomads.

Clan Trading PostInvitation to nomads to trade, yet no trade.14

Clans Tell Zeus: We Are One15Nomads not sure


Request to evaluate value of individual attributes

Use census land areas by county vs. estimate

National Q/A

Denied access/replacement policy

Consistent P117 Forest land vs. forest

Efficiency of measurements DRC Wilderness

Core program with regional flexibility

Input/change in biomass

Rules are more important than the inventory

18What about the nomads?

User groups accomplishing objectives?

Progress as a result of user group meetings?

Good advice - - poor memories

Need nomads to carry water